"Mad Mod! Stealing the most precious thing in this world: youth. How could you?"
Robin confronting Mad Mod.[1]

Mad Mod
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Mad Mod is an elderly English villain who employs the use of technological trickery to create alternate realities and weaponry which is controlled by a ruby-tipped cane that is capable of siphoning youth.[1]


Battle with Mad Mod

Mad Mod prepares to siphon the Titans' youth.

An elderly Mad Mod stood at the bus stop while teenage and young adult citizens of Jump City walked and skateboarded by. When teenagers on the bench began laughing at his elderly form, Mad Mod used his aging cane in order to strip the passers-by of their youth. He was confronted by the Teen Titans who criticized him for stealing the most important thing in the world. Mad Mod used the cane to activate a portal into an alternate reality filled with British references and was chased by the Titans. While he was riding a giant foot, Robin knocked a giant teacup that the Titans commandeered into him, throwing the cane out of his hands and activating a portal that returned them to Jump City. As they fell in front of Justice Java, the Titans sans Raven were trapped underneath the giant teacup and foot. As Mad Mod recovered from the fall, Robin ordered to Raven to seize the staff, but due to her affinity for old people, kicked the staff to Mad Mod who twirled it into his hands. Raven sarcastically pleaded for him to not turn them into "the cutest thing ever" and dodged as he transformed the Titans into old people. Due to this, Mad Mod was able to evade capture by the Titans.[1]

Teen Titans Go! comic book series

Mad Mod, in the form of a youth, attended the Titans' Party Party alongside several other villains as a result of Starfire checking the Most Wanted list for the party's guest list. He attempted to leave the lame party, but Starfire enticed the villains to dance and stay until Robin ordered them to leave.[2]


Main article: Mad Mod's cane
Aging cane

Mad Mod's cane controls his powers.

Mad Mod lacks any super powers, and the root of his abilities comes from inventions and technological trickery which is controlled by his cane. The cane's known uses include draining youth which is stored in the ruby and then used to transform into a younger version of himself and entering the holographic dimensions he's created that manipulate and question the laws of physics.[1]


Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! comic book series


Meet Mad Mod
The Image Gallery for Mad Mod may be viewed here.


  • Mad Mod is one of the few villains to escape and/or defeat the Titans.
  • Mad Mod is the fourth villain who appeared in the Teen Titans Go! comic series and then debuted on the show.
  • Mad Mod was the twenty-first and thirteenth nonspeaking villain from Teen Titans to appear on Teen Titans Go!.


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