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"Aren't you tired of being two-dimensional? There's so much more to us!"

The Titans and the Team
"Let's Get Serious"




Original air date

26 February 2015

Running Time

11:15 (minutes)


2.332 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Michael Jelenic, Aaron Horvath

Directed by

Peter Rida Michail

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"Hose Water"


"Tamaranian Vacation"

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EXCLUSIVE TEEN TITANS GO! - Robin's speech is interrupted by Young Justice01:21

EXCLUSIVE TEEN TITANS GO! - Robin's speech is interrupted by Young Justice

"Let's Get Serious" is the thirty-second episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the eighty-fourth episode overall. It first aired on 26 February 2015 on Cartoon Network.


After Young Justice easily takes out the H.I.V.E. while the other Titans make silly jokes, Robin decides the team needs to get serious.[1]


The H.I.V.E. Five are robbing the Jump City Weapons Depot when they are confronted by the Teen Titans. Robin attempts to strike fear into the villains with a speech, but is interrupted by fart noises from the other Titans. He begins to berate them for interrupting, but the others tell him to relax and have a laugh. Robin reminds them that they're the last line of defense for the city and wonders who would take their place if they can't be serious as superheroes. At that moment, Aqualad, Miss Martian, and Superboy fly overhead and easily defeat them, entrancing the Titans because of their seriousness. Aqualad instructs his teammates to interrogate the H.I.V.E. at their base in the Croton Nebula as he feels their robbery is only the beginning of their plan.

Robin greets Aqualad and compliments him on his moves, but the Atlantean shrugs him off by saying there's another crisis he must handle. Robin says the Titans might join them as well, but Aqualad retorts if they're on their way to a pie eating competition. Robin questions his words, but Beast Boy and Cyborg interrupt by singing, "I Love Pie." He snaps at them and they leave whereupon Aqualad tells him that the Titans have brought shame upon real superheroes, calling them a disgrace. Robin counters that even though they have different methods, both teams are only trying to stop villains. Aqualad gestures to Raven, Ann and Starfire, who are freeing Jinx from her handcuffs to go on a third girl's night out. Aqualad continues to scold Robin by saying that superheroes are supposed to teach lessons about friendship and life and that the Titans only teach lessons like books are dangerous or whether a burger or burrito is better. Robin asks what's wrong with being silly from time to time and Aqualad says that a good laugh is fine, but claims the Titans cannot be serious for a single moment. He storms off and Robin says that they'll talk later before sighing.

The next day, Cyborg and Beast Boy are playing video games, Raven is reading, and Starfire is tickling Silkie on the couch when Robin sighs loudly while staring out the window. He says that he's thinking about his dead parents, and the others tell him to keep things light. Robin says he's brooding and Beast Boy tells him to do it in the kitchen and bring him back pickles and tahini. Robin says he wants to brood in the living room and that it wouldn't be so bad if they followed his example. Starfire wonders if Robin's brooding is a result from the fact that the "real heroes" made them look inadequate. Robin protests that they are real heroes, but that they've forgotten that because they've become jokesters. Raven protests that she isn't a jokester, but Robin tells her that he's seen her stand-up comedy act. He says that they're not funny when they begin acting goofy. Raven tells him to admit that they're a little funny, but Robin asks if they aren't tired from being two-dimensional when there's more to them. He uses Cyborg as an example by saying that he should be suffering an internal struggle where he questions if he's a man or a machine. Starfire worries that being serious will disband the team. Robin says that it will, but claims that they'll become stronger by being torn up and coming back together. Starfire doesn't understand and Robin claims it's because of her alien status which is her struggle. Cyborg thinks that Robin is right as Aqualad and his team looked cool. Beast Boy says he wants a tough face and tight muscles while Starfire says she always wanted to visit the SN 1885 quadrant. Raven says she's always wanted to tell a villain, "it's just you and me now." With the Titans in agreement, Robin decides it's time to get serious.

During a song, "Time to Get Serious," the Titans become serious by changing their appearance to that of heavily detailed faces and bodies while Ann takes on a more gorgeous look. At breakfast time, the Titans are eating Bat-O's when Robin asks if any of them would like to sing a song about pie. Cyborg says he can't sing when he's conflicted and unhappy and Beast Boy says that he's never been so emotionally complex. Raven says that they should have gotten serious years ago and Robin is proud that they're no longer disgraces, but the team he knew they could be. Cyborg shows off his defined muscles and Beast Boy claims he can no longer smile. After Ann recites a poem about emotional and literal feelings, the crime alert blares and Robin informs the others that the President has sent word that the H.I.V.E.'s murder satellite is ready to launch. He tells the others that if they don't stop them, the world will be destroyed forever. Starfire wraps her arms around Robin, but he shrugs her off as there's too much work to do and calls the Titans into battle.

At an unknown icy location, the H.I.V.E. are putting the finishing touches to the launch of their murder satellite. Robin observes them from a distance and Starfire asks what they are looking at as it's dark. He claims that nighttime is the most serious time to fight crime but Raven says she can't see anything but Ann can because of her night vision. Robin says that makes crime-fighting even more dangerous. Cyborg offers to see through his cybernetics, but wishes that he hadn't lost his humanity. Starfire tries to tell Robin something, but he shrugs her off *again*. Beast Boy tells the others that, in case he doesn't come back, it was an honor working with them. Robin says it's showtime and they head out to confront the H.I.V.E. Gizmo tells Jinx that the missile is ready for launch when the Titans approach them. He says that they look serious and Robin announces that they're done playing games with them. Gizmo laughs and starts the countdown to the satellite's launch. Starfire punches Gizmo, Robin hits Mammoth with his staff, Ann fires fireball blasts, Raven shoots Jinx with her soul-self, Beast Boy in his gorilla form punches Billy Numerous, and Cyborg shoots a plasma bolt at See-More. The countdown finishes and the death satellite launches into the air. Cyborg wonders how they stop it and Robin answers with serious firepower. The Titans form a power move where Cyborg attaches himself to Beast Boy's T-Rex form while creating seats for Starfire, Robin, Ann and Raven. They shoot a yellow laser that destroys the satellite in space, thereby saving the world.

