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"Operation Dude Rescue: Part One"




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26 May 2016

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"Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes"


"Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two"

This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Operation Dude Rescue: Part One" from season 3, which first aired on 26 May 2016.
Beast Boy
Titans Tower
Brain's fortress
Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility
Trash Hole
Plot Point
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[At night, Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg finish getting ready on the couch. Robin sprays his mouth with perfume and turns around on the couch.]
Robin: Ooh, here they come.
[Beast Boy, Cyborg and Robin stand as Raven and Starfire fly past them.]
Cyborg: Good day, ladies.
Beast Boy: My, my, my, you are looking lovely.
Starfire: Um, thank you.
Raven: Uh, okay.
[Raven and Starfire fly towards the kitchen.]
Beast Boy: Careful, mamas. [Stands in front of a wet spot.] There's a moist spot on the floor and I don't want you to step in it.
Raven: A moist spot?
Beast Boy: I perhaps have over hydrated myself, miladies. [Slurps tea.]
Cyborg: He pee-peed himself and upon the floor.
Robin: Indubitably.
Raven: Ew!
Beast Boy: [Places his jacket over the moist spot.]
Raven: Gross!
[Raven and Starfire approach the kitchen door, but Robin blocks their way.]
Robin: Please, allow me.
Starfire: This door was not here before.
Robin: We just had it installed so we would have something to open for you l-l-ladies. After - [rattles doorknob until it opens] After you.
[Raven and Starfire cross through the door only to see Beast Boy opening another door for them.]
Beast Boy: Miladies.
[Raven and Starfire see Cyborg and Robin opening two more doors.]
Cyborg: Ladies.
Robin: Ladies.
[Raven snaps her fingers, causing the doors to vanish. She opens the refrigerator and she and Starfire are engulfed with cool air. Cyborg, Robin and Beast Boy gasp.]
Cyborg: [Closes the refrigerator] You must be cold.
Raven: I'm fine.
Cyborg: [Pushes the girls away from the refrigerator] Nonsense. [Wraps his coat around Raven and Starfire.] Here, take my coat.
Starfire: But, we are not the cold.
Beast Boy: Are you cold, mama? Heres, take my coat. [Wraps his wet coat around Raven and Starfire.]
Raven: We don't want your coats!
Cyborg: Here, take my other coat. [Wraps a coat around them.]
Beast Boy: [Throws a coat on Raven and Starfire.] Take my spare coat.
Raven: Get away from us!
Beast Boy: [Throwing flannel.] Take my flannel.
Cyborg: [Throwing windbeaker.] Take my windbreaker.
Beast Boy: [Throwing pea coat.] Pea coat.
Cyborg: [Throwing leather jacket.] Leather jacket.
Beast Boy: [Placing raincoat.] Raincoat.
Cyborg: [Placing blazer.] Blazer.
Beast Boy: [Throwing denim jacket.] Denim. [Throwing parka.] Parka.
Cyborg: [Holding up bomber jacket and cloak.] Llama. Cloak.
Beast Boy: [Throwing a poncho.] Poncho.
Cyborg: [Places a jean jacket.] Jean.
[Cyborg and Beast Boy start fighting.]
Beast Boy: No, mine. It's warmer.
Cyborg: No, my coat, I say.
Robin: Allow me. [Throws rest of the coats onto the pile and tosses a coat rack as well.]
Raven: Enough. [Transfers the coats onto Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy and teleports herself and Starfire into the living room. Beast Boy, Robin and Cyborg enter afterwards.] Why are you acting like this?
Starfire: Perhaps they are infected with the worms that eat the brains, causing behaviors of great strangeness.
Raven: Is that it? You guys got brain worms giving you strange behaviors.
Cyborg: There are no brain worms in us, milady.
Beast Boy: Well, I do actually have worms in me, but not in my brains.
Robin: This "strange behavior" is called -
Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy: Chivalry!
Beast Boy: Chivalry is where dudes be gentlemens and do things for ladies. Like give you our coats and open doors.
Raven: Chivalry is dead.
Cyborg: Terrible news.
Beast Boy: My condolences. [Takes off coat.] Here, take another coat.
