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Mother Nature is a young fairy and the guardian of the wilderness. She initially oversaw the balance of nature, but following her encounters with Beast Boy, she transformed the wilderness to resemble a modern urban lifestyle.


After spending three weeks in the forest to reconnect with his wild side and regain his shapeshifting abilities, Beast Boy chased after a rabbit which led him to Mother Nature. He confided in her about his growing craziness and attempted eating of the rabbit. When asked about the bunny's whereabouts, Mother Nature showed him that a wolf was currently consuming him. Beast Boy, shocked, noted that Robin was right about her being a terrible mother and she grabbed a passing robin, demanding to know what he had said about her. Beast Boy explained it wasn't that robin and wondered how she could let her animals live in horrible conditions. Mother Nature responded that she was a firm believer in survival of the fittest and could not intervene in the circle of life. Beast Boy, however, responded that she didn't need circles if she could have a taco, entrancing Mother Nature.

Beast Boy and Mother Nature in a nature city

Mother Nature readily agreed to change nature for the better under the guidance of Beast Boy.

He took her to a clearing and convinced her to replace the forest with a lifestyle resembling that of a modern city. Afterwords, Mother Nature thanked Beast Boy for starting the change and hugged him. Due to him reconnecting with Mother Nature, Beast Boy regained his powers and took the form of a butterfly. Mother Nature, along with the rest of the Titans, was shocked when Robin ate the butterfly-transformed Beast Boy with the belief that butterflies contained pure protein.[1]


Mother Nature originally oversaw the balance of nature and remained a firm believer of survival of the fittest and the concept of the circle of life, allowing the strong to prey over the weak. However, she was shown to lose her temper easily, growing angry with Beast Boy as he chastised her methods and even yelling furiously at a robin who she believed had spoken negative things about her, characterized by her head growing in size. Despite being a fixed believer in her philosophy, she had her mind changed effortlessly by Beast Boy once he mentioned tacos yet she was still slightly unsure of going through with his plan. Eventually, she delightedly changed nature to fit Beast Boy's preference and remarked that he was correct about the change.

Physical appearance

Mother Nature

Mother Nature.

Mother Nature appeared in the form of a young girl with forest green eyes, elf-shaped ears, and auburn hair braided into the shape of leaves parted on either side of her head. Around her head, she wore a tiara of leaves with a yellow flower as the centerpiece. She wore an orange blouse with a daisy on the neckline and a grass skirt which grew a darker shade of green near the trim. Behind her back, she sprouted four green, leaf-shaped wings.


Mother Nature showing off her powers

Mother Nature used her magic to transform the Forest.

As the spirit and guardian of nature, Mother Nature held several abilities in order to preserve the circle of life and guard nature.

  • Animal communication: Mother Nature was able to communicate with the animals of the Forest.
  • Levitation: Mother Nature was able to travel by floating in the air.
  • Nature magic: Using her control over nature, Mother Nature replaced the forest to resemble an urban city by zapping trees out of existence and replacing them with mushroom houses and large scale buildings made out of trees.


Teen Titans Go!


  • Mother Nature is the third person to be nicknamed "Mama" after Raven and Starfire.


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