"Nose Mouth/Transcript"
Season 1, Episode 36
Nose Mouth title card
Production code: 118b
Airdate: January 8, 2013
Director: Scott O'Brien
Writer: Tom Pugsley
"Second Christmas"
This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Nose Mouth" from season 1, which aired on January 8, 2013.
Raven (featured)
Beast Boy
Control Freak
Killer Croc
Kyd Wykkyd
Titans Tower
Plot Point
Raven's spell
Pretty Pretty Pegasus
This transcript is incomplete.


The episode opens to show Robin putting on a glove, boot, and his mask. He walks down the street and hears a shriek from Starfire who is surrounded by Control Freak, Kyd Wykkyd, Killer Croc, and Plasmus. Robin tears off his shirt to reveal a muscular body and punches Plasmus, knocks Kyd Wykkyd into the sky, inflates Killer Croc into popping, and sending Control Freak flying with a flick on his nose. The fantasy ends to show Robin sleeping in bed.
Robin So fresh.
Robin leaps out of bed, still asleep. He pulls out his staff and swings it twice.
Robin Fresh...
Robin sleepwalks out into the hall, runs into the wall, and hits it with his staff.
Robin So fresh...
Robin stumbles into Cyborg's room. Cyborg is asleep on his bed, with a Teddy Bear in his arm. Robin's staff pokes his nose, waking him up just in time to see Robin ready to crack him with his staff.
Cyborg D-d-- what?!
Robin starts repeatedly whacking Cyborg with his staff.
Cyborg Ow! Ow! No! Ow! Sleep-fighting! Again!
Robin kicks Cyborg into the door.
Robin So fresh...
Robin jumps out of the room. In Beast Boy's room, Robin starts whacking a lump that appears to be Beast Boy in Beast Boy's box-bed. The camera pans up, revealing Beast Boy is perched on top of his scratching post.
Beast Boy Heh heh heh. Ready for you tonight.
Beast Boy turns into a kitten, and falls asleep on top of the post. Robin jabs his staff into the box, then flings it into the air.
Robin Fresh.
The box lands on Beast Boy, who yowls.
Robin Freeeeeeesh!
Robin hits the post with his staff, cracking it, then sleepwalks out. The post falls to the floor, causing Beast Boy to crash to the floor as well. Beast Boy looks annoyed. In Starfire's room, Robin is repeatedly whacking the annoyed-looking Starfire.
Robin Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! Fresh!
Raven is having a dream, where she's riding Butterbean through a candy world. Sparkleface comes up behind her.
Raven Aww, hey Sparkleface. Wanna race Butterbean to the Gingerbread Jungle? Woo-hoo!
Robin suddenly leaps in, taking out Sparkleface. Robin pounds Sparkleface repeatedly, to Raven's shock.
Robin Fresh!
Raven suddenly wakes up, and sees Robin beating up her Sparkleface toy.
Robin Gah! Fresh! Gah!
Robin suddenly stops, yawns and stretches, then walks off.
Robin Fresh...
Raven So annoying!
Raven pulls the Sparkleface toy back to her, then covers herself with her blanket. Robin suddenly returns and hits her with his staff.
Robin Fresh!
Robin walks off again, while Raven's demonic eyes glare out from under the blanket. The next morning, Robin heads for the refrigerator, whistling, and grabs a carton of milk.
Robin Hey! Morning, Titans!
The other Titans look terrible due to sleep deprivation.
Robin How'd everybody sleep?
Cyborg We didn't, thanks to you!
Starfire You were doing the sleep-fighting again last night, Robin.
Raven And I was in the middle of a good dream.
Raven pets her Pretty Pretty Pegasus toys. Starfire reaches for them, but Raven pulls them away. Beast Boy grabs Robin.
Beast Boy It's gotta stop, bro! It's a problem!
Robin I'm a problem? You guys snore like crazy! Every night I have to listen to--
An imagine spot shows Beast Boy asleep in a bed like Garfield. He turns into a bug and is covered by a rug.
Robin [mock Beast Boy's voice] Snug as a bug in a rug, dude. [normal voice] And then you're all--
The imagine spot shifts to Cyborg, who shuts down and lays on his upright table
Robin [mock Cyborg voice] Oh, I'm powering down! [snore] BOO-YAH. And no one's worse than you, Star!
The imagine spot shifts to Starfire, who lays in bed, her mouth opening wide with a huge snore. Back in reality, Robin is making the snore noise. The other Titans look annoyed
Robin Okay. So maybe the sleep fighting's a problem.
Starfire I believe this calls for the use of the demon sorcery, Raven.
Raven Dark magic isn't supposed to be used for stupid things.
Beast Boy But what's the use of having powers if you don't use them for stupid things?
Raven [shoves her coffee cup into Beast Boy's chest] Dark magic tends to get out of hand if not treated with respect. There could be unintended consequences.
Cyborg "Unintended consequences"? Pfft. You just say that so we don't always ask you for stuff.
Raven's eyes glow demonically, causing the coffee to shoot upwards out of the cup. She eventually calms.
Raven Fine. Just don't say I didn't warn you.
The coffee lands back in the cup. Raven floats away, then turns back around, her eyes glowing demonically again. Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy quickly step away from Robin.
Raven Azerath... Metrion... Zinthos!
Two dark hands shoot out from Raven, and push themselves into Robin's body. Nothing seems to happen, and Robin pats himself.
Raven Guess we'll know if it worked in the morning.
A card displays "The Next Day." Cyborg is sleeping in his room, uninterrupted. His metal blinds slide open, revealing the sun. He awakes with a bright smile.

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