"Those random weird creatures we keep around after they manage to touch our hearts against all odds."
Cyborg describing the group.[1]

Little Buddies
Little Buddies
General information


Notable members

Birdarang and Beat Box


Titans Tower


Teen Titans

  • Rescue the Titans (completed)


Chronological information
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"Little Buddies"

The Little Buddies is a group comprised of creatures who have been adopted by a member of the Teen Titans. The name was first coined by Cyborg during his complaint over being the only Titan without one.


Throughout their career as the Teen Titans, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven adopted several creatures, leading Cyborg to adopt Painbot due to being the only one without a little buddy and having grown attached to the robot. The Titans ordered Cyborg to get rid of Painbot, but the two lamented their separation and reunited. Due to none of the Titans wanting to get rid of their little buddy sidekicks, Cyborg proposed a little buddy showdown with Painbot defeating and/or scaring everyone away. The final round pitted the robot against Silkie, but the larva successfully consumed Painbot, winning the right to stay at Titans Tower.[1]

The Little Buddies (with the exception of Silkie, Foul Demon, and Universe Staff) attended Beat Box and Birdarang's surprise birthday party when the Titans left to handle a crime alert, but were ultimately captured by the Brain and held for eight months. Super Robin noticed the crime alert and the Little Buddies resolved to rescue them. However, their partying during the mission alerted Monsieur Mallah who successfully captured them. On their way to the Brain, Birdarang inspired the Little Buddies by reminding them how well the Titans have treated them and they managed to escape the cage and defeat Mallah. As they neared the Titans' cell, Beat Box distracted the guards long enough for Painbot to electrocute them. Upon reaching the cell, the Little Buddies were confronted by the Brain, who transferred his capsule to a robotic suit harnessing the Titans' powers. The Little Buddies went down one by one until Beat Box sacrificed himself to save Birdarang, who transformed into an android and defeated the Brain by reuniting the Titans with their powers. Cyborg managed to revive Beat Box and the Little Buddies joined the Titans in a victory dance.[2]





  • For some reason, Silkie, Foul Demon, and the Universe Staff did not appear nor accompanied the other Little Buddies to rescue the Titans.
  • Each of the Little Buddies previously appeared in an episode of Teen Titans Go! with the exception of Dave.


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