"That's what happens to naughty children!"
— Mother Mae-Eye to the Titans.[1]

Evil Mother Mae-Eye
Mother Mae-Eye
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Teen Titans

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Mother Mae-Eye is a witch acting under the disguise of an innocent piemaker and the proprietor of Mother Mae-Eye's Pies.


Catering Cyborg's birthday party

Mother Mae-Eye walked past the Titans who were eating pies at her pie shop to deliver pies to her customers. When inquiring about her recipe, Mother Mae-Eye approached an old man who was left in a trance and floated after her into the bakery. The Titans soon returned to plan Cyborg's birthday party where they failed to notice Mother Mae-Eye hypnotizing her employee and leading him to the back room before placing a Help Wanted sign on the counter.

Beast Boy spotted the sign and soon earned a job at the pie shop where she supervised him. In the midst of Cyborg and Beast Boy's pie war, Mother Mae-Eye approached Robin, Raven, and Starfire and hypnotized them into following her into the bakery. After leaving them in her oven, she cackled maniacally and served Titan-like pies to Beast Boy and Cyborg. However, the Titans managed to escape and hog-tied Mother Mae-Eye while glaring at their two teammates.[2]

Grandma fight

Mother Mae-Eye faced the Titans outside of Justice Java for revenge. She spanked Beast Boy with her wooden spoon but fled once Cyborg began using his grandma voice to mock her. In order to smack some sense into Cyborg, the Titans let themselves get kidnapped by the witch's evil oven. Angered that her pies were called bad by the grandma persona, Mother Mae-Eye attacked the robotic Titan and smacked sense into him, restoring him to his usual self. She fled away, cackling at her victory until Cyborg blasted her with his sonic cannon.[1]

Teen Titans Go! comic book series

Mother Mae-Eye attended the Titans' "Party Party" until she was chased out by Robin.[3] After Cyborg became the CEO of ChirpFolio, he hired Mother Mae-Eye as the celebrity chef. Robin angrily reminded him that she baked them into her pies, but Mother Mae-Eye reassured him that she gave up her villainous ways when she was employed and offered him a Ham-hand croissant.[4]


Mother Mae-Eye acts under the disguise as a sweet and loving grandmother, and can be seen humming to herself. She is also very committed to her job, baking numerous pies and maintaining order in her pie shop. However, she is very sadistic and cannibalistic as she constantly hypnotized people and baked them into her pies. She also laughed maniacally when Robin, Raven, and Starfire were placed in the oven.


Mother Mae-Eye has a limited range of powers and abilities, but they are still used to dangerous extremes.

  • Pie baking: Mother Mae-Eye is said to be skilled in the art of baking pies as all of the Titans agreed that her pies are the best in Jump City. However, due to their limited knowledge on the ingredients applied into the pie, the Titans assumed that she made her pies out of love.
  • Hypnosis: Mother Mae-Eye's most dangerous skill is her ability to use an eye placed on her bonnet to hypnotize people. The eye entrances the viewer into following Mother Mae-Eye.


  • Wooden spoon: Mother Mae-Eye uses a wooden spoon enchanted with magic which is capable of performing spells and transforming into other objects to suit her need.


Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! comic book series


Nice Mother Mae-Eye
The Image Gallery for Mother Mae-Eye may be viewed here.


  • Mother Mae-Eye was the first villain from 2003's Teen Titans to appear on Teen Titans Go!. She was also the third nonspeaking villain to speak.
  • Her name is an obvious pun on the game, Mother May I?.
  • Her old lady disguise is very similar to her disguise in the original series.
    • Her true form, however, is much different.

Background in Teen Titans

Mother Mae-Eye debuted in season four's tenth episode, "Mother Mae-Eye", where she hypnotized the Teen Titans into believing that she had always been their mother. Eventually, during a battle with the H.I.V.E. Five, Starfire was hit on the head hard enough to remember the truth. After unsuccessfully convincing her friends, she treated them in a similar manner and Robin planned a way to return her to the pie from which she originated and sent to the H.I.V.E. While acting motherly to her enemies, Mother Mae-Eye fed on her victims' affections toward her and her personality and appearance would turn into a grotesque witch if her spell was broken.


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