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"Remember the plan: we break into the Brain's fortress, rescue the guys and get out."
Raven to Ann, Starfire, Jinx, Ravager and Terra.

Brain versus girls
"Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two"




Original air date

30 May 2016

Running Time

11:17 (minutes)


1.356 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Ben Gruber

Directed by

Peter Rida Michail

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"Operation Dude Rescue: Part One"


"History Lesson"

Teen Titans Go! - Operation Dude Rescue Part 2 (Preview)02:07

Teen Titans Go! - Operation Dude Rescue Part 2 (Preview)

"Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two" is the thirty-sixth episode of Season 3 of Teen Titans Go! and the one hundred and fortieth episode overall. It first aired on 30 May 2016 on Cartoon Network alongside "Operation Dude Rescue: Part One".


Female heroes and villains unite to save Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy from the Brain.[1]


Starfire begins the episode by showing a series of random clips from the previous episode, but Raven says they should have shown Beast Boy, Cyborg and Robin's capture by the Brain and the formation of an all-girl team to rescue them. Starfire shrugs and announces the conclusion of their adventure.

In front of the Brain's fortress, Raven tells Starfire, Jinx, Ravager and Terra the plan to rescue the guys, but they claim she had just told them. Raven realizes that she did, but it felt longer for a reason and Starfire decides to continue the rescue. Ravager provides a device that cuts through the fortress' walls and the girls enter. Inside, they ambush a robot soldier guarding the security cameras and Raven transports him away through a portal. Jinx dances while she uses her bad luck to disable the security system and Terra remarks she'll be doing the dance on the Titans' graves. Raven asks her to repeat herself, but Terra lies by saying she can't wait for the milkshakes. Meanwhile, Robin informs Beast Boy, Cyborg and their old selves that his new plan is waiting for their old selves to die, become ghosts and they'll grab a time machine and rescue them. On cue, the Titans' ghosts arrive but inform them that they aren't able to press the button as ghosts can't touch stuff.

The girls hide behind a wall while Raven observes the Brain's robot soldiers marching down a hallway. She tells Rose that it's her chance to break things and the two begin talking about what they like though Terra demands them to stop. Rose asks for a distraction and Starfire acts as bait, screaming for them to gather around her. Raven transports her to safety and Rose emerges from a portal, destroying all of the Brain's robot soldiers. Robin tells Beast Boy, Cyborg, their old selves and their ghosts that they'll wait for their ghosts to reincarnate so that their reincarnated selves can grab a time machine and rescue them. The time machine arrives, but a rat, meerkat and chameleon exit and are unable to comprehend Robin's instructions to free them and he decides to come up with a new plan.

Raven leads the others to a big door and tells Terra that she has to get them through the door. Terra, however, talks to herself about double-crossing and rubs her hands together. When Raven gets her attention, Terra accuses her of not trusting them but Raven says she only asked for them to get through the door. Terra throws two boulders at the door, but reveals it's reinforced. Rose asks if they can send her back to the Trash Hole and Terra angrily covers herself with earth and becomes Terrarizer to knock it down. Rose compliments her though Terra says she imagined her face. Jinx defuses the conflict by reminding them about the milkshakes and throws confetti at them. The girls approach the cell but see that it's empty. The Brain, on a screen, traps them within a bubble and reveals that he was warned about their arrival. Raven realizes that Terra double-crossed them, but Terra chides them for not seeing it coming even though she rubbed her hands together often. Jinx says they thought she was cold, but Terra says her hands are evil. Raven reminds Terra that she's trapped as well, but Terra claims she doesn't care as it's an upgrade over the trash hole. The others try to break out of their confinement only for the Brain to reveal he designed it specifically to counteract each of their powers and laughs. Rose notes that they essentially broke into their own prison cell.

Back at their cell, Robin announces that he has a new plan. They wait for their animal selves to evolve into humans and they will come back with a time machine to rescue them. The time machine arrives and three Neanderthals exit. The one resembling Robin is unable to understand which button to press, but the three ultimately destroy it causing Robin to fall to his knees.

In their confinement, Jinx scolds Raven for lying to her about having fun though Raven says she never said it would be fun. Starfire claims to be having fun, but Rose tells her to shut it only for Raven and her to start arguing over the way Rose spoke to her. Terra interrupts by stating she hopes they can see why she double-crossed them. The girls start arguing, but Raven asks for the reason they're fighting. Terra says they hate each other, but Raven points out that she wouldn't have brought them together if that was true. Jinx notes she brought them together to save Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg, but Raven reveals they're annoying and only wanted to hang out with cool girls she likes. Terra is shocked that Raven thinks she's cool and says revenge is out of her system for now. Rose, however, notes that they still don't have a way out. Raven suggests combining their powers and Starfire says it may overload the security system. The girls are able to combine their powers and escape, but the Brain notices and attacks in a robotic suit.

Jinx shoots blast at nearby support beams to collapse onto the Brain's suit while Starfire shoots eye beams at him. The Brain, however, knocks her aside with a sonic blast. Ann tries to blast fireballs at The Brain, but his armor reflects the attack and blasts a wall instead. Terra provides step stones for Rose to leap onto the suit, but the Brain punches her away. Rose regains her composure and Raven provides her with a heavier katana while Starfire, Ann, and Jinx distract the Brain. As Rose leaps into the air, Raven makes the blade heavy enough to crush through the Brain's suit, destroying it. The girls approach the cell with the Titans, but Beast Boy says they have to be chivalrous for them. Old Beast Boy tells them to give them their coats and Cyborg hands them one. Terra tells them to let them open the door as they went through a lot of trouble to arrive, but Robin says they will open the door for them. Rose asks why they're being weird and the guys respond with chivalry. Raven decides to go out for the milkshakes and the girls laugh as they hang out drinking them at Yum Yum Kitty Diner. Meanwhile, still in the Brain's fortress, Robin announces he has a new plan that involves a time machine.


For a full transcript of "Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Pamela Adlon Rose
Ashley Johnson Terra
Lauren Tom Jinx
Non-speaking roles
Boy Beast
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • Not counting the opening sequence where Starfire and Raven discuss the "Previously On" segment, this is one of the few episodes in which Titans Tower does not appear.
  • This is one of the few episodes to take place entirely during the night.
  • Beast Boy does not use any of his animal transformations in this episode.
  • Food Content: Terra and Jinx mention drinking milkshakes and they, along with Raven, Starfire and Rose drink some at the end of the episode.





Operation Dude Rescue Part Two title card
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