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"I used to have a little kid arm and a little kid leg, but now I'm stronger and manlier than ever!"
Beast Boy to Cyborg.

Robot Beast Boy
"Man Person"




Original air date

19 June 2014

Running Time

11:21 (minutes)


1.841 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Merrill Hagan

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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"Mr. Butt"



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Teen Titans Go! - Man Person Clip

"Man Person" is the second episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the fifty-fourth episode overall. It first aired on 19 June 2014 on Cartoon Network.


Beast Boy is distressed by his big new battle scar, until Cyborg convinces him that the scar makes him look tough and manly. Now Beast Boy wants to look even tougher.[1]


Cinderblock attacks the Jump City Rail Yard and is met in combat by the Teen Titans, but Beast Boy declares the villain his opponent and transforms into a gorilla to attack, but is knocked out by a single punch. He slowly awakens in the Titans Tower emergency room where Robin urges him to stay alive and has Raven hand him a bonesaw and pliers which he uses to remove Cinderblock's fist from Beast Boy's face. Beast Boy cries for his face, but Robin calmly tells him to remove his hands in order to assess the injuries, but they begin screaming in shock with Cyborg vomiting in disgust prompting Raven to quickly wrap his head in bandages.

Six weeks later, the Titans gather to check up on the healing process, but are still disgusted by the sight causing Cyborg to vomit and Starfire to faint. Raven once again applies the bandages to Beast Boy's face. Another six weeks later, the Titans nervously remove the bandages, but Cyborg notes that the injury has finally healed. Beast Boy asks to see how his face looks and, upon seeing through a mirror, claims the scar over his right eye is huge. Cyborg attempts to assure Beast Boy that the scar isn't that bad but the others awkwardly avoid sharing their opinions. Ashamed, Beast Boy covers his head with a paper bag.

Cyborg, in an attempt to cheer him up, assures that the scar makes Beast Boy look manly. Beast Boy takes off the paper bag and disagrees causing Cyborg to ask who is the toughest person he knows. Beast Boy replies Raven, causing the half-demon to blush but Cyborg rewords his question by asking Beast Boy to tell him who is the toughest man person he knows. Beast Boy answers Cyborg and the robotic Titan punches Raven across the room in celebration. He tells his backstory, revealing that he used to be an average person until a freak accident left his body ruined until his dad placed him in a robot suit to survive and summarizes that his scars are what made him tough. Beast Boy takes this to heart and embraces his scar.

Tough times begin

The "tough times" begin.

Cyborg reveals that they have tough times in store for them, and the two begin a montage of tough guy activities. Beast Boy and Cyborg lift weights in the living room while Robin knits, Starfire plays with Silkie, and Raven meditates when the crime alert rings and the Titan computer shows footage of Doctor Light causing a rampage in Jump City. The Titans quickly head to combat the villain with Starfire firing starbolts which Doctor Light deflects with a light shield and counters with light bolts. Starfire dodges each attack, but one manages to slice a building in half. The top half gives way and threatens to crush the stationed Titans until Cyborg grabs it and heaves it elsewhere. He, Robin, and Raven join Starfire and charge at Doctor Light, but the villain shoots a lightbeam which the Titans dodge. Starfire warns a distracted Beast Boy and he ducks at the last second. However, he gains an idea and raises his hand to the lightbeam.

Back in the emergency room, Robin exclaims the need for more bandages as Beast Boy wiggles his torn limb. Cyborg quickly attaches a metallic arm to Beast Boy and reveals that his animal superpowers allow his dismembered limb to stay alive due to it constantly changing animals through Raven's powers. The robotic Titan assures Beast Boy that they'll reattach it once they figure out how to. Robin, Starfire, and Raven attempt to cheer up Beast Boy but he calmly assures them that a metallic arm matches his manly scar and shifts into a bear (while retaining the robotic appendage). Robin and Starfire are impressed by this while Raven remarks that it's hot.

Scar Man

Introducing Scar Man.

Beast Boy asks her what she said, but Raven refuses to share and slaps him away with his dismembered limb once he begins dancing. Cyborg tells Beast Boy that while robot parts are cool, it is not worth losing human limbs for them. Robin agrees and decides to deduce a solution to reattach his arm, but it slaps him instead, causing everyone but Beast Boy to laugh as Beast Boy claims that his new persona, Scar Man, doesn't think it is funny and poses much to Raven's shock.

