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"I've got legs. And I know how to use them!"
Raven discovering the power of her legs

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Original air date

15 January 2014

Running Time

11:08 (minutes)


1.617 (million)

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Produced by
Written by

John Loy

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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Teen Titans Go! - "Legs" Clip

"Legs" is the thirty-seventh episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the thirty-seventh episode overall. It first aired on 15 January 2014 on Cartoon Network.


After the Titans take away her cloak as a joke, Raven discovers how much fun it is to use her legs. Cyborg, however, starts becoming very dark and sarcastic after getting Raven's cloak stuck on his head.[1]


Titans dancing

Raven watches her fellow Titans dance.

Raven is meditating when an alarm blares, angering the demonic Titan as Robin orders the Teen Titans to dance. After witnessing the dancing Titans for several moments, Raven yells at them for interrupting her, but they resume their activities. Annoyed, Raven retreats into the depths of her cloak. Robin calls out to her and peers inside the fabric only to be punched by an angered Raven and crashes into a record player, ending the Titans' dance time. Reemerging from her cloak, Raven announces that she doesn't want to dance, but Beast Boy remarks that her announcement isn't a shocker as she never wants to do anything fun. Starfire theorizes that Raven's cloak defines her stoic personality, but Cyborg proclaims Raven's lack of fun is from her character. Frustrated, Raven teleports out of the living room as Robin suggests to the others that they should attempt an experiment.

While Raven is showering and singing a song, Robin sneaks into the bathroom and snags her cloak, proudly presenting it to the others. They urge him to try it on, and he develops a stoic personality. Beast Boy and Starfire wear the cloak and develop more unkind natures. They warn Cyborg of its dangers when it is his turn, but is unaffected when he puts it on. Beast Boy announces that Raven's coming and Cyborg attempts to take off the cloak, but finds that it is stuck as Raven arrives. She mocks the Titans' prank as the others are taken aback by her leggy figure with Robin using his hands to shield everything but her eyes and mouths. Raven demands for her cloak, but Cyborg reveals that it's stuck causing Raven to reveal that she's angry. Robin realizes that Raven is beginning to share her feelings and the demonic Titan kicks him everything he mentions the fact. Starfire agrees with Robin as Beast Boy compliments Raven's legs. Cyborg, meanwhile, becomes entranced by the cloak and develops a stoic personality before floating away. Beast Boy begins to sniff Raven's legs in admiration, but she kicks him into the window.

Raven kicks Jinx

Raven discovers the power of her legs.

A cloak-bound Cyborg is meditating when Beast Boy interrupts by asking if the robot would like to play video games. Cyborg declines with the reason that he must finish his father's dark work when the alarm blares. Robin orders the Titans to dance, but they are interrupted by Raven who begins to dance, entrancing Beast Boy and annoying Cyborg. Robin, Beast Boy, and Starfire are left awestruck by Raven's change when the alarm blares. Beast Boy instantly cheers for more dancing, but Robin announces that the alarm is a crime alert. At Jump City, Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy battle Gizmo, See-More, and Billy Numerous as Raven confronts Jinx. She prepares to use her dark magic to attack, but decides to utilize her legs in combat instead. Jinx charges, but Raven repeatedly kicks her in the face before sending her flying after marveling at the power of her legs which Beast Boy compliments. Cyborg utters Raven's incantation before shooting Mammoth with sonic blasts causing Beast Boy to state that it isn't real magic. Angered, Cyborg prepares to blast Beast Boy, but the shapeshifting Titan informs him that he was only joshing him.

Lady Legasus and leg

Raven as Lady Legasus.

Back at the tower, Robin announces that he's scheduling a meeting to discuss the time for tomorrow's meeting, but Raven informs him that she already called one. She informs the others that she's leaving the Titans causing them, except to Cyborg, to gasp in shock as she reveals that her cloak was holding her back. Beast Boy wonders what would become of Raven's legs causing Raven to reveal that she'll henceforth be known as Lady Legasus before donning a new yellow leotard entrancing Beast Boy even more. Lady Legasus soon takes flight and defeats several villains such as Cinderblock, Doctor Light, Brother Blood, and Gizmo in a montage as well as sculpting a statue in honor of her leg.

Robin and Starfire are relaxing on the couch as Beast Boy messily eats a sandwich, angering a meditating Cyborg. After being scolded by Starfire, Cyborg attempts to create a portal but Beast Boy informs him that the cloak didn't gave him powers, only a lack of fun. The three Titans begin to mock Cyborg's new found personality, slowly angering him until he attacks. Using three robotic claws, Cyborg imprisons the other Titans. Meanwhile, Lady Legasus walks down a sidewalk when a fan squeals in delight. After signing her magazine and posing for the paparazzi, various television screens behind her turn on and reveal that Cyborg is attacking Titans Tower with the Titans as hostages. Flying to the rescue, Lady Legasus uses a super-powered kick to defeat Cyborg and separate him from her former cloak.

The Titans are pleased with her arrival as Lady Legasus reveals that she had to return in order to once again wear her cloak as no other being can handle its dark powers. Lady Legasus sadly dons her cloak, shielding her legs from Beast Boy. Distraught, Beast Boy cries over the legs as Raven scoffs and begins to walk off. However, she smirks and uncovers a leg causing Beast Boy to transform into a dog and pant in delight.


For a full transcript of "Legs", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Non-speaking roles
Billy Numerous
Brother Blood  
Doctor Light
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut




  • Fourth episode where Raven is shown without her hood on ("Laundry Day", "Meatball Party", "Power Moves").
  • Third episode with two interwined plots ("Hey Pizza!", "Starliar").
  • Fourth episode with the Riddler question mark ("Parasite", "Staff Meeting", "No Power").
  • Starfire and Beast Boy wear Raven's cloak again after previously donning it on "Laundry Day" and "Meatball Party" respectively.
  • Beast Boy, transformed as a pig, while messily eating his food references "Legendary Sandwich" where Raven complained about the same act.
  • The episode's ending directly mirrors "Terra-ized"'s ending with Raven giving Beast Boy a smirk before a close-up on a Titan ends the episode.


  • The Riddler's likeness appears on a question mark above Robin's head.
  • Brianiac's skull can be seen among the objects in Cyborg's effects when he is finishing Trigon's dark work.
  • Clock King's likeness appears on the 2 Minutes Later graphic.
  • The magazine cover that Lady Legasus signs depicts her foot on top of a defeated Darkseid.
  • A cover of "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" by the band Collide is breifly heard after Raven exposes a leg exclusively for Beast Boy.
  • ZZ Top's song, "Legs", is referenced when Raven quotes the line, "I've got legs and I know how to use them" while combating Jinx.
  • The scream that Robin emits after Beast Boy pulls Raven's cloak off of him, is a stock sound effect heard in many classic Pink Panther cartoons.


  • Continuity errors: In "Laundry Day", Starfire wears Raven's cloak but doesn't experience a shift in personality. Similarly, in "Meatball Party", Beast Boy also wore her cloak with no changes. The Titans shouldn't be surprised by Raven's look outside of her cloak since they seen her without it in the aforementioned episodes. Her legs have also been shown several times without her taking off her cloak. Raven has no problem walking, despite her struggles in "No Power".


Legs title card
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