Aging cane

Mad Mod's cane.

Mad Mod's cane is a ruby-tipped cane which regulates and controls Mad Mod's technology.


In his elderly form, Mad Mod stood with the cane at the bus stop and used it to siphon the youth of nearby teenagers and a mother and a baby. After he was confronted by the Teen Titans, Mad Mod used the cane to open a portal that transferred them into one of his alternate realities. After a chase around the fabricated dimension, Mad Mod rode a foot when the cane was knocked out of his hands by Robin bumping into the foot with the Titans' giant teacup. As it spun, the cane opened a portal and transported the Titans and Mod in front of Justice Java with Raven landing on top of it. The rest of her teammates were trapped underneath the giant foot and teacup while Mod recovered from the fall nearby. Robin ordered Raven to grab the cane before Mod can use it to turn them old, but due to her fondness of old people, Raven kicked the weapon toward Mad Mod. With natural efficiency, he kicked the cane up and twirled it with his hands before aiming at the Titans. Raven dodged as he siphoned the youths of the rest of the Titans.[1]


Youth transference

Mad Mod deaging

Mod deaging.

Through Mad Mod's technology, the cane was able to strip a baby, children, teenagers, and an adult woman of their years and transform them into elderly people. Their youths would then be stored in the ruby tip of the cane and give Mod the ability to change his appearance into a younger version of himself.

Dimensional travel

Mad Mod opens portal

Mod opening a portal.

The cane also held the means to travel through the holographic dimensions that Mad Mod would create. Through the opening of a portal by the ruby, Mod can transport himself or others between the real world and his fabricated realities. It is assumed that traveling through Mod's dimensions also include the travel between the real world as he and the Titans entered through the bus stop, but they came out in front of Justice Java, and brought along several items with them.


  • Mad Mod is able to twirl the cane with natural efficiency.
  • For some reason, the cane was absent when Mad Mod attended the Titans' Party Party.
  • The powers of this incarnation of Mad Mod's cane are mostly derived from Mod's appearance in the TV Teen Titans series third season's seventh episode, "Revolution".


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