"It's not fair! Those mean bank people made me carry my own stolen money!"
— Kitten complaining.[1]

Kitten complaining
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Teen Titans

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"The Left Leg"

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Tara Strong

Kitten is an enemy of the Teen Titans.


Encountering the Titan Robot

After robbing a bank, Kitten struggled to carry her bag of stolen money and complained about the bankers' refusal to assist her in carrying the money. Before she could walk further, she was approached by the Titan Robot, scaring her to the point where she suggested that she'd return the money if she could escape. However, as the Teen Titans were unable to work together to power the robot, it simply began destroying the city. Kitten complained when the robot squashed her car, and once it fell, decided to take the bus in order to escape.[1]


Teen Titans Go!


  • Kitten was the twelfth villain from the 2003 TV series Teen Titans to appear on this show.
  • Kitten is one of the few successful villains.

Background in Teen Titans

  • In the episode "Date With Destiny", Killer Moth forced Robin to take Kitten, his daughter, to junior prom as she had a crush on Robin.


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