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New Teen Titans
General information


Production information



Cartoon Network

Original run

November 11, 2011 - 2013



Preceded by

Teen Titans

Followed by

Teen Titans Go!

New Teen Titans were a series of animated shorts that centered around the misadventures of the Teen Titans airing as part of the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network until its replacement by Teen Titans Go!.


New teen titans

The Teen Titans

New Teen Titans follows the same animation style as Teen Titans, but with an exaggarated chibi-style format. Each short ranges from one minute to two and follow the Titans's misadventures when they're fighting crime.


  • 1. Burp
  • 2. Utility Player
  • 3. Stream of Consciences
  • 4. Turn Back the Clock
  • 5. Blackfire's Babysitter
  • 6. Cyborg the Lifeguard
  • 7. Taped Before a Live Studio Audience
  • 8. Red X Unmasked
  • 9. Gamma Rays and You
  • 10. Titans in Love
  • 11. Titanimal Kingdom
  • 12. Kidz Korner 4 Kidz
  • 13. Groundhog Minute
  • 14. Apprentice (Part III)
  • 15. Bad Dad
  • 16. Lightning Round
  • 17. Mayhem at First Sight
  • 18. 3D titans

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