"The mystical bacon is here, on the Lava Lake."
Raven to the Teen Titans.[1]

Lava Lake
Lava Lake
Physical information

Pacific Ocean

Residential information

Sandwich Guardian (formerly)

First appearance

"Legendary Sandwich"

The Lava Lake is an oceanic volcano visited by Cyborg on his quest to retrieve the Mystic Bacon to recreate the Legendary Sandwich.


After becoming entranced by the Legend of the Legendary Sandwich, Cyborg volunteered to retrieve the Mystic Bacon at the lake due to his fire-proof armor and overall heat resistance. Using the coordinates of the map, he tracked down the location and easily discovered the chest, but was confronted by a Sandwich Guardian. After a brutal and long fight at the cost of his arm, Cyborg managed to summon several missiles to blow up the guardian. He retrieved the ingredient and returned to Titans Tower.[1]



  • This is one of the three locations to house ingredients needed to recreate the Legendary Sandwich.


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