Jump City Apartments
Jump City Apartments
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Jump City, California, United States


Apartment complex

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"Double Trouble"

Jump City Apartments is an apartment complex established by LexCorp Industries in Jump City.


When Beast Boy and Cyborg found Raven's spell book and learned how to duplicate themselves, they decided to leave Magical Doubles to act in their place while they had a "vacation" and played video games and ate pizza. They rented an apartment in the building and stayed there for a few months, becoming too obese to move. Eventually, the magical doubles took over and kicked the Teen Titans from Titans Tower. When the doubles discovered they only had a few months worth of memories in the tower, Robin tracked Cyborg's credit card to the apartment and the duo's plan was discovered. Robin blamed the tower's takeover on the two, but they revealed they had anticipated that and activated a failsafe plan to replace the tower with a new one, launching the old one into space. The remaining doubles decided to become hobos and left through the window as Robin pleaded that they take Beast Boy and Cyborg with them.[1]

After Robin transformed himself into a cat to win Starfire's affections, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg resolved to put a stop to his plans. Raven claimed that the cat gave her allergies, and Starfire, having grown attached to Robin's cat form, decided to move out of the tower instead of getting rid of him. They moved to Jump City Apartments and resided there for a few months. One day, Starfire returned from shopping and brought back a box filled with more kittens. Several more months later, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven visited the complex to check on her and asked that she return to the tower. Starfire, now a cat lady, refused as she needed space for her kittens and went into the kitchen to cook their meals. The three berated Robin for letting his plan go too far and left when he refused to remove the cat suit. He watched them leave from the window and saw his reflection which caused him to realize how far he'd gone and that Starfire only loved him as a cat lady. He donned a dog suit and chased the cats out of the building when Starfire exited the kitchen with their dinner. Hiding behind a couch, Robin threw a note at Starfire that informed her the cats had left and she began crying at her loss. However, she instantly cheered and returned to normal when she saw Robin as a puppy and the two went outside to play.[2]


Beast Boy and Cyborg's apartment

Bat-O's Double Trouble

Beast Boy and Cyborg's apartment.

Beast Boy and Cyborg's apartment was left mostly untidy as the two would often spend large amounts of time playing video games and eating pizza. Magazines, boxes, and drinks littered the floor and a broken skateboard. Two large beanbags were placed in the center of the apartment and in front of a tilted TV. The TV was lazily hung on the wall with a bench containing video games, CDs, and a magic 8 ball below it. Posters of a gorilla, cyborg zombies, Two-Face, and a video game hung on the walls. On the left corner was a standee of Batman promoting Bat-O's placed in front of a window and door.

Starfire's apartment

Starfire adopts more kittens

Starfire's apartment.

Starfire's apartment was decorated with cat merchandise as she became a secluded cat lady. In the living room, pictures of cats and many incarnations of Catwoman hung over the walls. Shelves were decorated with cat merchandise, including a fortune cat. The carpet was in the likeness of a cat, and placed in front of an armchair where Starfire would sit with her cats. A table was nearby which had a pot in the likeness of a cat with a plant. Because of the amount of cats she had, the apartment was filled with cat toys such as balls of yarn and scratching posts. In the corner, there was a crate with a cat, two boxes of kitty litter, and the kitties' litter boxes. The cats also left scratch marks on the walls and tore up the curtains. Near the front door was a doorway with access to the kitchen.


  • Raven is the only Titan to never reside at the apartment building.


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