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"Fortunately, New Year's Eve is a time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. But, only if we observe the New Year's Eve traditions properly."

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"More of the Same"




Original air date

29 July 2015

Running Time

10:36 (minutes)


2.260 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Michael Jelenic, Aaron Horvath

Directed by

James Krenzke

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"The Return of Slade"


"Some of Their Parts"

"More of the Same" is the fifty-first episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the one hundred and third episode overall. It first aired on 29 July 2015 on Cartoon Network.


Can the Titans master the four New Year's traditions in order to break the cycle of bad years?[1]


As he is putting on a tie and a hat, Robin tells the Teen Titans that tonight is New Year's Eve and they begin celebrating. Beast Boy exclaims that he can't wait for his kiss, but is slapped away by Raven. Starfire says that she can release the Christmas tree back into the wild and throws it out the window. Raven says she wants to see a ball drop and Cyborg cheers for the inevitable party. Robin interrupts by mocking them and recalls how they ruined the party the previous year. Beast Boy apologizes for inviting the pack of wild dogs, but Robin says that New Year's Eve is a chance to start anew which will only happen if they observe the holiday's traditions probably. He reminds them that they blew their chance last year and got a terrible year out of it, causing Starfire to shudder at the memory of February. Robin adds on that they also didn't keep any of their New Year's resolutions which Cyborg protests, claiming that his stomach is tight as a drum. He flicks his chest plate only for it to open up and spill his stomach out. While Beast Boy pokes Cyborg's stomach, Robin explains that they're going to train to have a perfect celebration to ensure a happy new year and asks Raven to explain. She says that a perfect New Year's celebration has four components: the toast, the countdown, the midnight kiss, and the singing of "that weird song no one knows the words to."

Beast Boy says he has toast for days and takes out slices of bread, eager to move on, but Robin slaps the bread out of his hands and explains that a toast is when someone says a few profound words about friends and the future. He asks Cyborg to toast him, but he is unable to. He tries Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy afterword but they aren't profound, light, and sensible enough for him and he decides that they move on.

The next tradition is the countdown and Raven scoffs at the thought of someone being unable to count backwards. Beast Boy is shocked to learn that there's a thing called counting backwards and Cyborg attempts to explain but to no avail. Robin urges him to focus as their year depends on it, and Beast Boy attempts it. However, Robin yells at him for taking ten seconds to count four seconds and demands that they move on.

The Titans head to the lawn to perfect a midnight kiss and Robin hands them pens which Raven questions. He explains that they're to draw their perfect matches on their hands to practice kissing. The Titans easily draw their perfect matches, but Robin takes longer in order to create a likeness of Starfire. He has his fist tell him that it can't wait until midnight, and he agrees that it can't but must. Robin turns back to the Titans and instructs them to perform the kisses tenderly and respectfully, but passionately as well. The Titans kiss their fists, but when Robin goes to kiss his hand, his fist says that it cannot kiss him because of his foul breath which is a result of having fish and onions for dinner. He slams his head on a tree wondering why he sabotages himself, but promises to work on the tradition when the Titans stare at him.

They move to the bathroom where Robin leads the Titans in singing "that weird song nobody knows the words to." However, as they don't know the words, he yells at them for not following the lyrics. Cyborg reminds him that no one knows the words, but Robin reveals that he does and instructs them to listen. He begins performing the song and ends up crying when he finishes. Raven responds by saying that she prefers their version.

There is seventeen minutes to the new year when Robin believes that they are ready and decides to perform a practice run. Cyborg toasts to the past, present, and future and to the bonds the Titans share. Robin tells him it's long-winded but sweet and has Beast Boy perform the countdown. Beast Boy counts backwards without stopping and celebrates his success by moonwalking. Robin has Starfire practice the midnight kiss and purses his lips, but Starfire kisses her fist instead. Robin wishes to be her hand, but moves on to Raven who begins singing "the weird song nobody knows the words to." Robin instructs the Titans to head to the countdown and they take the elevator to the top of Titans Tower which is set up with a sign, food, and countdown that says two minutes are remaining.

Beast Boy says he can't wait for the terrible year to be over so he can start a new one, Starfire says she is looking forward to February, and Cyborg remarks that their future is looking bright. The countdown reaches its final seconds and Robin announces that they begin the traditions. Beast Boy begins counting down but starts panicing after saying ten. Cyborg reminds him that he hasn't said his toast yet but Robin tells them to remain calm. Beast Boy glances at the countdown, but freezes because of the numbers and transforms into an elephant to hide under a table. Starfire begins worrying if she is supposed to be kissing and begins smooching random objects. Robin chases after her, telling her to save the kisses for him and Cyborg short circuits after Beast Boy runs past the serving table and spills punch on him. Starfire kiss a pipe, bird, and Raven's cheek, and she begins singing "Danny's Boy" instead of "the weird song nobody knows the words to." Starfire kisses Cyborg's discarded head just as the countdown announces the new year and fireworks are released.