Aqualad, Miss Martian, and Superboy approach the Titans and the leader praises them for handling the threat seriously. He tells them that they came to clean up their mess, but that it looks like they handled it. After reverting out of their power move, Robin asks if Aqualad is ready to admit that he misjudged the Titans. He says they look serious, but worries that it's too serious. Cyborg yells at him for not knowing how it feels to be half-machine and half-man. Robin tells the Titans that they should leave to handle an emergency in the Mooka-Mooka sector and informs them that he feels it's only the beginning.

Back at Titans Tower, Robin is brooding and he asks if they can believe that Aqualad thought they were too serious. Beast Boy tells Robin to talk about it later as he wants to confront Cyborg about drinking his juice. Cyborg admits that he did even though Beast Boy protests that his name was written on the carton. He says that if he can't trust Cyborg with juice then he can't trust him at all. Cyborg also says he can't trust Beast Boy as trust is a two-way street. Robin orders them to break it up as it's just juice but Beast Boy says it wasn't his so he wouldn't understand. Raven announces that the monster in her is feeding on their anger. She says it wants to take over and that she dosen't know who she is anymore. Robin slaps her and tells her to snap out of it as she's Raven, but she wonders if she's only a freak and announces that she can't be a member of the Teen Titans anymore. Starfire begins crying as she wonders what is happening to the team. Beast Boy says it's too late as Cyborg knew what he was doing when he drank the juice and he says he enjoyed every last sip. The Titans begin screaming until Titans Tower eventually explodes.

That night, as Robin is overlooking the ruins of the tower, he wonders if this is the end of the Teen Titans. Starfire has retreated into space, Ann is literally living in a cardboard box under a bridge with her eyes overflowing with tears, Raven is in hiding, Beast Boy moved to the forest, and Cyborg is driving away. He says that he thought being serious would bring them closer, but instead it has only driven them apart and sheds a single tear. The episode ends with a sign reading "Next time on Teen Titans Go!" showing that the Titans have gone back to their silly selves.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Michaela Dietz Ann
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Lauren Tom Gizmo
Non-speaking roles
Billy Numerous
Michael Jelenic  
Miss Martian  
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • Aaron Horvath originally confirmed the episode during an interview at WonderCon 2014 before it was publicly announced at San Diego Comic Con 2014 by Warner Bros.
  • This episode was created as a response to the show's critics who said that the show wasn't as serious as other superhero shows. The characters from Young Justice were chosen as the two shows were most frequently compared.
  • This is the only episode to have three preview clips released before the air date.
  • This is the first television crossover in the series, and the second overall after the two part comic crossover, "Teen Titans -- Ghost! Part 1" and "Teen Titans -- Ghost! Part 2", with Scooby-Doo Team-Up.
  • This is the second episode to use a different style than the flash animation. The first was "Dreams".
  • Trigon is mentioned without appearing again.
  • The fourth wall is broken when the episode ends with a fake preview for the next one.
  • This episode aired exactly one year after "Birds".
  • Food Content: Aqualad accuses the Titans of having to go to a pie eating contest. Beast Boy and Cyborg say they love pie and prepare to sing "I Love Pie" song. The Titans disband after Beast Boy and Cyborg get into a fight over juice.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Hose Water".


  • Beast Boy and Cyborg say they love pie and begin to sing "I Love Pie" until they are interrupted by Robin ("Pie Bros").
  • Raven, Ann and Starfire free Jinx to go on a third girl's night out ("Girl's Night Out").
  • Aqualad mentions that the Titans teach others that books can be dangerous and whether burgers or burritos are better, referencing the plots of "Books" and "Burger vs. Burrito".
  • Beast Boy's love of pickles is shown again ("No Power", "Hose Water").
  • Starfire licks Silkie again after having done so in "Missing" and "Serious Business".
  • The serious faces are similar in appearance to Robin's handsome face in "The Mask" and the drawing of Cyborg and Beast Boy during Robin's inspirational speech in "Caramel Apples".
  • The Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls are seen again when Raven punches them.
  • Beast Boy steps on a burrito, his favorite food as revealed in "Burger vs. Burrito".
  • Bat-O's appear again.
  • The death satellite marks the second time the H.I.V.E. attempted to build something in space. They planned to have the H.I.V.E. Tower be an orbiting space station in the episode, "In and Out".
  • The serious firepower that the Titans used to destroy the satellite was an example of a power move from the episode, "Power Moves".
  • Second time Titans Tower explodes. ("In and Out").
  • Third time the Titans are shown to have disbanded ("Super Robin", "Staring at the Future").


  • The Young Justice incarnations of Aqualad, Superboy, and Miss Martian appear in the episode to chastise the Titans.
    • Aqualad is voiced by Khary Payton in the episode, a reference to the fact that he voiced the character in the show. He is also the only of the three members of The Team with a speaking role.
  • Ann's serious appearance is heavily similar to Motoko "Major" Kusanagi, the main protagonist in Ghost in the Shell.
  • The guy who laughs at Raven's stand up comedy act is meant to be Michael Jelenic, a co-producer of the series. He was added by Peter Rida Michail because Jelenic wanted Raven's stand up comedy scene to "go on and on and on."[2]
  • Billy Numerous can be seen holding an AK47 when the H.I.V.E. prepare the death satellite's launch.



Let's Get Serious title card
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