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"Mr. Butt/Transcript"
Season 2, Episode 1
Mr. Butt title card
Production code: 201a
Airdate: June 12, 2014
Director: Luke Cormican
Writer: John Loy
"Puppets, Whaaaaat?"
"Man Person"
This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Mr. Butt" from season 2, which aired on June 12, 2014.
Starfire (featured)
Beast Boy
Galactic Robot
Window Wiper
Titans Tower
Jump City
Plot Point
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[The episode opens outside Titans Tower where Starfire is gardening the flowers.]
Starfire: [Singing.] Flowers, the flowers, grow in the ground. [Waters flowers.] Give them water or they will die. [A galactic robot smashes onto the flowers.] Huh? [Blackfire is kicking two other galactic robots aside.] Blackfire?!
Blackfire: Hey, little sister. [Begins to float toward her, but approaching galactic robots begin shooting lasers.] Cover my flank!
Starfire: Of course! [Starfire flies next to Blackfire and the two dodge and strike galactic robots.] What are you doing here?
Blackfire: I came to see you, sweetie.

Starfire: [Throwing a galactic robot onto others.] But you never visit. I thought you did not like me.

Blackfire: [Destroys a galactic robot.] Oh, honey! Where'd you get that idea?

Starfire: [Shooting starbolts.] You never answer my calls.

Blackfire: [Shooting eyebeams.] Got a new number.

Starfire: [Ripping a galactic robot apart.] When I was five, you stole my favorite dolly.

Blackfire: [Jamming her hands into a galactic robot.] Just so I can have something that reminded me of you.

[Blackfire and Starfire criss-cross eyebeams, destroying the rest of the galactic robots.]

Starfire: So, you really came back here just for me? There is no other reason?

Blackfire: I just had to see my baby sister.

Starfire: [Hugs Blackfire.] Ooh! Then we can begin the closeness.

Blackfire: [Smirks briefly.] Okay, enough hugging.

[Raven is reading a book, Robin is sleeping, and Beast Boy and Cyborg are playing rock-paper-scissors when the elevator opens.]

Starfire: Wonderful friends, look who has paid us the surprise visit!

Cyborg: [As the Titans turn to look.] I love surprise visits.

[Starfire floats to the side, revealing Blackfire.]

Blackfire: Hey, everybody.

Cyborg: Except for that one.

Raven: [Becomes demonic.] Her.

Beast Boy: Ew. Blegh.

Starfire: Yes! The her, herself.

Blackfire: Hey, Robin, you miss me?

Robin: Uh, no, because you are evil and I'm only attracted to niceness and sweetness and innocent things like a puppy with ears too big for its head. Star, can I talk to you for a minute. [Shoots grappling hook and grabs her arm, transporting the two of them into the kitchen.]

Starfire: Can you believe Blackfire has come to see me?! Is that not wonderful?

Robin: Every time you let her into your life, she crushes you.

Starfire: But, I do not think this time -

Robin: No! She is one of the most wanted criminals in the galaxies, Star!

Cyborg: Mmmhmm. Girl, that girl is bad girl news, girl.

Raven: She's up to something.

Beast Boy: And ugh, blegh.

Starfire: STOP IT! [Slams Beast Boy, Raven, Robin, and Cyborg into a wall.] All I have ever wished for is to have this sister relationship. [Background changes.] And Blackfire knows if she lets me down again, it will break my heart. [A heart oozes something black down like a waterfall, then a river is formed.] And darkness will ooze from it, contaminating the river of my soul. [She becomes enraged.] Then filled with the poison I will rain death and destruction upon all the creatures of the universe! [Back to the kitchen, where the four Titans are frightened of the story.] Starting with—

Blackfire: Hey, sis. Let's dye your hair so we can be twinsies.

Starfire: Ooh, I always wanted to be the twinsies. [Giggles.] Sister fun time!

[A montage begins, and includes Blackfire and Starfire painting their nails, dancing, brushing each other's hair, and finally, Blackfire dyes Starfire's hair to look like her.]

Blackfire: You look great, sweetie. But it's really missing something.

Starfire: What is it that is missing?

Blackfire: I know.

[Blackfire changes Starfire's clothes, censoring her nudity, then puts her clothes on Starfire to look exactly like her.]

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