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"There is an ancient sandwich of power. Hidden away from those who would use its power for evil!"
Raven to Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg.

Forming the Legendary Sandwich
"Legendary Sandwich"




Original air date
  • 30 March 2013 (WC13 attendees)[1]
  • 23 April 2013 (television)

2.006 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Aaron Horvath

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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"Pie Bros"

Teen Titans Go! - Legendary Sandwich01:38

Teen Titans Go! - Legendary Sandwich

"Legendary Sandwich" is the first episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go! and the first episode overall. It was aired with "Super Robin" on 30 March 2013 at WonderCon 2013, and premiered alongside "Pie Bros" on Cartoon Network on 23 April 2013.


Wanting to get rid of the other Titans so she can watch her favorite cartoon in peace, Raven sends them to the ends of the universe on a quest for the ingredients to make a legendary magical sandwich with the secret of eternal life.[2]


Sparkleface and Butterbean are two pegasi trapped in a dungeon with no way out. The characters are revealed to be the stars of Pretty Pretty Pegasus, Raven's favorite show. She encourages them to not give up when she is interrupted by the laughs of Beast Boy and Cyborg due to a story of Robin's epic fight with a villain. The male Titans crowd around Raven and messily start to eat their sandwiches with crumbs falling on Raven. Disgusted, she proclaims them to eat like animals when she spots Beast Boy as a pig.

Chewing messily

Raven annoyed by Robin and Cyborg's messy eating.

Cyborg apologizes stating Robin makes the best sandwiches. Beast Boy and Cyborg claim they would do anything for one of Robin's sandwiches, raising the stakes to try and one up each other. Raven asks if they would leave the tower if she tells them where to find a good sandwich, but Robin proclaims it has to be a legendary sandwich. Raven informs the male Titans there is a legendary sandwich, but Robin dismisses as a hoax claiming he makes the best sandwiches.

Creation of the Sandwich

The Legendary Sandwich's creation.

Raven summons her book of Ancient Legends, claiming it to be true as Starfire arrives with Silkie. According to the book, a king summoned his Sandwich Wizard to create a sandwich that will grant him eternal life so he may rule his kingdom forever. The wizard is successful, but the prince tried to eat the sandwich lusting the chance to live forever. Disappointed by the prince's betrayal, the king split the ingredients and hid them across the world with each one guarded by a Sandwich Guardian. However, legend has it that if all four ingredients are brought together, the legendary sandwich would be restored. Motivated by their personal desire, the Teen Titans decide to find the ingredients and leave the tower. Raven resumes watching her show, but the other Titans return unsure where to start looking.

Raven tells them the four ingredients are the mystical bacon, the king's lettuce, the stellar tomato, and pretzel bread, each one hidden in a different location. Cyborg agrees to find the bacon at the lava lake; Beast Boy turns into a mole to find the lettuce buried deep underground; and Starfire heads to the Lilap system in space to retrieve the tomato. Robin assumes Raven left the most dangerous location to the leader of the Titans and she agrees claiming the last ingredient to be hidden at the supermarket. She gives Robin a coupon and sends him on his way. Finally alone, Raven starts a marathon of Pretty Pretty Pegasus telling Butterbean she rocks.

Sandwich Guardian

A Sandwich Guardian confronts Cyborg.

Cyborg travels to the Lava Lake where he easily locates the chest containing the bacon. However, a Sandwich Guardian arrives and punches him away. Beast Boy digs to a small cavern, finding the lettuce through his sense of smell. He makes his way toward it when a Sandwich Guardian punches him to the ground. Starfire flies to a planet where she successfully locates the tomato before a Sandwich Guardian grabs her. Meanwhile, Robin is trying to push a cart through the supermarket, but a wheel gets stuck. He shoves the cart with all his might causing it to collide with a cardboard cut out of Batman promoting Bat-O's and an elderly man. Switching to a basket, Robin arrives at the Deli section but is forced to wait his turn.

Cyborg activates a gun and shoots at the Sandwich Guardian, but it throws a rock, crushing Cyborg against a boulder. The Titan frees himself by blasting the rock and charges at the guardian. Back at the cavern, the Sandwich Guardian is confused as Beast Boy has disappeared. He reappears on the guardian's fist as a mouse, but transforms into a hummingbird to avoid the guardian's attacks. The Sandwich Guardian traps Beast Boy in its hands, but the Titan transforms into a gorilla and punches the guardian. Starfire defends herself by shooting the guardian back, but it summons a sword and begins to attack her. The Titan skillfully dodges each swing of the sword before shooting it out of its hands with an eye blast. Robin tells a citizen that his preferred weapon is a staff, and starts to swing it wildly while explaining the different techniques that could be used to injure an opponent. The citizen puts down his basket and flees.

Robin terrifies a citizen

Robin terrifies a citizen.

