"In and Out/Transcript"
Season 2, Episode 44
In and Out title card
Production code: 122b
Airdate: March 12, 2014
Director: Aaron Horvath
Writer: John Loy
"Brain Food"
"Little Buddies (episode)"
This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "In and Out" from season 2, which aired on March 12, 2014.
Robin/Red X (featured)
Beast Boy/Beast Bob
Billy Numerous
Titans Tower
H.I.V.E. Tower
Plot Point
H.I.V.E. Tower
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[The episode begins in Titans Tower. Cyborg is asleep in his room. The monitor behind him says "Sleep Mode." It then changes to "waking up" and a progress bar begins to fill. Before it finishes, however, the screen glitches, and an error alarm goes off. Cyborg awakens with a yell, then is suddenly electrocuted.]

[The scene changes to the living room, where Raven is seated on the couch reading. An explosion is heard offscreen, and then Cyborg flies into the room, bounces off the floor, and crashes into the table. Raven doesn't look up. Cyborg pulls his head back on, then walks to the refrigerator. He tries to open it, but the handle comes right off in his hand and the door falls down on him. He manages to reach up and grab a package of "Breakfast Meat," which he tosses in the microwave. He sets it on "high," then pushes in a lot of 9s, then hits the "Nuke" button. From outside the Tower, an explosion is seen, which sends Cyborg flying into the air. Back on the couch, Raven is still reading, and Beast Boy is asleep. Cyborg crashes through the ceiling and lands on the couch. He picks up the TV remote and pushes a button, only for the TV to fall off the wall and shatter. The remote then breaks in half in his hand.]

Cyborg: Man, is it just me, or is nothing working in this tower?

Raven: Uh, that reminds me ... avoid the bathroom.

[Cut to Starfire entering the bathroom. She starts screaming.]

[The couch suddenly falls apart under Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy.]

Beast Boy: At least --

[The floor suddenly gives way, sending them falling. Beast Boy transforms into a bird and lifts Cyborg back up. Raven floats up, and Starfire floats in. Robin enters.]

Robin: Titans! Uh ... what happened? Never mind! [Pulls up the computer.] I have intel that the H.I.V.E. is working to turn their HQ into a space battle station. [The computer suddenly glitches out. Robin pushes some buttons, but it just sinks back into the floor. Robin sets up a flip chart instead.] You heard me right. A space ... battle ... station! Check it out. [Pulls pages off the flipchart, making sci-fi noises as he does. It shows the H.I.V.E. Tower with massive armaments, then firing missiles at the Earth. Robin ends by making the sound of explosions. The other Titans just stare at him. Robin grabs a piece of paper, showing "Me" and a dotted line leading into H.I.V.E. Tower.] I plan to infiltrate and destroy the tower before their evil plan can be put into motion.

Starfire: Is not the H.I.V.E. Tower too well secured to attempt this?

Robin: Already figured that out.

[Robin runs out of the room, then throws a smoke bomb down. When he reappears, he's in his Red X costume.]

Red X What do you think?

Beast Boy: Ugh ... finally, you changed your outfit!

Red X No, I'm not changing --

Starfire: Oh, you do not know how ridiculous your old costume was.

Raven: Yeah. We didn't want to tell you, but your old costume? Lame.

Red X You misunderstand --

Beast Boy: Love the new voice, too! Your old one was just so whiny. [Puts on a puppet of Robin, mocks him] "Titans, go! Listen to me! Do stuff I say as my incredibly shrill voice makes your ears bleed!"

Robin: [Angrily grabs the puppet and pulls off his mask.] I'm not changing costumes! [Exhales.] I'm posing as a villain called "Red X" in order to infiltrate the H.I.V.E. Tower.

Cyborg: "Red X"? Ooh! You're gonna keep the name change, right? So much cooler than Robin.

Robin: [Angrily yelling at Cyborg.] None of this is permanent!

[Robin pulls the Red X hood back on.]

Raven: So what makes you think they'll just let you join the H.I.V.E.?

Red X When I make their biggest and baddest member eat my boot, they'll beg. This mission will be fast. In and out.

[Robin goes off, but falls through a hole in the floor. He lands with a crash, making the other Titans wince.]

[At H.I.V.E. Tower, Gizmo is showing the other members of the H.I.V.E. the battle station plans.]

Gizmo: This space battle station is going to be the perfect combination of comfort and deadliness. [There's suddenly a knock at the door.] Come in!

Red X [Makes a dramatic entrance, then lands behind Gizmo.] Name's Red X. I want in with the H.I.V.E.

Gizmo: You know, we don't usually bring in new recruits this way.

Red X [Grabs Gizmo.] What? Don't think I have what it takes?

Gizmo: You're in.

