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Titans Tower, Jump City, California, United States

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Cyborg, Beat Box, Birdarang, Dave, Super Robin, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven


Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Brain's soldiers, Foul Demon, Universe Tree, Silkie

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Henchman (formerly)

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Painbot is Cyborg's little buddy and the former robotic henchman of Brother Blood. It was designed to hold varying kinds of violent weaponry in order to inflict pain and injury to others at Brother Blood's will. However, due to its adoption by Cyborg, Painbot switched allegiance and became another addition to the Little Buddies.


Torturing the Titans

Robin meets Painbot

Brother Blood introduces Painbot.

Painbot was first introduced by Brother Blood, and was used by the villain to entice Robin, Starfire, and Raven into providing their voice recognition codes after they were scared by the robot's machinery. It was later used to kidnap Cyborg and Beast Boy and tortured them in order for the two to stop saying "waffles" and hand over their voice recognition codes. However, this didn't work on them as the two continued to say "waffles" through the pain. After Robin, Starfire, and Raven sang the waffles song, an irritated Brother Blood cracked and he jumped on top of Painbot and rode away on it in rage.[2]

Becoming a Little Buddy

Cyborg bonds with Painbot

Cyborg plays catch with Painbot after taking the robot under his wing.

The Titans viciously attacked Brother Blood, prompting the villain into summoning Painbot, scaring the Titans, save Robin, who was eager to combat the robot. However, he was nearly killed alongside the rest of the Titans until Beast Boy distracted it by using his face as a punching bag while Robin destroyed the control, effectively nullifying the robot's attacks. Cyborg, however, became saddened by the fate of the robot and took it back to Titans Tower against the other Titans' wishes. He repaired the robot in his room and opted to keep it as a little buddy and effectively bonded with the robot while being kept a secret. After Beast Boy went missing, the Titans tracked Painbot and Beast Boy to the kitchen, and forced Cyborg to get rid of Painbot after it violently attacked Robin. Painbot boarded a bus, but after a lament, was retrieved by Cyborg. The two consumed Bat-O's as Cyborg suggested a Little Buddy Showdown with everyone else's little buddies in order to determine who could stay in the tower. Painbot successfully defeated most of them, but was eventually consumed by Silkie.[3]

Rescue Mission

Little Buddies

Painbot accompanied the Little Buddies on a mission to free the Teen Titans.

After a surprise party for Birdarang and Beat Box lasted eight months, Super Robin was informed of the Titans' missing whereabouts and the Little Buddies - consisting of Painbot, Beat Box, Birdarang, Super Robin, and Dave - headed on a mission to rescue them. Painbot accompanied them to the rooftop of the Brain's HQ, but was halted and defeated by Monsieur Mallah. In an effort to inspire the Little Buddies, Birdarang used Painbot as a success story and it contributed to the defeat of Mallah. After finding the Titans, Painbot contributed in the battle against the Brain by shooting discs at the villain yet was ultimately defeated. Following the Brain's defeat, the Little Buddies and rescued Titans began dancing in celebration.[4]

Subsequent appearances

During the song, "Real Boy", Painbot disguised himself with a sticky note taped onto him, saying "Real Boy". He attempted to cross a metal detector after a newly transformed human Cyborg, but was stopped by the detector.[5]

During one of the Titans' bad years, Painbot attacked the Titans.[6]


As Brother Blood programmed Painbot to be a harbinger of pain, the robot was simply reduced to fulfilling those wishes through a control, and asserts the fact that pain is the only thing it truly knows.[2] As a robot, it isn't capable of expressing any real type of emotion, but its actions and slight shift in tone hints at which emotion it is attempting to show as seen when it sounded dejected after being forced to separate from Cyborg.[3] Due to Cyborg's influence, however, Painbot began repressing its programmed urges and resorted to only hurting the Titans when annoyed. Its programming has also been updated to include less malicious weaponry with the noted presence of a boxing glove and disco lights.[4]


Painbot is composed of red metal panels resting on two track treads in order to help it navigate. The front panel is decorated with the words Painbot in yellow font over three lightbulbs. On top of the robot is another lightbulb that glows red whenever it speaks.


Painbot's weapons arsenal

Painbot's equipment.

Due to being constructed by Brother Blood, Painbot is created to inflict as much pain as possible to the villain's opponents. Following its adoption by Cyborg, Pain Bot has also added less malicious weaponry to his arsenal.

  • Standard arms and claw: Painbot's claws hold the weaponry it uses and are able to electrocute.
  • Anvil
  • Boxing glove
  • Disc launcher
  • Disco lights: As shown when playing music, Painbot's lightbulb is able to light up, mimicking the effects of a disco light.[4]
  • Drill
  • Flamethrower
  • Hooks: First seen when using them to hold Robin's mouth open in order to attack him with the drill.[3]
  • Knife blade
  • Lazer
  • Leghold trap
  • Piranha
  • Pounding Pistons
  • Mace: Two of these are stocked among Painbot's weaponry, with one on either side of the robot.[4]
  • Music: Among its less violent weaponry, Painbot displayed the ability to play music tracks.[4]
  • Spikes



Cyborg holding Pain Bot

Cyborg grows attached to Painbot.

Initially, Painbot expressed an indifference to Cyborg and tortured him alongside Beast Boy on Brother Blood's orders.[2] However, following the destruction of Pain Bot's remote control, the robot was left incapacitated and its sorrowful tone touched Cyborg's heart. He asked the Titans for permission to repair it, but they declined. Cyborg, however, stocked Painbot into his suit and successfully repaired the robot's control panel where he decided to adopt the robot. The two bonded by eating ice cream and playing catch which left Cyborg injured at most times yet he loved the robot nonetheless, laughing alongside the robot and saying "Pain" at the same time as it. After the Titans found out, they force Cyborg to get rid of Painbot but they lament the separation and reunite whereupon Cyborg challenges the Titans' little buddies to a showdown to determine which one can stay at the tower. Following Painbot's victory, Cyborg was overjoyed but Silkie soon consumed the robot, winning the showdown instead.[3] Despite losing, Painbot was later accepted into the Titan family and allowed to stay at the tower.[4]

Brother Blood

Painbot was created by Brother Blood to be used as a sidekick with its main objective being to impose pain and suffering onto his victims.[2] This programming affected Painbot and the robot became similar to its creator.[3] It is unknown if Brother Blood saw Painbot as more than just a sidekick, only assuring the he long for the chance to use the robot due spending a lot of time making it.[2] However, Brother Blood created another robot, Hurtbot, meaning he saw it as replaceable.[7]


Teen Titans Go!


The Image Gallery for Painbot may be viewed here.


  • Painbot is the second character to have two voice actors, Scott Menville and Khary Payton, respectively. The first one was Doctor Light.


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