"Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two/Transcript"
Season 3, Episode 140
Operation Dude Rescue Part Two title card
Production code: 322b
Airdate: 30 May 2016
Director: Peter Rida Michail
Writer: Ben Gruber
"Operation Dude Rescue: Part One"
"History Lesson"
This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Operation Dude Rescue Part Two" from season 3, which aired on 30 May 2016.
Beast Boy
Brain's fortress
Plot Point
This transcript is complete.

Starfire: Previously on the Teen Titans Go! program:
[Clips from "Operation Dude Rescue: Part One" are featured.]
Beast Boy: So gentle. [Winks.]
Cyborg, Robin, Beast Boy: Chivalry!
Cyborg: He pee-peed himself and upon the floor.
Jinx: Confetti!
[Scene zooms out to reveal it's on the TV.]:
Raven: Whoa, that didn't make any sense.
Starfire: [Giggles.] But that is what was previously on.
Raven: Uh, shouldn't we have shown how the guys were captured by The Brain and we put together a group of cool girls to rescue them?
Starfire: Now, the most exciting of conclusions.
[The TV switches to where the previous episode left off.]
Raven: Remember the plan. We break into The Brain's fortress, rescue the guys and get out.
Ravager: [Scoffs.] Of course we remember.
Terra: We just went over this, like, two seconds ago.
Jinx: Do you think we're dummies?
Raven: I guess I did just say it two seconds ago. It felt longer.
Starfire: Let us commence the rescue!
[Pop music plays. Ravager uses a gadget and it uses its lasers so that the girls would come in. Then, Jinx knocks on the door, revealing a soldier.]
Starfire: Hello!
[Raven uses her magic to fall the soldier into a hole. The girls then find Brain's computers.]
Raven: Okay, Jinx, you're up. Use a little of your bad luck to take out the security system.
Jinx: I'm about to get my girls' night on! [Uses her bad luck to destroy the computers as disco music plays.]
Raven: Nice.
Terra: That's the dance I'll be doing on the Titans' graves!
Raven: Excuse me?
Terra: Uh, I mean, I'm really looking forward to those milkshakes.
Jinx: [Gasps.] Me, too! Pa-pa-pa-paa!
[Cut to Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg, whom they and their elderly counterparts are still trapped in the cell.]
Robin (Elder): This is not how I wanted to spend my last years.
Robin: Don't worry, old me. I have a new plan.
Cyborg: Does it involve time machines?
Robin: You bet it does!
Beast Boy: Oh, yeah! I wanna hear what this mad scientist came up with this time, yo!
Robin: It's simple. We sit here until the old us die...
Robin (Elder): ...and then our ghosts will grab a time machine and come back to rescue us!
Robin: [Both hi-five.] Yeah! [They find a time machine.] It worked.
Robin (Elder): We're a genius!
[Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg's ghosts come out of the machine.]
Beast Boy (Ghost): Boo! What up, yo?
Robin (Ghost): Boo! We are here to save you. Boo! Boo!
Cyborg (Ghost): [Tries to push "open", not realizing that he was a ghost as his finger passes through the "open" button.] Boo! Uh-oh.
Robin: What's wrong? [As ghost.] We're ghosts. Boo! We can't touch stuff.
Cyborg, :Beast Boy: [Elder and young counterparts groan.]
[Cut back to the girls' side of the story.]
Raven: All right, Rose. This is your chance to break as much stuff as you want.
Ravager: You really know what I like.
Raven: I like that. I like that you like that I know what you like.
Ravager: I like that you like that I like that you like knowing what I like.
Terra: I'd like you to stop!
Ravager: Whatever. [Oversees the soldiers.] Okay, I need a distraction.
Raven: Star, act as bait and draw the guards' attention.
Starfire: I shall bait them as the fisherman baits the fishies. [Song-ish.] The wormy worm! [Screams.] I am the worm!
[The soldiers gather up around her.]
Starfire: Bye-bye. [Falls down Raven's hole. Ravager comes up, attacking the soldiers. Cut back to Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin's young, elder, and ghost counterparts, still trapped inside the cell.]
Robin (Ghost): This is not how I wanted to spend my afterlife. Boo!
Robin: Don't worry! I have a plan to get us out of here!
Cyborg: How do you keep coming up with 'em?
Robin: It's a gift! We wait until our ghosts are reincarnated, then...
Beast Boy: I bet this is where the time machine comes in!
Robin: I hope you bet the farm because you are exactly right! Once our ghosts are reincarnated, they'll grab a time machine and come back to rescue everyone!
[The counterparts of the boys all cheer with delight.]
Beast Boy: That's what's up!
[A third time machine shows up, revealing that the Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg become a rat, a meerkat, and a lizard, respectively.]
Cyborg: What's up with the animals?
Cyborg (Ghost): That's how reincarnation works, you dummy. Boo.
Beast Boy: I was reincarnated as a meerkat! [Laughs.] Awesome!
Robin: Hey, rat me! [His rat counterpart squeaks.] Thanks for noticing, but that's not important right now! Now listen— [Rat counterpart squeaks again.] Yes, Gouda is delicious. Now, focus, rat! Go over there, hit that release button and get us outta here! [Rat counterpart squeaks once again.] Forget the Gouda! Ah! It's useless. New plan!
[Beast Boy's meerkat stares at us. Cut back to the girl's side.]
Raven: This is it. Terra, you're up. Get us through that door. Terra?
Terra: These fools don't even see the double-cross that's coming. [Laughs evilly.]
Raven: Terra.
Terra: Why would you think I'm gonna double-cross you? You can't even trust me for one second.
Raven: Whoa, I was just asking for you to get us through that door.
Terra: Oh. [Tries to open door via her rock powers, but didn't do any good.] Ugh! It's reinforced.