Cyborg uses a jet pack to charge at the Sandwich Guardian, but it catches him in mid-air and rips his arm off before throwing him aside. The Titan angrily screams for his arm. Back on the planet, the Sandwich Guardian retrieves its sword and slices most of Starfire's hair off, unleashing her anger. Beast Boy dodges the guardian's attempt to stomp on him, and transforms into an alligator to bite its leg, but breaks and cracks most of his teeth. Robin tries to cure his boredom at the supermarket by riding a shopping cart and hitting his head on the wall. Beast Boy transforms into a rabbit to leap over the Sandwich Guardian and morphs into a squid, blinding the guardian with ink. Starfire angrily shoots blast after blast at the guardian. Meanwhile, Cyborg shoots the Sandwich Guardian in a fit of rage. Robin reads a magazine, picks his ear, and lies down all to try and cure his boredom. Starfire punches the Sandwich Guardian's head and fills its body with a powerful starblast, causing it to explode. Beast Boy dodges the guardian's attacks as a hummingbird but changes into a whale, crushing it. Cyborg shoots countless missiles at the Sandwich Guardian, leaving nothing but a leg. Robin starts to sleep, but immediately wakes up in happiness as his turn finally arrives.

Raven and Silkiesoft

Raven introduces her dolls to Princess Silkiesoft.

Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire admire their handiwork before retrieving their respective ingredients shouting, "Yes!" Robin raises his pretzel bread, stating "whatever" in a monotonous voice. Back at Titans Tower, Raven is playing with figurines of Sparkleface and Butterbean, telling a story of them meeting Princess Silkiesoft (which is really Silkie in disguise.) Silkie eats the Sparkleface toy, but Raven saves it when the elevator opens. Quickly, the Titan removes any evidence of Pretty Pretty Pegasus as Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy return battered and bruised. They show Raven the ingredients who is shocked to hear that the legend is true.

Cyborg proclaims the sandwich better be worth all the sacrifices they made as Robin returns. He states the supermarket was brutal and compliments Starfire's hair, earning him looks from the other Titans. Raven announces that she will recite the spell needed to unite the ingredients. The Titans watch as she utters the spell and creates the legendary sandwich. Robin is skeptical of it stating his look better, but decides to try. He claims he should have the first bite as he is the team leader and a sandwich expert, but Cyborg reminds him that he lost his arm for the sandwich. Starfire objects claiming she should have first bite as she lost her hair, but Beast Boy counters by stating he lost his teeth. Cyborg asks him how he's gonna eat a sandwich without any teeth as the four start to argue.

Legendary Silkie

Silkie gains immortality.

Unnoticed by the four, Silkie crawls to the legendary sandwich and devours it in one long bite catching the Titans's attention. He rises into the air having power and eternal life, but vomits the sandwich out seconds later before walking way. Robin tells Raven he knew his sandwiches were better as the others grieve over the sandwich. Robin then asks if anyone wants to watch Pretty Pretty Pegasus which Raven smiles in approval.


For a full transcript of "Legendary Sandwich", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy  
Scott Menville Robin  
Khary Payton Cyborg  
Tara Strong Raven  
Hynden Walch Starfire  
Tara Strong Sparkleface  
Non-speaking roles
Sandwich Guardians  
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • This was the first ever episode of Teen Titans Go!.
  • The Legendary Sandwich is, in fact, a BLT with pretzel bread.
  • The Sandwich Guardians were defeated in the reverse order they were first encountered.
  • After hearing the legend, Beast Boy wants to eat the sandwich and Starfire wants it for her hair. Ironically, they end up losing their teeth and hair respectively.
  • Running Gag: Robin being bored at the supermarket.
  • Food Content: The entire episode centers around a quest for the ingredients to forge a legendary sandwich.



  • Stickers of DC Entertainment superhero's logos can be seen inside the elevator shaft and stuffed animals are scattered around the Titans Tower.
  • A cut-out of Batman promoting his cereal, Bat-O's, can be seen as Robin tries to cure his boredom in the super market.
  • Robin is reading a Batman comic at the supermarket.
  • Joker is employee of the month at the supermarket.
  • Batman and the Flash's likeness appear as recurring hieroglyphic skulls in Ancient Legends.
  • Pretty Pretty Pegasus is an obvious spoof of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    • Raven's fondness of the show references her voice actor's role as Twilight Sparkle in the series.
  • When Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg take their respective ingredient from the treasure chests, they behave in a manner as characters do in the video game series, The Legend of Zelda.


  • When Pretty Pretty Pegasus is playing, Sparkleface tells Butterbean about the candy keys. However, Raven says, "You rock Butterbean." when it was Sparkleface who was talking.
  • Beast Boy wanted to eat the sandwich despite being a vegetarian.


Legendary Sandwich title card
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