Red X [Drops Gizmo and leaps away, then tackles Mammoth.] You think you're a tough guy? [Proceeds to pulverize Mammoth.]

Jinx: Ahh! Someone stop him! He's gonna hurt Mammoth!

Red X What's wrong, tough guy? Not so big and bad after all, huh?

Gizmo: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I said you were in!

Red X [Sheepish.] Oh. Sorry.

[Red X tries to give an apologetic pat, but Mammoth screams in terror. Billy Numerous and See-More help Mammoth off. Jinx glares at Red X, then follows.]

Gizmo: Well, we've got a little home improvement project we're working on. Make yourself comfortable. [Leaves with the others.]

Jinx: You're mean. [Shuts the door.]

Red X I said I was sorry. [Realizes he's alone, and takes off, making his way through the tower to the generator.] Just like I said. In and out. [Puts a bomb on the generator, sets it for 02:00.] Heh heh heh. [Leaves the room.]

Gizmo: [Suddenly flies up.] Red X! [Glares at him, seemingly annoyed, but then smiles.] Want some pizza?

Red X As long as it's not delivery. [Aside.] Because in two minutes, there won't be a tower to deliver it to. Heheheh.

Jinx: We've got our own wood-burning oven.

Red X [Surprised.] Wood-burning pizza oven? [Composes himself.] Excuse me. [Zips off, resets the bomb's timer to 55:00, then returns.] Let's eat.

Cut to the kitchen. The H.I.V.E. Five and Red X are eating pizza. Titans Tower is visible behind them.]

Red X Excellent pizza! Crispy crust. [Aside.] It's a shame this evil wood-burning pizza oven must be destroyed.

Gizmo: So tomorrow, I was thinking we'd make Hawaiian.

Red X [Gasps.] Hawaiian?! Excuse me. [Runs off, resets the bomb timer to 24 hours, then returns.]

[Scene changes to Titans Tower during nighttime.]

Starfire: The dinner is served! [Puts a box of "Fish Stix" and a bag of "Freezer Peas" on the table.]

Cyborg: Frozen fish and peas?! I don't wanna see that! I'm hungry!

Starfire: But you have not fixed the microwave oven machine like you promised. [The door falls off the microwave.]

Cyborg: Oh, so just because I said I would fix it, I'm the one who has to fix it? You're all living in a fantasy land!

[A smoke bomb rolls in and goes off, revealing Red X.]

Raven: So, you destroyed the H.I.V.E. Tower?

Robin: [Pulls the Red X mask off.] Ehh ... not yet. Things have gotten ... complicated.

Starfire: We can discuss over the dinner. [Puts a box of Mini Tacos in the microwave and puts the door back on. It falls off again.]

Robin: Oh, none for me. I'm stuffed. The H.I.V.E. has a wood-burning pizza oven.

Beast Boy: You had pizza?!

Robin: Yeah, from a wood-burning pizza oven! [Chuckles, then clears his throat.] It was super-evil. I'll destroy their tower tomorrow. It'll be fast. In and out. [Runs off.]

[Beast Boy and Raven look annoyed, Cyborg, however, seems to be plotting.]

[The scene changes to H.I.V.E. Tower at the daytime.

[Rockets are now on the side of the tower. Inside, Gizmo is showing off more plans for the station.]

Gizmo: We need laser cannons here and here. And a flame decal, which is really cool.

[There's a knock on the door, which opens. Cyborg, in his Stone appearance, is there.]

Stone Name's Stone. [Punches his rings together, turning his body into stone.] Thought the H.I.V.E. could use someone like me.

Gizmo: Nice. You're in.

Stone Guess I'll have to prove myself then! [Starts pounding Mammoth.] Sorry, but there's a new tough guy in town!

Gizmo: [Catches Stone's arm] Dude, I said you're in! Red X, show him around.

[Red X and Stone walk off.]

Red X [Whispering.] What are you doing here?

Stone Sounded like I could eat some piz -- [Catches himself.] Sounded like you could use some help.

Red X Fine. Keep watch while I set the timer. In and out.

Stone Red X! We got us a complication.

Red X and Stone are playing Air Hockey in the H.I.V.E. arcade room.]

Red X I placed a timed charge at the main electronic system interface junction. Simple. In and out.

Stone Escape route?

Red X Planned.

Stone Shockwave dispersal pattern?

Red X Calculated.

Stone Air pressure -- [Scores.] Oh, ah-ha! Score! I win! I win! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!

Red X Better check out the pizza.

Stone Then in and out.

[At Titans Tower, Beast Boy is reaching into Silkie's mouth.]

Starfire: Beast Boy! What are you doing to the Silkie?

Beast Boy: Video game's broken, so I'm playing "What's Inside of Silkie?" [Pulls out a top hat.] Oh yeah! [Puts it on, laughing.] I did not just pull out a hat!