Ravager: Can we send her back to the trash hole?
Terra: [Turns into the Terraizer to force the door open.]
Ravager: Not bad.
Terra: All I had to do was imagine it was your face.
Jinx: Girls, just focus on those milkshakes! Confetti!
Raven: They were supposed to be right here.
Brain: Yes, they were supposed to be. [Traps the girls as they gasp.] Fortunately, I was warned of your arrival.
Ravager: Warned? What are you talking about?
Raven: [Gasps.] Terra.
Terra: You fools. I finally have my revenge. It was so obvious and you couldn't see it. I mean, how long does someone have to rub their hands together before you realize they're up to no good?
Jinx: We just thought your hands were cold.
Starfire: I even made you the yarn mittens.
Terra: Cute, but my hands are evil, not cold. [Shows her hands, revealing faces with mustaches.]
Hands: [Right hand.] Evil! [The left hand cackles.]
Raven: You're trapped too, genius.
Terra: You think I care? This is a big upgrade over the trash hole.
Raven: Well, you're crazy if you think we're staying.
[Raven uses her magic to escape the force field but didn't do any good. Ravager's sword, Starfire's lasers, and Jinx's magic all also didn't work, either.]
Brain: Do not waste your energy. I've created this cell specifically to counteract your powers. I hope you like it, for it will be your tomb. [Laughs slowly.]
Ravager: So we broke into our own prison cell?
Jinx: Awesome.
[Cut back to Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg's counterparts, whom their other counterparts used the same time machine and failed to rescue them. They are also in the cell.]
Robin: I've got it! We wait until animal us evolve into humans. Then they will...
Robin (Elder): grab a time machine!
Robin: ...and...
Beast Boy: ...come back here to rescue us!
[Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and their counterparts all cheer. Yet another time machine appears, revealing Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg as cavemen.]
Robin: Ah. Glad you've made it. We need your help getting out of here! That's it! Now, hit that release button!
[Caveman Robin starts to press the "alarm" button.]
Robin: No, no! The other button. [Caveman counterpart speaks gibberish.] Yes, that's the one! [Caveman counterpart continues to speaks gibberish.] Yeah, yeah! [Caveman counterpart again speaks gibberish.] Yeah, yeah! [Caveman counterpart once again speaks gibberish.] Now hit it!
[The cavemen smash the controls, therefore causing Robin to fail the plan.]
Robin: No, you dumb cavemen! No!
[Caveman Robin gives normal Robin two thumbs up. Cut back to the girls' story. Starfire knits the mittens.]
Jinx: Thanks, Raven. This turned out to be really fun.
Raven: I never said it was gonna be fun.
Jinx: Well, you hinted at it strongly.
Starfire: I am having the fun.
Ravager: Oh, shut it, princess.
Raven: Hey! I don't like you talking to her like that.
Ravager: I don't like you talking to me like that for talking to her like that.
Terra: Ugh, you're all so annoying. I hope you see why I double-crossed you.
[The girls all argue.]
Raven: Hey! Why are we fighting?
Terra: Because we hate each other?
Raven: If that were true, I wouldn't have brought us together.
Jinx: You brought us together to save your friends.
Raven: You think I care if they're locked up a couple of years? They're super annoying.
Starfire: They can be the super annoying. It is their greatest power.
Raven: The truth is, the guys were bumming me out and I wanted to hang out with some cool chicks that I like for a change.
Terra: You think I'm cool?
Raven: Yeah. Except for that revenge thing.
Terra: I think it's out of my system. For now.
Ravager: This is all peaches and cream, but we're still stuck in here.
Raven: Our powers might be weak individually, but maybe together...
Ravager: Work together? What is this, a lesson?
Starfire: Raven is correct. If we use our powers together, it may overload the security system.
Terra: How are we supposed to work together?
Jinx: Like this! What?
Raven: Let's do it.
[The girls all work together. With Terra's rocks, Ravager's knives, Raven and Jinx's magic, and Starfire's lasers, they find a way to escape the force field.]
Raven: That's what I'm talkin' about!
[The screen comes out.]
Brain: I see you managed to escape your cell. But you won't escape your doom!
[Brain shows up in armor. With Jinx's magic, Starfire's lasers, Ravager's sword, Terra's rocks, and Raven's dark magic, they all team up to defeat Brain, not long before the Brain attacks them back. Raven uses her dark magic to create a bigger sword to defeat Brain. Cut back to the boys' story, where Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, and their countless counterparts, are still trapped in their cell. Robin writes on toilet paper as Beast Boy and Cyborg sleep. They find the girls.]
Starfire: We are here for the saving of the you!
Beast Boy: No way, yo. We gots the chivalry for you!
Beast Boy (Elder): Give the ladies your jackets, you dummies. They might be chilly.
Cyborg: Oh, are you chilly? Take my coat.
Terra: Look, we went through a lot of trouble to get here, so just let us open the cell doors for you.
Robin: Whoa, whoa, whoa! We shall open the doors for you.
Ravager: Why are you being so weird?
Cyborg, Robin, Beast Boy: Chivalry!
Raven: Ugh, on second thought, let's just go get those milkshakes.
Jinx: Milkshakes! Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-paa! [The girls enjoy their milkshakes at Yum Yum Kitty Diner as they all giggle. Back at Brain's fortress...]
Robin: All right, guys. New plan! It involves a time machine!

Episode ends.

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