The next day, Robin struggles to force Beast Boy's limb into a container with purple liquid, but manages to accomplish his task by the time Cyborg asks what was Beast Boy thinking for getting his arm blown off on purpose. Robin corrects him that he's now known as Scar Man, but Cyborg grits that his name is Beast Boy. Raven floats by, dreamily assuring that he is no boy. Recovering his wit, Cyborg exclaims that he only wanted to cheer up Beast Boy by telling him scars were cool, but that he has taken it too far.

Robin screams to Beast Boy's eye

Robin upon seeing Scar Man's discarded eye.

Scar Man calls from the hallway, asking Robin to store a bag of body parts he didn't need. Robin reaches inside, and screams when he pulls out an eyeball. Cyborg demands to know what Beast Boy did, and Scar Man responds that he made himself tougher and enters the lab, revealing him to be nothing but a floating head with an eyepatch over his eye inside a mechanical suit. Cyborg claims that Beast Boy has taken things too far, but Scar Man explains that replacing his wimpy appendages have resulted in him becoming stronger and manlier. Cyborg chastises him, but Scar Man ignores him, lying that he can't hear him over his manliness before exiting the room. Beast Boy's limbs attack Robin and flee into a vent. Cyborg exclaims that they have to gather the body parts back while, inside the vent, the eye instructs the appendages to split up.

Robin and Cyborg, carrying a vacuum, walk down a hallway when they spot a leg. Robin lunges for it, but it quickly transforms into an elephant's leg and steps on him repeatedly until Cyborg sucks it inside the vacuum. They enter the kitchen where an arm is drinking soda until Cyborg too vacuums it up. Starfire prepares to serve tea to Beast Boy's other foot in her room, but Cyborg vacuums it up as well. The eye rolls up Raven's bed as she is sleeping bu she quickly removes the sheets to find it staring at her. Cyborg and Robin approach the eye and it quickly widens but is vacuumed up nonetheless allowing the two to celebrate in a high-five.

Scar Man jams out to music in the living room as Cyborg reveals he's figured out how to reattach his body parts. He pretends to not hear, but Cyborg continues, explaining that it's a simple procedure until Scar Man interrupts with the notion that he wishes to remain awesome and unleashes a flamethrower on Cyborg. Scar Man exclaims that he's taking to the skies and launches himself through the tower roof, leaving Cyborg to wonder a way to make Beast Boy realize he went overboard before glancing at the contained body parts and gains an idea.

Scar Man shoots lasers and flies through the sky while moving his head to the beat of the music when Cyborg calls his attention. Now equipped with Beast Boy's body parts, Cyborg utilizes Beast Boy's animal transforming abilities to assure that he's now tougher. Scar Man lands and wonders what Cyborg did to himself and the robotic Titan reveals he's trying to teach Scar Man a lesson as removing body parts for the sake of being manly isn't cool and that taking care of himself is more important than looking tough. Scar Man continues to ignore him as Cyborg reluctantly gives up. Feeling guilty, Scar Man admits to his mistake, claiming that he got carried away. Cyborg notes that the both of them got carried away, but Beast Boy assures that he still looks tough in his current status as it raised his man factor. Cyborg wonders what else they could and the two begin a man-tage.

Tough Sunset

"Tough." - Sunset

During the man-tage, they raise their man factor by heavy lifting, fishing, grilling twice, yard work, and body hair. After the man-tage, Scar Man and Cyborg sit on the Tower roof, overlooking the sunset which Beast Boy states is manly. Cyborg agrees and the sun looks at them, saying tough one last time.


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Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Unknown Sun  
Non-speaking roles
Doctor Light
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • This is the longest episode of Teen Titans Go! so far at eleven minutes and twenty-one seconds.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Uncle Jokes".



  • Beast Boy's battle suit resembles Minon's suit from Megamind.
  • After successfully collecting Beast Boy's body parts, a title card reads, "Caught 'Em All!" which is a reference to the original North American slogan of Pokémon, "Gotta Catch 'Em All!". The font used is even similar to that on the Pokémon logo.


  • Since Doctor Light's lightbeam incinerated Beast Boy's lightbulb, Beast Boy's hand should have also dissolved. However, it is shown to be cut off instead.
  • When the Titans are first shown after Beast Boy gets his hand cut off, Raven is not shown to be constantly shifting Beast Boy's arm, but has it in the next scene.
  • Beast Boy has his half of his right ear ripped off after turning manlier, but after Cyborg ups his man factor near the end, Beast Boy's right ear is normal.
  • In a flashback, Cyborg's accident occured when he was a teenager, but even when he was a baby and in a younger age in "Dog Hand" and "Slumber Party", respectively, he is still half-robot, but this was proven non-canon.
    • Also, his dad is probably a human in this episode, but was a toaster as seen in "Dog Hand". This was also proven non-canon.


Man Person title card
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