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"I need to get my animal instincts back by reconnecting with Mother Nature."
Beast Boy.

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Original air date

7 August 2014

Running Time

10:51 (minutes)


2.119 (million)

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Produced by
Written by

Merrill Hagan

Directed by

Peter Rida Michail

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Teen Titans Go! "Nature" Preview Clip

"Nature" is the seventh episode in Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the fifty-ninth episode overall. It first aired on 7 August 2014 on Cartoon Network.


When Beast Boy loses his ability to change into animals, he realizes that he has lost touch with his wild side. He goes to the forest to reconnect with his inner beast, but Mother Nature isn't as great as he had hoped.[1]


A robotic alien is rampaging in the streets of Jump City. On a nearby building, the Teen Titans survey the attack before Robin instructs Starfire and Raven to attack from the left while he and Cyborg attack from the right. He tells Beast Boy to transform into a pterodactyl and charge at the alien. The Titans take off, and Beast Boy jumps into the air, still in his human form. He lands on the streets and questions why he didn't transform into a pterodactyl. Cyborg urges Beast Boy to hurry and he decides to transform into a cheetah, but is unable to do so. Raven asks if there's something wrong with his powers, but Beast Boy denies. Robin tells him to transform into a rhino to knock the monster off balance. Beast Boy, still in his human form, pretends he's a rhino and charges at the alien, but is knocked back. He crashes into a utility pole which snaps and lands on the alien, electrocuting it. The other Titans land beside the monster’s body while Beast Boy happily dances on top of it.

Fancy Beast Boy eating dinner

The comforts of modern life have stripped Beast Boy of his powers.

As the Titans reenter Titans Tower, Robin confronts Beast Boy about the loss of his powers. Beast Boy continues to deny it and agrees to talk about it only after they've eaten a vegan Portobello pizza he prepared. The Titans sit down to eat with Beast Boy aligning their glasses and silverware formally. Cyborg reaches out to grab a slice of pizza, but Beast Boy berates him for using his hands and instructs him to use a serving fork instead. When Starfire eats with her mouth open, Beast Boy scolds her as well. After Robin uses his gloves to wipe his mouth, Beast Boy tells him to use a napkin and, afterwards, begins slicing the pizza with a fork. Beast Boy's actions has Raven question the moment when Beast Boy became more civilized than the rest of the Titans. Robin realizes that the comforts of modern life caused Beast Boy to lose his powers because it stripped him of his animal instinct. Beast Boy notices the fancy dining setting and agrees with Robin's theory. He deduces that the only way to regain his animal instinct is to reconnect with Mother Nature. Robin warns Beast Boy about the perils of nature, but Beast Boy rips off his clothes and exclaims he has to run free. As he leaves, the other Titans dig in and messily eat the rest of the Portobello pizza.

Hurt by nature

Beast Boy journeys to the forest to reconnect with his animal instincts, but discovers nature isn't all that great.

Beast Boy climbs up a hill and overlooks the forest. He bounds across a grassy field, sniffs a flower, and drinks water from a river. He compliments the beautiful aspects of nature such as the sun, fresh air, and clean water. However, he notices the water is hairy and spits it out, spotting a bear in the water. A bug appears on Beast Boy's ear and he greets it, but it begins to crawl into his ear and out the other until Beast Boy pulls it out through his mouth. He spots a snake and greets it as well, but the snake attacks Beast Boy's eye, leaving it swollen. Beast Boy attempts to survive in the forest but the harsh conditions make it unsuitable for a fire, is constantly chased by animals, and is struck by lightning multiple times.

Three weeks later, the Titans are in the forest looking for Beast Boy. Robin recalls warning Beast Boy about going off into the forest and repeats his warning to the other Titans. He claims that they'll have to do whatever it takes to survive until they find Beast Boy and eats a butterfly. Cyborg questions his action, but Robin explains that the butterfly is pure protein and elaborates that they never know when their last meal could be. Raven reminds him that he recently finished eating a sandwich as Robin eats another butterfly. Cyborg and Starfire beg Robin to stop as he continues to consume more butterflies.

Feral Robin frightens Titans

Robin, turned crazy because of the forest, scares Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven as they look for Beast Boy.