Raven: [Hits Beast Boy with a hammer from her soul-self.]
Robin: Chivalry will never die. Because being a gentleman never goes out of style.
Beast Boy: Yeah, checks me out. I'm such a gentleman. [Takes out a cat and pets it.] So gentle.
Cyborg: [Takes cat.] Well I'm a gentler man. You feel me, little buddy? Of course you don't. I'm gentle.
Robin: You call that gentle? [Hits the cat out of Cyborg's hands with his staff.] I'm the gentlest man. [Rubs cat around his body.] My entire body is a [inhales] butterfly kiss.
Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy: Gentle.
Raven: Ew! This whole chivalry thing is creeping me out.
[The alarm stars blaring.]
Robin: [Throws cat.] Crime alert. [He, Beast Boy and Cyborg look at the screen.] It's the Brain, and he's up to something big.
Starfire: Then let us bring the pain to the Brain!
Robin: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Ladies, please, allow us.
[Robin and Cyborg push Raven and Starfire to the couch while Beast Boy wraps them in a coat.]
Raven: Are you serious?
Cyborg: What kind of gentlemen would we be if we didn't handle this ourselves?
Raven: [Pulling the coat off.] Uh, the kind that treat us like equals?
Beast Boy: Aw! Sounds like someone's cold again. Here, take this coat. [Wraps Raven in the coat.]
Robin: Now that you're nice and warm, please, miladies, allow us to handle this. Gentlemen, go!
[The T-Jet flies to the Brain's fortress where Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy are surrounded by the Brain's robot soldiers, beat up and imprisoned.]
Brain: That was remarkably easy. Where are the tough ones?
Robin: You mean the ladies?
Cyborg: We handled this for them because we are the gentlest men around.
Brain: They possess so much strength and good sense, it seems unwise to face me without them.
Beast Boy: [Laughs.] This fool don't understand chivalry.
Brain: Ha! I encourage you to get comfortable as you will be here for a long, long time.
[Starfire and Raven are playing on handheld devices when Starfire's T-Communicator rings.]
Robin: Hello, ladies. Sorry we aren't home yet. We got a little sidetracked.
Beast Boy: We got captured, yo!
Cyborg: But don't worry your pretty little heads about it.
Robin: We'll bust out of here and be back by dinner.
Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy: Gentlemen, out. [Transmission ends.]
Starfire: Does this chivalry entail the boys being easily apprehended - and then saved by the ladies?
Raven: Looks like it. [Summons the Titan Computer.] But don't worry. I've got a plan. To rescue the boys, we'll have to disable the security system. Then we'll have to take out the massive army of robot guards. With the guards out of the way, the only thing standing between us and the dudes, is a giant metal door that we'll have to break through. Then we save the boys, get them home safe and make fun of them for getting captured and being stupid.
Starfire: That is a plan with very much of the charm. But we are only two. We need the team.
Raven: I've got a few people in mind. Come on.
[Robin paces around the cell while Cyborg rests and Beast Boy sits.]
Beast Boy: So how are we getting out of here, yo?
Cyborg: If only there were more gentlemen around to help.
Robin: Don't worry, this gentleman has the perfect plan.
Cyborg: [Pulls out a lock pick from Robin's hair.] You snuck in a lock pick? Genius.
Beast Boy: [Pulls out a computer from Cyborg's chest.] You're going to remote hack the security systems? [Chuckles.] So good.
Robin: No. [Throws lock pick and computer into the laser bars.] We are going to do nothing.
Beast Boy: Nothing?
Robin: Exactly! We sit here until we get old.
Cyborg: That's not really an escape plan.
Robin: That is where you're wrong. Nobody likes old prisoners. They're depressing and gross. Therefore, once we're old, the Brain will let us go. That's when we find a time machine, come back here and rescue our young selves.
Beast Boy: That plan is so good!
Cyborg: I must say, I am super-impressed!
Robin: Now let's settle in. We've got a lot of waiting ahead of us.
[Raven and Starfire exit a portal to Jinx's cell in the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility.]
Starfire: Many of the helloes to you, friend Jinx.
