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Teen Titans

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Tara Strong

The little girl is a resident of Jump City, who has the misfortune of experiencing traumatic experiences caused by the Teen Titans.


The little girl attempted to play on the monkey bars in the park, but Beast Boy (in his gorilla form) had assigned the other Titans in defending his "natural territory", and ordered them to attack. Upon seeing the Titans' powers, she ran away screaming.[1]

The little girl joined a dodgeball team to compete in the dodgeball tournament, but she and her team were easily defeated by Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg.[2]

Outside the Community Center of Jump City, the little girl was eating ice cream when Super Robin leaped up to her and stole the sweet from her, causing her to run away, crying.[3]

While the little girl was at the Jump City Petting Zoo, she petted a baby goat only for Cyborg's living belly to inhale it during their search for food. She ran away screaming as a result.[4]

During the H.I.V.E. Five's day off from the Titans, Gizmo disguised himself as a tall man and helped the little girl and her family by moving clouds away from the sun during their picnic.[5]

The little girl admired the Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls in Lil Alfred's Toy Cave before they were mutated by a clown and attacked her.[6]


Teen Titans Go!


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