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I almost want to give you superpowers
I almost want to give you super powers
Use your superpower to fill in the blanks!
This article, transcript, or section is lacking important information and needs to be completed. Any user is encouraged to do so.
How is there even a question of what I'm going to build?
Titan Construction
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Robin [On TV]

Cyborg... you know him as a superhero...Aww! You made a


Aww! You made a video about me!



Robin [On TV]

...But did you know that Cyborg is a gigantic jerk?


(gasps) I did not know that!

Robin (On TV)

Just look at what Cyborg caught saying to his friend, Beast Boy.


Dude, I think Beast Boy is super lame and so annoying!

Beast Boy:

Cyborg, how could you?!

Robin (On TV)

And just look at what we caught Beast Boy saying.

Beast Boy:

Dude, Cyborg is gross and super weird!

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