"The next ingredient is the stellar tomato, hidden amongst the stars."
Raven to the Teen Titans.[1]

Lilap System
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"Legendary Sandwich" (only appearance)

The Lilap System is a intergalactic system which holds a collection of planets with one visited by Starfire on her quest to retrieve the Stellar Tomato to recreate the Legendary Sandwich.


After being entranced by the Legend of the Legendary Sandwich, Starfire volunteered to retrieve the Stellar Tomato due to her capability of space travel. She scanned for the chest on a planet in the system, but was attacked by a Sandwich Guardian when pondering how a human transported the fruit to the far reaches of space. After a long and brutal fight at the cost of her hair, Starfire destroyed the robot and retrieved the tomato whereupon she returned to Earth.[1]



  • This is one of the three locations to house ingredients needed to recreate the Legendary Sandwich.
  • The Lilap System may be a reference to the Lylat System from Star Fox.


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