James Gordon
James Gordon
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Gotham City, United States

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Batman, Batgirl, Gotham City Police Department

  • Batman
  • Gotham City Police Department
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Police Commissioner of Gotham City

Behind the scenes
First appearance

"La Larva de Amor"

Commissioner James Gordon is the police commissioner of Gotham City, an ally of Batman, and the father of Batgirl.


James Gordon accompanied Batman on a fishing trip in the Pacific Ocean. The two fished on top of the Batboat and failed to notice Silkie, in a empty chicken bucket, as he floated past them.[1]

Sometime later, James Gordon and Batman laughed alongside each other as they were parked in an alley in a Jump City Police Department police cruiser. They paused briefly when Jinx, Starfire, and Raven sped past them in bumper cars and pursued by JCPD squad cars. They, however, resumed laughing.[2]

On the Tuesday before Robin cave-sitted the Batcave, James Gordon laid next to Batman on a picnic blanket in a park in Gotham City. They laughed together as the Ultimate Batarang displayed its light show over the city.[3]

On another night, the Teen Titans, as part of a dare, visited Gotham City and decorated a fountain in the likeness of Batgirl. They rang the doorbell of Wayne Manor and quickly left as Batman and James Gordon, in their sleepwear, answered the door. They spotted the statue and began laughing at it for the rest of the night.[4]

Physical appearance

He wears a yellow shirt and glasses with white lenses. He also wears medium length black suspenders and a black tie.


Teen Titans Go!


  • In all of his appearances, James Gordon has appeared with Batman.


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