Elsewhere, Beast Boy complains about the harsh conditions of nature, citing that he's cold and hungry. A bunny hops into view and Beast Boy wonders how it could survive before noticing its meat. He chases after the bunny, determined to eat it until he runs into a fairy holding the bunny. She introduces herself as Mother Nature. Meanwhile, the Titans, save Robin, are huddled around a campfire when Robin, wearing torn pants and no shirt, jumps into a spot beside them, scaring them. He reveals that he spotted tracks belonging to Beast Boy before eating another butterfly and offering them water. The Titans drink from his canteen when Cyborg questions the source of the water. Robin reveals he obtained it from the lake which is green and polluted with dead and live animals. The Titans spit out their water and Robin reminds them that they have to do whatever it takes to survive.

Beast Boy, now fully clothed, explains that the forest is making him crazy enough to eat an adorable bunny. He looks around for the animal and asks Mother Nature where it is. She points at a location where a wolf is consuming the bunny. Beast Boy tells Mother Nature that Robin was right when he called her the worst mother ever. She grabs a nearby robin and yells at it, demanding to know what else it said about her. Beast Boy explains that it wasn't that robin and questions why Mother Nature lets her animals live in harsh conditions. She explains that she's a firm believer in survival of the fittest and that she can't prevent anything because of the circle of life. Beast Boy claims that she doesn't need circles if she has taco stands and that he knows exactly what the forest needs before leading her away.

Back at the campfire, Robin tracks Beast Boy and scares the Titans once more by providing his findings. He tells the Titans to follow him and leads Cyborg and Starfire off deeper into the forest. Raven summons a bucket of water to douse the campfire and follows after her teammates. Robin theorizes that Beast Boy regained his animal instincts but got cocky and challenged a king deer to become Emperor of the Forest. Starfire wonders about Beast Boy's current whereabouts and Robin points at the skeletal remains of a deer as his evidence. Robin, Cyborg and Starfire begin crying over their fallen teammate while Raven tries to inform them that it isn't Beast Boy. When they continue to mourn, Raven says that she's ready to go back to the tower.

Beast Boy and Mother Nature in a nature city

Beast Boy has Mother Nature modernize nature to improve it.

Elsewhere, Mother Nature shares her doubts with Beast Boy's plan to improve the forest. Beast Boy reassures her and instructs her to get rid of some trees and replace them with buildings and homes, modernizing the forest. Beast Boy reminds her about the taco stand and Mother Nature creates one which is managed by a bear. After they finish modernizing nature, Beast Boy tells her to look at how it improved the animals' lives as no one's eating anyone, everyone's got a house and a good paying job. Mother Nature agrees with Beast Boy and hugs him, allowing him to transform into a bunny. Beast Boy realizes that when he hugged Mother Nature, he literally reconnected with Mother Nature and transforms into a bat, a bird, a koala, and a butterfly to celebrate. However, Robin grabs Beast Boy and stuffs him into his mouth, stunning the Titans and Mother Nature.


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Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Mother Nature  
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • This is the second episode to be watched by more than two million viewers in its initial airdate, after "Pirates".
  • Seventeenth episode with a one word title ("Ghostboy", "Gorilla", "Parasite", "Starliar", "Terra-ized", "Matched", "Books", "Sidekick", "Legs", "Waffles", "Opposites", "Birds", "Missing", "Dreams", "Pirates", "Brian").
  • Running Gags: Robin eating butterflies.
  • Deaths: Beast Boy is eaten by Robin because he mistakes him for a butterfly.
  • Food Content: Beast Boy eats some pizza in a fancy way, and later opens a taco stand. Robin eats butterflies under the notion that they contain pure protein.
    • This is actually a bad idea IRL since many butterflies are poisonous.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Puppets, Whaaaaat?".


  • Second episode where Beast Boy loses his powers ("Brian").
  • The style of Beast Boy's hair is gelled down with one strand sticking straight up ("Girl's Night Out", "Matched").
  • The monster that the Titans fought was previously seen in "Colors of Raven".
  • Beast Boy dies for the second time ("Ghostboy").



  • Beast Boy's clothes inexplicably appear on him once he meets Mother Nature despite living for three weeks in the forest with only his underwear.
  • A wolf can be seen eating the bunny in the forest. However, there are no wild wolves in California.
  • Beast Boy eats a taco at a taco stand after Mother Nature makes one for him despite him being a vegetarian.


Nature title card
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