The following year is told through calenders. In January, Robin attempts to reason with a Jump City Police Department officer when a wheel clamp is placed on the T-Car. In May, a grizzly bear chases Robin and Starfire from a romantic picnic. In September, all of the Titans are afflicted with chicken box and, in November, the T-Plane crashes and strands the Titans in a desert. That New Year's Eve, the injured Titans are gathered for a second chance for a good year and Robin attempts to inspire them by saying things can go only get better, but they panic once more. That September, they are attacked by Painbot and in the following January, the T-Plane crashes in a snowy place, stranding the Titans. The Titans grow older and, one December, Cyborg shoots down Santa Claus. Another month has Robin battling the toilet and another has th elderly Titans stranded in the middle of the ocean.

The senior Titans gather on the tower's roof for another attempt at a happy new year, but Beast Boy tells Robin to give it up as he believes they'll never break the cycle. Raven suggests going directly to the source and they enter a portal to travel to the domain of the Masters of Time. There, Father Time asks why the Titans have arrived and Cyborg explains they want a good year as they are bummed out. Father Time refuses as he believes watching the Titans repeating the same mistakes yearly to be hilarious. Robin tells the Titans to charge, but they don't budge and he repeats his order to fight Baby New Year. Raven says she won't fight a baby and he tells her to fight Father Time so long as they pick one. Father Time instructs Baby New Year to play and he sits on Starfire, pounds Cyborg's head, and puts Beast Boy in his mouth. Raven uses her soul-self to lift the baby off Starfire and creates a hand to spank him, scolding him to respect his elders. Baby New Year begins crying and flies off, leaving Father Time.

Father Time transforms his staff into a scythe and says he won't be easy to defeat, but Robin simply uses his grabbling hook to yank the weapon away, causing him to fall. He demands the weapon back as he needs it to stand and they agree to return it so long as he gives them a happy new year. Father Time reluctantly agrees and the Titans are teleported away, leaving the scythe to tip foward, ready to impale the master.

Back on the rooftop, Robin cheers for their success on obtaining a happy new year and the Titans begin singing their version of "the weird song that nobody knows the words to." As they sing, they fail to notice that Jump City is in ruins behind them with search helicopters scanning it. Around Titans Tower, the ocean is littered with many skulls. The Titans finish singing with Raven adding, "Danny Boy" to the end.


For a full transcript of "More of the Same", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Father Time  
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Baby New Year  
Pictured only
Grizzly bear
JCPD officer
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut




  • The Christmas tree Starfire releases into the wild was the same one displayed in "Second Christmas".
  • Beast Boy displays an inability to count ("Colors of Raven", "Books", "Cool School").
  • The background shown when Cyborg kissed his fist is the same one from when Silkie reunited with Starfire at the end of "Missing".
  • Scenes displayed in the backrgound while Robin is singing are from previous episodes.
    • The first is from "Boys vs. Girls" when Cyborg and Beast Boy cry after Raven tells they're the ones who are emotional.
    • The second is from "Man Person" when Cyborg, in Beast Boy's body parts, and Beast Boy, as Scar Man, prepare to embark on a man-tage.
    • The third is from "Slumber Party" when the Titans attacked Scary Teri during a pillow fight.
    • The fourth is from "Hot Garbage" when Beast Boy takes the others on a magic carpet ride in his room to learn about the wonders of trash.
    • The fifth and sixth are close ups of Starfire in "Mouth Hole" when she teaches Robin how to whistle and when she becomes entranced by his whistling after defeating the H.I.V.E. Five.
    • The seventh is from the fireworks Starfire unleashed to celebrate Second Christmas in "Second Christmas".
  • The same elevator music from "Caged Tiger" is played when the Titans take the elevator.
  • Cyborg's circuits are shown again.
  • The cop in the calender is the same one that chased after Ed and Robin in "Driver's Ed".
  • Raven is seen with her hood down again.
  • The image for September when the Titans are attacked by Painbot is an image from the episode "Little Buddies".
  • The Titans' elderly designs from "Super Robin" and "Salty Codgers" are seen again.


  • The "weird song nobody knows the word to" is in fact a traditional song sung at New Year's Eve called "Auld Lang Syne". It originated as a Scots poem written by Robert Burns in 1788.
  • When the Titans are practicing their singing in the bathroom, the wall has a picture of a singing bird on a branch with "The Darkling Thrush" signed by Thomas Hardy 1902 underneath. "The Darkling Thrush" was a poem published in 1900 and republished in 1903 that tells of a dreary landscape that is transformed into a bright one by a thrush's singing.
  • At the first countdown, Raven sings, "Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling," which is the opening line to the 1913 ballad, "Danny Boy" by Frederick Weatherly. The song is mostly associated with Irish communities, being used as an unofficial anthem or at funerals.
  • The ending scene resembles the future that the Terminator came from.


  • Painbot is shown attacking the Titans even though he is a little buddy.
  • Raven's ring switches hands when she tells Baby New Year to respect his elders.


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