Jinx: What's up, ladies? We about to have another crazy girl's night out?
Raven: Sort of.
Jinx: I was thinking, we can all drink milkshakes, then make each other laugh so hard the milkshake comes out of our noses. [Laughs.]
Raven: Yeah. We're thinking of something even crazier. And we can't do it without you. Are you in?
Jinx: What about the milkshakes?
Raven: If there's time, we'll do it after.
Jinx: I'm in.
Starfire: [Whoops and destroys Jinx's cell and handcuffs.] I do have the one question. Why do you have a bucket?
Jinx: I'll show you. [Tosses the bucket, spilling confetti.] Confetti.
[Underneath a bridge, Ravager is throwing her kunai knives at lightbulbs. Raven, Starfire and Jinx exit a portal.]
Raven: Hello, Rose
Ravager: Raven. What do you losers want?
Raven: Ooh, calling us losers. So good.
Ravager: Okay. You're being sarcastic.
Raven: Ah. Let me catch my breath. I haven't had a belly laugh like that in years.
Ravager: Look, it wasn't my best put down. [Grunts.] Can't believe how much I've missed you.
Raven: Missed you too. We need your help.
Ravager: I'm not into helping.
Starfire: There will be the having of the milkshakes afterwards.
Ravager: [Sighs.] Whatever.
Starfire: Joy. Now let us do the group hug.
Raven and Ravager: No!
[Raven, Starfire, Jinx and Ravager exit a portal into the Trash Hole. Terra launches a boulder at them, but Raven destroys it.]
Raven: Hey Terra. [Sniffs.] Ugh, what stinks?
Terra: Oh, I don't know, maybe it's all the garbage you throw in here. [Throws the boulder's chunks at Raven.]
Raven: [Blocks Terra's attack with a shield.] Easy. We're here because we need your help.
Terra: After you imprisoned me here, there's no way I'd help you.
Raven: What if we let you out of the trash hole?
Terra: Not interested.
Starfire: Then enjoy living in the world of the garbage forever.
[Raven opens a portal and Ravager, Jinx and Starfire prepare to go through.]
Terra: Wait. You called my bluff. I'll help you.
Starfire: Joy!
Terra: [To herself.] But, I'll also have my revenge. [Laughs.]
Raven: Revenge?
Terra: What? [Chuckles.] I didn't say revenge.
Starfire: But you were doing the evil hand rubbing.
Terra: They were just, uh, a little cold. Brr. [Blows into her hands and enters the portal.] Now, let's go.
[Cyborg, Robin and Beast Boy are sitting in their cell.]
Cyborg: Dude, where's that time machine you promised?
[A time machine arrives and elderly versions of Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg exit.]
Robin (old): Sorry we're late. This one kept making us stop for potty breaks.
Cyborg (old): What?
Beast Boy (old): He said we were late on account of my weak bladder.
Cyborg (old): What?
Robin (old): I said -
Robin: Just push the button and get us out of here.
Robin (old): Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold your horses, sonny. [Activates GPS on the T-Communicator.] We'll just walk on over there and push that button. [Starts walking to the button.] It's a - They make these things so far across the hall now.
Robin: [Grunts.] Come on, older me.
Beast Boy (old) and Cyborg (old): [Stop and start snoring.]
Robin (old): The lights not glowing on it, I wonder if it works. I guess I'll try it. What? Now let's see, where did I put my glasses? Ah, so many buttons.
Robin: Just push the button and get us out of here.
Robin (old): Is this it? [Groans.] I don't want to go down.
Beast Boy (old) and Cyborg (old): [Snore.]
Beast Boy: Oh, come on.
Cyborg: We're so close.
Robin (old): Ah. There you go. [Press Alarm.]
[The alarm starts blaring and the older Titans are imprisoned with Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg. Outside, Raven, Starfire, Jinx, Ravager and Terra overlook the Brain's fortress.]
Raven: All right, ladies, let's do this. Operation Dude Rescue is a go.
Jinx, Ravager and Terra: [Yell as they run toward the Brain's fortress.
Starfire: Or, we can pause here in order to build the suspense.
Raven: Well, what do you guys think? Should we take a vote?
Jinx, Ravager and Terra: [Talk over each other.]
Raven: Let's do it! We'll pause here and build up the suspense.

Episode ends.

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