"They only go fast when they're touching and they only speak Spanish."
Aqualad describing the twins.[1]

Mas y Menos make tamales
Más y Menos
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Más y Menos are Spanish speaking superhero twin brothers.


During the Titans East Annual Dance Party, Más and Menos were horrified by Raven's choice of music and the actions of the other Teen Titans (excluding Starfire). As such, they only chose to invite Starfire for next year's party.[2]

Más and Menos visited Titans Tower in order to learn from Robin. They quickly made friends with the other Titans, calling Starfire pretty, Beast Boy funny but smelly, Raven scary, and joked with Cyborg. The Titans found a clip online which explained the speedsters' powers and the duo informed them that they had to touch in order to release energy build up or it would reach dangerous levels. During their lessons with Robin, however, he told them that his only rule was that they do not teach. Menos attempted to protest, but Robin snapped at him and yelled that he would not let him ruin his brother's future with his shenanigans. He began teaching them about A.B.S. which stood for Always Be Suspicious and demonstrated by hitting Beast Boy with his staff, believing he was an impostor. Más and Menos, decided to save Beast Boy and stopped Robin mid-swing. Later, the two decided to teach the Titans to try new experiences and cooked tamales for them as they felt they ate pizza too much. They were interrupted by Robin, who forced them to separate and taught them about superhero poses. Menos said that the pose was superficial and Más agreed, saying that what mattered most was the purity of a hero's heart. After they both pass a superhero pose pop quiz, Robin yelled at Menos for having his head in the clouds while he praised Más.

The speedsters observed the Titans as they played video games and advised them to work together to defeat the boss. Robin confronted the Titans and speedsters, claiming that it was just a waste of time and energy. Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven defended Más and Menos' life lessons, but Robin claimed that the twins couldn't teach them anything as they were only kids, upsetting them. While the Titans sided with them, Robin blamed Menos for conspiring against him and separated him from his brother by telling him that Más was in the hospital after he was afflicted with food poisoning when he ate a bad tamale. With Menos gone, Más was trained to resembled Robin. When Beast Boy and Cyborg asked for Menos, Robin posed as him to fool the Titans, but Más recognized the trick and, soon after, Menos returned from the hospital and revealed Robin's actions. The two high-fived, but their energy had built up to dangerous levels. They bounced off the walls and eventually crashed through the window. On the streets of Jump City, the two ran past the Titans as they attempted to stop them. Robin placed himself in their path, and the impact caused an explosion that separated the two and injured Robin. The next day, Más y Menos were present when Robin cried that the Titans had failed to learn his lesson.[3]

Más, Menos and the rest of the Titans East ate sundaes at Yum Yum Kitty Diner when they were approached by Robin to sign his yearbook which they did.[4]

One year, during Black Friday, Más y Menos ran past Starfire while shopping at Jump City Electronics.[5]


Más and Menos are kind-hearted, down to earth and intelligent. During their stay at Titans Tower, they offered wisdom to the Titans in order to get them to grow as people. These included lessons about trying new experiences and working together in contrast to Robin's self-centered advice. During one of these lessons, the two agreed that what made up a hero was the purity of his heart. They complimented the Titans as soon as they entered the tower and did not hold a grudge at Robin after he separated them for a long period of time. They also cared immensely about each other as they both wondered where the other was when separated.


Más and Menos have a binary attraction and when they touch hands, they gain the ability to run at super speed. However, because of this, they must constantly stay in contact in order to off set the energy build up. If separated for a large amount of time and too much energy is built up, they remain in constant motion, being able to outrun cars, cheetahs, and Tamaranians and have the capability of destroying the world.


Teen Titans Go!


  • The brothers are the second and third members of the Titans East to have an episode dedicated to them.
  • They are the only members of the Titans East who haven't appeared in the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.
  • The brothers' original incarnation in the 2003 TV series Teen Titans appeared in a dream alongside the Titans East where Raven informed them that Robin and Starfire were kissing.[6]


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