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Mother Mae-Eye's Pie
Mother Mae-Eye's Pies
Physical information

Jump City, California, USA


Pie Shop

First appearance

"Pie Bros"

Mother Mae-Eye's Pies is a pie shop owned by Mother Mae-Eye located in Jump City. While disguised as a normal store, the bakery acts as an evil lair where Mother Mae-Eye cooks people into pies.


Beast Boy and Cyborg visited the pie shop alongside their friends in order to eat pies. While Robin and the others seem bewildered by the extreme amount of love that Beast Boy and Cyborg have for pies, they discuss the secret behind them. Raven reveals there's a rumor circulating that Mother Mae Eye uses people in her pies, but the Titans laugh at this accusation including Raven if you look carefully, unaware that the baker has taken away an elderly man behind their table. Cyborg switches the topic of discussion to that of his party which Starfire later reveals that she will be holding the party at the pie shop.

Upon their next visit, Starfire shares ideas for the party with Raven (Including pin the tail on the donkey with a scared donkey later). while Robin attempts to cheer Beast Boy up as he is disappointed that he cannot afford Cyborg's expensive present. During this exchange, Mother Mae Eye leads an employee to the bakery before placing a Help Wanted sign which Beast Boy spots. As such, Beast Boy gets a job there only to be ridiculed at by Cyborg. When Cyborg asks if Beast Boy was taking the day off for his birthday, Beast Boy declined due to needing more money, then they weren't friends anymore. Until...

During Cyborg's party, the robotic Titan purposely wrecks the store in order for Beast Boy to clean it up. This leads to a pie war between the two which the pie store is unaffected by due to pies being splattered on its wall and tables being overturned. Mother Mae Eye then hypnotizes the rest of the Titans and leaves them in her oven. The store is left in ruins as the Titans hog tie the evil baker and Beast Boy and Cyborg eat pies baked with the Titans' clothes.[1]

In order to have sense knocked into Cyborg's Grandma persona, the Titans allowed themselves to get captured and placed in oven on top of the pie shop and baited Cyborg to take a bus to the shop. Upon spotting the Titans, Cyborg declared the mess horrible which Mother Mae-Eye took as an insult to her pies, exiting the store in rage. The two participated in a grandma fight in front of the store until Mother Mae-Eye succeeded in knocking sense into Cyborg and separated him from his Grandma persona. Victorious, Mother Mae-Eye began hovering away from the pie shop, but was blasted out of the sky by Cyborg. At the top of the store, Robin, Starfire, and Raven had become frightened by Beast Boy's constant eating of the pie batter.[2]




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