Jump City's Got Your Talent Right Here!

The Jump City's Got Your Talent Right Here! logo with the host underneath.

Jump City's Got Your Talent Right Here! is a reality show in which performers showcase their talents to roughly twenty million people. It is a popular television program among Jump City due to the performers' talents and the judges' harsh words.


Teen Titans Go! comic series

The Teen Titans tuned in to an episode of Jump City's Got Your Talent Right Here! where Beast Boy and Cyborg praised the show's performances and judges' strict reviews while Raven argued otherwise. Noticing her friends' approval of the show, Starfire announced that she had scheduled the Titans to perform on next week's broadcast, shocking them. While Beast Boy and Cyborg planned which talents to perform, Raven urged Robin to shut down the idea of them performing on national television. However, after being entranced by Starfire, Robin listed exercises to perform in order to prepare them for their performance.

One week later, the Titans watched the show from backstage and Robin commented that the chances of victory were in their favor and that only one more act proceeded them. The host introduced the Brotherhood of Evil which consisted of the Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Phobia, Madame Rogue, and Plasmus. They prepared to perform interpretative dance as The Brain sang a medley assemble of Lady Gaga songs, but were interrupted by the Teen Titans. The two groups entered combat with the Teen Titans emerging victorious, causing Robin to exclaim that the Titans ruled. However, he was reminded by the host that the judges were in charge of determining that and all three, the Red Bee, Debbi Anderson, and Darkseid, ruled otherwise and criticized them. Enraged by Darkseid's criticism of her outfit, Raven entered her demonic state and banished the judges to a netherworld. When questioned of her ability to do so, Raven simply responded with "talent."[1]


The program is taped and broadcast live every week with multiple performances showcasing their talents on national television. After their performance, the acts are reviewed by a panel of three judges which consist of washed up celebrities.

Known performers


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