Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility
Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility
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Jump City



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"Girl's Night Out"

The Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility is a detainment center for adolescent delinquents. However, it has been known to harbor two adult criminals.


In order to prove to the male Titans that she could be fun, Starfire enticed Raven into a girls' night out and opted to visit the detainment center in order to borrow Jinx so she can bring "the crazy". Raven objected to the plan, but succumbed to Starfire's puppy dog eyes and used her powers to free the criminal. Starfire warned of the consequences should she try to escape and used an eye blast in order to create a hole in the wall to exit the penitentiary. After being stopped by the Jump City Police Department, the trio were held in the same room, but were placed in separate cells where they each agreed to continue their wild night. Starfire once again used her eye blasts in order to escape the jail.[1]

During a battle with Doctor Light, Raven effortlessly used her magic to transport the villain into one of the prison's cells.[2]

As Mumbo Jumbo distracted the Teen Titans with his magic, he prepared to make an escape yet was transported into a cell in between Jinx and Doctor Light's by Raven, who realized his trick from the start.[3]

Ravager broke free from her cell and attacked the prison guards after they blocked her path. The Teen Titans arrived to detain her, but she insulted them with one-liners, hurting their feelings. Raven was unaffected and shot one-liners of her own back to her. The two agreed that the other was cool and decided to hang out. As they left the facility, Robin yelled at her for taking Ravager outside, but Raven assured that they were taking the long way. Eventually, the two fell into a rift and battled which ended in Raven's defeat. However, after the Titans expressed gratitude and defeated Ravager with niceness. She was returned to a cell in the facility where she claimed that Robin looked like he was in prison. Robin, frustrated, urged Raven to tell her that she was in jail and Raven agreed.[4]

Known arrests


  • The correction facility appears to be very strict as prisoners are left standing and given only a bucket to use as a restroom.
  • Raven often visits the facility in order to mock Jinx when she's in prison.[1]


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