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Lehcar Htor


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Boy Beast, Erifrats, Grobyc, Nibor




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"Robin Backwards" (only appearance)

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Tara Strong

Nevar is a superhero from Bizarro World and a member of the Bizarro Titans. She is the opposite of Raven.


Nevar performing the wall crawl

Nevar performed the wall crawl on the floor.

Because of Nibor's inability to train the Bizarro Titans effectively, Nevar and the rest of the team elected to kick him out of the team. After Nibor ended up being elected leader of the Teen Titans, Robin traveled to Bizarro World and met the Bizarro Titans, including Nevar. He described Nevar as the opposite of Raven and listed her great attitude, smile, and choice of spring fashion trends as key differences. When questioned for kicking Nibor out of the team, Nevar told Robin that they needed structure, and agreed to appoint Robin team leader after he introduced him to The Rules of Robin, a rule book he created. Nevar partook in the subsequent training by performing the wall crawl on the ground. However, she grew annoyed when Robin told her that she was doing amazing as the Bizarro Speak caused her to misinterpret his compliment as an insult.

Titans and Bizarro Titans fight over Robin

Nevar accompanied the Bizarro Titans to return Robin to the Teen Titans and get back Nibor.

After the training, Nevar and the rest of the Bizarro Titans sat around the kitchen table where she continued to grow annoyed by Robin's compliments. Nevar wondered how they could get rid of him and participated in Erifrats's plan to return him to the real world. Once there, Robin boasted to his former teammates on how much the Bizarro Titans said they'd love him, but was reminded by Raven that they spoke backwards. Nevar used her soul-self to push Robin toward the Teen Titans and demanded Nibor to be returned. The teams fought over who got to keep Robin, but Nibor eventually chose to rejoin the Bizarro Titans and called the T-Plane to transport the Bizarro Titans back to Bizarro World.[1]


Nevar statistics

Never described by Robin.

As mentioned by Robin, Nevar is the complete opposite of Raven. She is described as having a great attitude, smiles a lot (although in an unnerving manner), and wears spring fashion trends. Nevar believes that the Bizarro Titans should have structure and be active, even resorting as far as kicking Nibor out of the team, because of his laziness. However, she is shown to be annoyed easily and frowned at Robin despite her generally good attitude.


Nevar is physically capable of performing a wall crawl in near-perfect form. She also possesses the ability to levitate and use her soul-self to construct a hand that forcefully pushed Robin toward the Teen Titans.


Teen Titans Go!


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