"Sacre bleu! Your puns are worse than your punches! How did you Americans ever produce a genius like Jerry Lewis?"
— Monsieur Mallah to the Teen Titans.[1]

Monsieur Mallah hd grab
Monsieur Mallah
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Brain's HQ, Jump City, California, United States

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Brain, Madame Rogue, Phobia, Plasmus


Beat Box, Birdarang, Dave, Painbot, Super Robin


Brain, Brotherhood of Evil

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Behind the scenes
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"Idol Hands"

Monsieur Mallah is a gorilla in the employ of the Brain and a member of the Brotherhood of Evil.


Confronting the Little Buddies

While the Little Buddies infiltrated the Brain's HQ while on a mission to save the Titans from their captor, Monsieur Mallah apprehended them on the roof. Super Robin attempted to attack him, but was easily knocked aside by the gorilla. Through his gun, Monsieur Mallah managed to snag the Little Buddies into a net and proceeded to deliver them to the Brain. However, Birdarang inspired the Little Buddies to fight for the Titans and the five easily overpowered and defeated Monsieur Mallah.[2]

Teen Titans Go! comic boook series

Monsieur Mallah accompanied the Brotherhood of Evil as they prepared to participate in the reality show, Jump City's Got Your Talent Right Here!, and was introduced by the Brain. He was scheduled to perform interpretive dance while the Brain sang a capella medley of Lady Gaga songs, but was intervened by the Titans. While carrying the Brain, he attempted to escape pursuit from a tyrannosaurus rex-transformed Beast Boy and criticized the Titans' lame puns. However, he was ultimately defeated and trapped underneath Plasmus.[1]


Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! comic book series


  • Monsieur Mallah was the second member of the Brotherhood of Evil to appear in Teen Titans Go!.
  • Monsieur Mallah was also the third character who debuted in the comic series to appear on the show.
  • Monsieur Mallah was the twentieth and twelfth nonspeaking villain from the 2003 TV series Teen Titans to appear in Teen Titans Go!.


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