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"Hose Water/Transcript"
Season 2, Episode 83
Hose Water title card
Production code: 216b
Airdate: February 19, 2015
Director: Jeff Mednikow
Writer: Ben Gruber
"Real Boy Adventures"
"Let's Get Serious"
This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Hose Water" from season 2, which aired on February 19, 2015.
Cyborg (featured)
Starfire (featured)
Beast Boy
Stork (antagonist)
Titans Tower
Plot Point
Cyborg and Starfire's childish acts.
This transcript is under construction.


[Scene starts outside the Titans Tower.]

Beast Boy: Yeah! [Outside the Tower, then to Beast Boy's room. He is playing video games, and continues to smash the buttons until we hear Cyborg.]

Cyborg: Stop what you're doing immediately and look at me!

Beast Boy: [Drops controller and lifts eyelids.] I'm looking, bro!

Cyborg: Ready for the most amazing sight ever, ever, ever, ever?!

Beast Boy: My eyes can't take the anticipation! [Eyes pump, then, out of Cyborg's hands comes a small baby bird. It chirps and the camera zooms in at it. Beast Boy drops his eyelids.] Is it hiding behind the bird?

Cyborg: It is the bird! Isn't nature amazing? [Holds it in a admiration stance.]

Beast Boy: [Beast Boy doesn't look impressed.] It's just a bird, brah. [Turns into a normal bird. He speaks dully.] Oh, look, I'm a bird. Am I amazing?

Cyborg: Oh, my goodness, yes!

Beast Boy: No, bro. [Turns back to normal.] Not amazing at all. [Returns to video game. Cyborg frowns and walks away sadly with the bird in his hands.]

[Scene changes to a meditating Raven.]

Starfire: [Stops Raven's meditation] Dearest friend Raven, I must show you something wonderous!

Raven: Cool. Thanks for sharing it.

Starfire: But you have not seen the "it" yet!

Raven: I get the gist.

Starfire: Look!

Raven: No.

Starfire: [Circles around Raven.] Looook!

Raven: Uuuugghhhh.

Starfire: [Pulls out a Easter egg] Behold, the object of beauty! [Spotlight grows on the egg as heavenly music plays.]

Raven: You made me open my lids for a shell?

Starfire: Does it colorful exterior not bring you the feelings of joy?

Raven: I hate colorful things. [Continues to meditate as Starfire leaves sadly, similar to Cyborg. Raven looks towards Starfire to she if she's gone, then, cuddles with a nearby Butterbean toy.] Ohh, I didn't mean that.

Cyborg: [Walking down a hallway]I hold a tiny miracle in my hand, and he's all, 'Whatever, brah.'

Starfire: [Also walking down a hallway.] This shell has captured the colors of the rainbow and Raven responds with a 'Uuuughhh.' Cyborg and Starfire intersect, and Cyborg deploys a missle shooter with a laser pointer on Starfire in defense of the duck.]

Starfire: [gasps.] Oh, look at the cutest of baby birds you are holding! Baby bird, baby bird, oh, how I love the birds that are still that the baby! Chirp chirp - chirp chirp! [Baby bird repeats Starfire's chirps, and Cyborg laughs. He then gasps in excitment.]

Cyborg: I think that's the shell this little guy hatched from!

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