[Red X and Stone leap up through the hole in the floor.]

Raven: So, finally destroy the H.I.V.E. Tower?

Robin: That's a negative.

Stone Still gathering intel. Uncovering so many secrets.

Beast Boy: You guys up for a game of "What's Inside of Silkie?" [Pulls out a skull.]

Stone No thanks. Our wrists are tired from playing Air Hockey all day.

Beast Boy: They have Air Hockey?

Robin: Not for long they don't.

Starfire: And the wood-burning pizza oven?

[Robin and Stone nod. Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven look at one another.]

[At H.I.V.E. Tower, Gizmo is sitting on the couch with a laptop. Jinx is reading. There's a knock at the door.]

Gizmo: Come in.

[The door opens, revealing Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy in villain disguises of their own.]

Ravine Hi. I'm ... Ravine.

Sapphire I'm Sapphire.

Beast Bob I'm Beast Bob!

Gizmo: You're all in.

Beast Bob We want in the H.I.V.E.! [Jumps Mammoth, followed by Sapphire and Ravine.]

Jinx: [Crying.] Poor, poor Mammoth.

[The H.I.V.E. Five are walking down a hallway.]

Jinx: [Whispers to Gizmo.] It's getting too crowded around here.

[Behind them, several copies of Billy Numerous are helping Mammoth walk. See-More is behind them, followed by the disguised Titans.]

Red X [Turns on the others, whispering.] What are you guys doing here?!

Ravine We thought you could use our help.

Red X Mission is under control. In and out.

Beast Bob Mayday! Mayday! [Pointing in a room.]

[The others quickly move to check it out.]

Red X Why doesn't it surprise me that this pit of despair has a ... soda fountain.

Stone So many dastardly beverage choices.

Sapphire We need more time here. Too many unanswered questions.

Red X How much time?

Beast Bob Years, bro. Years.

Red X Years it is. [Runs off, resets the bomb to 47 years, then returns.] Then in and out.

[A soda montage ensues.]

[Gizmo is discussing the space weapon.]

Gizmo: Our ultimate space weapon is complete. We're ready to launch.

Jinx: We can't go into space with them.

[Stone and Beast Bob are playing video games, and crushing Billy Numerous between them. Billy Numerous clones himself, and his clones pull him free. Red X is messily eating pizza. Ravine takes a drink of soda, and lets out a loud belch, covering her mouth afterwards.]

Jinx: We have to ask them to leave.

Gizmo: [Gasps.] That would be rude!

Jinx: So how do we get rid of them?

Gizmo: Only one choice. We have to blow up H.I.V.E. Tower.

Jinx: That's the best you can come up with?!

Gizmo: It'll be easy. In and out.

[The H.I.V.E. Five gather in the generator.]

Gizmo: Weird. There's a bomb here already. Just need to set it.

[Gizmo sets the bomb for one minute. The door is suddenly kicked down, revealing the disguised Titans.]

Red X Whoa ... what are you doing?

Gizmo: We're blowing up the tower. To get rid of you.

Jinx: Yeah. You're rude, and mean.

Beast Bob Hey! Nobody blow this place up but the Teen Titans!

[The H.I.V.E. Five look confused, but then Beast Bob's sideburns fall off.]

Gizmo: Beast Boy!

Stone This place may be evil, but it's also way too awesome to destroy!

[Stone punches his rings together again. When the glow fades, all the Titans are back in their regular costumes.]

Robin: Titans, GO!

[A fight ensues, Raven fighting with Jinx, Cyborg fighting with Billy Numerous, Starfire fighting See-More, Beast Boy beating on the still injured Mammoth, and Robin fighting Gizmo. While they fight, however, they notice the bomb at three seconds and counting. They brace themselves as the bomb goes off, destroying H.I.V.E. Tower in an explosion visible from space. The Titans and the H.I.V.E. Five are left in the Tower's ruins.]

[At Titans Tower, Robin is siting, annoyed, as a Plasticman 3 DVD case hits him, thrown by Mammoth. Mammoth throws another one, which also hits Robin. See-More picks his ear, and flings the residue into Robin's face. Jinx is messily eating pizza, spraying cheese over Raven.]

Raven: I hate it here.

Starfire: Yes, especially now.

[Gizmo and Jinx belch loudly. Cyborg and Beast Boy are surrounded by copies of Billy Numerous.]

Beast Boy: Dudes! We gotta do something.

Cyborg: They're driving us crazy!

[Robin grabs Cyborg, and pulls him over. The others soon come as well.]

Robin: It's okay. I've got a plan. [Pulls out another bomb.] It'll be fast. In and --

[The bomb suddenly triggers a 3 second countdown, then explodes, destroying Titans Tower.]

Episode ends.

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