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"Then we save the boys, get them home safe and make fun of them for getting captured and being stupid."
"That is a plan with very much of the charm, but we are only two. We need the team."
"I've got a few people in mind.
Raven and Starfire.

Girls Night team
"Operation Dude Rescue: Part One"




Original air date

26 May 2016

Running Time

10:47 (minutes)


1.356 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Ben Gruber

Directed by

Noel Belknap

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"Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes"


"Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two"

Teen Titans Go! - Operation Dude Rescue Part 1 (Preview)02:07

Teen Titans Go! - Operation Dude Rescue Part 1 (Preview)

"Operation Dude Rescue: Part One" is the thirty-fifth episode of Season 3 of Teen Titans Go! and the one hundred and thirty-ninth episode overall. It first aired on 30 May 2016 on Cartoon Network alongside "Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two".


When the male Titans are captured, it's up to Starfire and Raven to rescue them but they're going to need some extra girl power.[1]



Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg act chivalrous to Raven and Starfire, annoying them.

Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin are getting dressed in fancy clothes, awaiting the arrival of Raven and Starfire. They greet them courteously when they enter, confusing them. Beast Boy warns them about a moist spot on the floor and places his jacket over it while Cyborg and Robin reveal that it is a pee stain. Disgusted, the girls fly over the stain to the sliding door, but notice that it is blocked by a wooden door. Robin explains that they had it installed so that they can open the door for them. Once they pass, however, Beast Boy opens another door and they notice two more doors. Raven has the doors vanish and leads Starfire to the fridge, opening it. The guys gasp and Cyborg quickly offers his coat. Raven and Starfire protest, but they are piled underneath the guys' coats. Raven teleports herself and Starfire to the living room, but they are followed by the guys and she demands an explanation. The guys reveal that is called chivalry which Raven bluntly says is dead. Robin argues that it will never die because being a gentleman will never go out of style. Beast Boy says he's gentle and pulls out a cat to pet it to prove how gentle he is which Robin and Cyborg also pet. Raven says chivalry is creeping her out when the alarm blares.

Robin reveals that the Brain is up to something and he, Beast Boy and Cyborg sit Raven and Starfire down as they intend to be gentlemen and handle the threat by themselves. Raven protests that they should treat them like equals, but Beast Boy wraps her in a coat and the guys fly to the Brain's lair. As soon as they arrive, however, they are defeated by the Brain's soldiers and imprisoned. The Brain questions why they left behind Raven and Starfire as they are more powerful and have more sense than them, but Beast Boy laughs and claims the Brain doesn't understand chivalry. The Brain advises them to get comfortable as they will be there for a long time.

At Titans Tower, Raven and Starfire are playing on handheld game systems when Robin calls Starfire on her communicator, apologizing for not returning yet. Beast Boy reveals that they got captured, and Cyborg advises them not to worry while Robin claims they'll be back by dinner. Starfire asks if chivalry entails that they get captured and rescued by the ladies. Raven devises a plan to rescue them, claiming they need to enter the Brain's fortress, disable his security cameras, take out of his robot guard, break through a giant metal door, and rescue the guys before making fun of them for getting captured and being stupid. Starfire approves of the plan but notes that they will need a team and Raven says she has a few people in mind.

At the Brain's fortress, Robin informs Beast Boy and Cyborg that he has a perfect plan and takes out a lock pick. Cyborg is shocked that he snuck in a lock pick and opens a plate on his chest to reveal a computer. Beast Boy asks if he plans to remote hack the security systems, but Robin takes the lock pick and Cyborg's computer and throws them into the cell bars, vaporizing them. He explains that they'll do nothing and sit in the cell until they get old as no one likes old people and will be released. Their old selves will find a time machine and travel back in time to release them. Cyborg and Beast Boy approve of the plan and Robin advises them to sit as they have a lot of waiting to do.

Raven and Starfire travel to the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility where Jinx is standing in her cell. She asks if they're gonna have another girls' night out and says she was thinking about drink milkshakes and laughing until the milkshakes come out of their noses. Raven says they were thinking about something crazier and tells Jinx they'll get milkshakes if there's time after and she agrees. Starfire destroys Jinx's cell and restraints and asks about the bucket in her cell. She decides to show them and reveal that is filled with confetti.

Underneath a bridge, Ravager is throwing her knives at several lights when she is approached by Raven, Starfire, and Jinx. Raven sarcastically insults her and Ravager admits that she missed her. Raven says they need her help, but Ravager claims she's not big on helping others. Starfire claims they'll get milkshakes afterwards and Ravager reluctantly agrees, but refuses a group hug.

The four travel to the Trash Hole where Terra attacks them with a boulder. Raven shatters the boulder and blocks her next attack with a shield. She explains that they need her help, but Terra refuses as she was the one who imprisoned her. Raven says they'll let her out of the trash hole, but she continues to refuse. As they leave, Terra admits that they called her bluff but whispers to herself that she'll have her revenge. Raven and Starfire note that she said revenge and rubbed her hands evilly, but Terra claims she was just cold.

Girls Night Out 4

Raven and Starfire assemble a team composed of Jinx, Ravager and Terra to rescue the guys.

At the Brain's fortress, Cyborg asks about the whereabouts for the time machine when it suddenly appears next to the cell. Elderly versions of Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg exit and apologize for being late as Beast Boy had to keep stopping for bathroom breaks. Robin tells them to push the button, but Older Robin uses GPS to find the button. Older Beast Boy and Cyborg fall asleep and Older Robin, unable to see clearly, tries to decide which button to press. He accidentally presses the alarm button and the three are trapped with their younger selves. Outside the fortress, Raven has Jinx, Ravager and Terra charge, but Starfire suggests that they can pause to build suspense. Jinx, Ravager and Terra talk among themselves and Raven agrees to Starfire's suggestion.


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Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
The Brain
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Pamela Adlon Rose
Ashley Johnson Terra
Lauren Tom Jinx
Non-speaking roles
Brain's soldiers
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut




  • This episode marks the third time the Brain captures Robin and Beast Boy ("Brian" and "40%, 40%, 20%") and the second time he's captured Cyborg ("Brian").
  • Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg's old selves from "Super Robin", "Salty Codgers" and "More of the Same" are seen again.
  • Raven and Starfire break Jinx out of her cell in the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility as they did in "Girl's Night Out". Jinx references the time they did so when she asks if they're going to have another crazy night.
  • Raven and Ravager say they miss each other, alluding to the time they spent together during "Cool School".
  • Terra is imprisoned in the Trash Hole after having been left there in "Rocks and Water".


  • One of the jackets Cyborg holds up is Goose's jacket from the movie Top Gun.


  • Despite being in the Trash Hole, Terra was shown in the mall with Jinx during "Accept the Next Proposition You Hear". It is possible, however, that that episode takes place after this one.


Operation Dude Rescue Part One title card
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