"I am Klatak, Queen of the Barshlluvian Empire. I have surveyed the vast cosmos for eons, searching for a creature as beautiful as me to be my king. At last long, that search is ended for I have found you."
— Klatak introduces herself.[1]

Biographical information

presumably Barshlluvia

Physical description


Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Relationship information

Teen Titans

Professional information

Queen of the Barshlluvian Empire

Behind the scenes
First appearance

"The Mask" (only appearance)

Voiced by

Tara Strong

Queen Klatak of the Barshlluvian Empire was an alien from an unknown planet and species who embarked on a quest to find someone as beautiful as her to be her king.[1]


Klatak embarked on a journey for a creature that matched her beauty in order to make him King of the Barshlluvian Empire. After eons of searching, Klatak arrived at Earth once Robin removed his mask and revealed his beautiful face to the Teen Titans. She explained her quest to the Titans and prepared to take Robin to her home planet, but was met with opposition by the Titans. She effortlessly deflected all of the Titans' attacks, but was defeated by the strength of Robin's handsomeness, destroying her and her ship.[1]


Klatak was a determined and arrogant individual. Her search for someone as beautiful as her demonstrates both sides to her personality as she never gave up on her quest despite the length of time it took. When Robin refused to go with her, she immediately decided to destroy his friends and forcefully take him, showing that she believed she was entitled to what she wanted just because she was beautiful.

Physical appearance

Klatak was a beautiful (as far as having a male face goes) pink-skinned alien with black eyes and eyebrows. Her hair is a darker shade of pink than her skin and styled in spikes similar to Robin's hair. She was dressed in a white robe that showed off her slim figure with a similarly colored cape draped around her neck. Around her elbows and knees, the white robe turned a shade of pink similar to her hair color, acting as gloves and leggings.


  • Crystal reflection: Klatak was able to summon crystal shields to deflect and defend herself from attacks.


  • Spaceship: Klatak piloted a spaceship that she used to travel the cosmos. It was equipped with a laser more technologically advanced than those of Earth. Given the vast size of the spaceship, it can be inferred that the ship could have also acted as her home planet and housed her subjects.


Teen Titans Go!


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