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Surrounded by JCPD
Jump City Police Department
General information

Jump City

  • Law enforcement in Jump City
  • To ensure the safety of the public


Chronological information
First appearance

"Pie Bros"

The Jump City Police Department or JCPD is a law enforcement organization dedicated to stopping crime and maintaining public safety in Jump City.


After Beast Boy declared his defendant guilty, the Jump City Police Department locked Ed in the back of a truck and drove him to a penitentiary.[1]

The Jump City Police Department periodically used their police cruisers to pursue Ed, who was using Robin as a getaway driver under the pretense that it was a driving exam. However, every attempt to catch the two ended with failure as the cruisers either crashed or lost the hatchback. One cop would always shoot at Ed and effortlessly run after him and his getaway car.[2]

Known arrests


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