"We should probably get him to a hospital."
Robin to Starfire and Cyborg, regarding Aqualad.[1]

Jump City Hospital
Physical information

Jump City, California, United States



First appearance

"Second Christmas"

Jump City Hospital is a locally established medical center for Jump City's residents.


Following the Titans Tower's destruction, the Teen Titans were transported to the hospital where they slept in a three hundred and sixty three day coma. Upon awakening, Robin read the official report to the other Titans in order to get caught up on the events leading to their hospitalization. Cyborg managed to figure out how long they were in comas by counting the days in a nearby calender. Instead of being saddened over the loss of a year in their lives, the Titans rejoiced that they did not have to wait a year for another Christmas calling their condition a Second Christmas Miracle. They celebrated in joy as Second Santa watched from afar. Starfire then peered outside the window to spot Second Santa and waved while he wished Jump City a Happy 2nd X-mas.[2]

After nearly being mauled to death by Beast Boy for Raven's affections, Aqualad was transported to the hospital by Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg. That night, he awoke, dressed as a pirate, and commandeered his bed to transport him to an unspecified location. The entire spectacle was witnessed by the three Titans and excited Cyborg as his presumptions about Aqualad being a pirate were proven correct.[1]

After Beast Boy was stung by bumblebees, his form of currency, and swelled up due to allergies, Robin believed that he had swelled up with greed and attacked him until he was senseless in an effort to remove the greed. Raven called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. He was visited by Bumblebee, who left balloons by his bed before the Titans arrived to check up on him. Cyborg remarked that it was good to have Beast Boy back after he became greedy and he apologized for his actions. He also forgave Robin for hitting him with his stick when Starfire approached with the expensive hospital bill. Robin joked that the bill will "sting", causing everyone to laugh except Starfire, who looked around in confusion.[3]

Known patients


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