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Panic Mode!
Panic Mode!
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Channel Crashers

Panic Mode! is the ninth online game based on Teen Titans Go!. It is available on Cartoon Network's website.


The Brain and his goons have invaded Titans Tower and only Beast Boy can stop them. Better initiate Panic Mode. Build super-powered towers to defend the Teen Titans. Panic Mode is a tower defense game. Place towers on the board to destroy wave after wave of the Brain's army. Each tower is themed after a different Titan: Cyborg's sonic cannon, Raven's magic, Robin's birdarangs, Starfire's starbolts, Beast Boy's elephant stomp, and Silkie's chomp![1]

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  1. Cartoon Network (2016-11-10). Teen Titans Go!: Panic Mode!. Cartoon Network. Retrieved on January 10, 2016.

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