"And now for my final trick, watch me disappear!"
— Mumbo Jumbo breaking the fourth wall.[1]

Mumbo Jumbo
Biographical information

Human (magically altered)

Physical description


Hair color


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Relationship information

Raven, Jump City Police Department

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Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Real Magic"

Voiced by

Tom Kenny

Mumbo is a villain who utilizes his magical abilities to commit various crimes around Jump City.


Robbing Yum Yum Kitty Diner

Mumbo was in the middle of robbing Yum Yum Kitty Diner when the Teen Titans entered the establishment. A JCPD officer attempted to apprehend him, but Mumbo transformed his gun into a bird and used magic to steal money from the cash register. The Titans, excluding Raven, were enamored by the performance and failed to realize that the magician was attempting an escape. Raven, however, punched him into a portal that transported the villain into a cell at the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility next to Jinx and Doctor Light.[1]


As a magician, Mumbo delights in trickery and enjoys messing with people as shown when he used his abilities to terrorize citizens at Yum Yum Kitty Diner. He also has a charismatic side to him as his abilities mesmerized the Titans. He also knows when to combat or flee as shown when he attempted to escape from the distracted Titans.[1]

Physical appearance

Mumbo is a tall, lanky man with blue skin and snow white hair. His clothes are based off a magician's as he wears a penguin tuxedo with a yellow flower pinned onto the right side of his chest. A magenta cape is donned around his neck with a top hat perched on top of his head.


  • Magic: As a magician, Mumbo exhibits incredible skills in magic. He was able to use his abilities to rob Yum Yum Kitty Diner and transform a police officer's gun into a bird.


  • Magic Wand: As the source of his powers, Mumbo heavily relies on this weapon to perform tricks
  • Magic Hat: A lot of the time he uses his hat to: make smoke appear, teleport anything small like money or make anything disapper.


Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! comics


  • Mumbo was advertised to perform at the club, The Casino on Wednesday.[2]
  • Mumbo broke the fourth wall by telling the audience to watch him disappear.
  • Mumbo was the seventeenth villain from the 2003 TV Series Teen Titans to appear in the show.


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