"Gentlemen, the game is mini golf. No restrictions on powers! No restrictions on weapons! No rules ... no mercy."
Cyborg explaining the new rules to Beast Boy and Robin.

Par For The Course digital cover
"Par for the Course"
Written by

Merrill Hagan

Art by

Jorge Corona

Color by

Jeremy Lawson

Letters by

Wes Abbott

Cover by

Dan Hipp

Edited by

Alex Antone




DC Comics

Date of publication

18 December 2013

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"Par for the Course" is the second issue of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series. It was released digitally and in print on 18 December 2013 by DC Comics.


Tempers flare as Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg enjoy a "friendly" game of mini-golf. Meanwhile, Raven and Starfire hit the arcade![1]


Robin chases after a pterodactyl transformed Beast Boy and snares him to place with his grappling hook claiming that the Titan cheated during their game of mini-golf. Beast Boy rebuffs the accusation, but Robin explains that Beast Boy's golf ball only entered the hole because he used the pterodactyl's wings to create a burst of wind. The green Titan escapes his imprisonment by returning to his human form, claiming that Robin is making up lies due to Beast Boy winning Robin's cape if he won the game. He begins to fantasize about various ways to use the article of clothing, but Robin reminds him that he'll be able to transform Beast Boy's room into a dojo if he won and lock the green Titan in a dog crate, reminding Beast Boy of dark memories.

Raven tells Robin to relax as he's only going to lose a cape, but Robin tells her that the best superheroes wear capes and it hides his weird-looking neck. Meanwhile, Starfire viciously destroys a statue of Darkseid as she celebrates her victory until Raven informs her of the rules of mini-golf. The Tamaranean asks why Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are reacting viciously to such a simple game, but Raven reveals that it's because of their bet and takes her to Eddie's Arcade.

The male Titans make their way to the next course when Beast Boy transforms into an elephant in order to shoot the golf ball into the hole. Robin complains about Beast Boy's cheating, but Cyborg tells him he's just using his natural abilities. Beast Boy shoots the golf ball, but Robin throws a birdarang to cut it in half. The two begin to argue over what compensates as cheating, but Cyborg proposes a change in the bet. At Eddie's Arcade, Raven shows Starfire the claw machine and uses her telekinesis in order to steal a Pretty Pretty Pegasus doll.

For the new bet, Beast Boy claims he wants Robin's cape and utility belt while Robin wants Beast Boy's room and for the green Titan to give up all electronics, including Cyborg. Cyborg complains against this, but Robin reminds him that he's half-electronic as Beast Boy and Robin begin their game with no restrictions. The two use their powers to stop themselves from reaching any hole and the game soon turns into a battle until Starfire orders them to stop and asks to be let in on the bet. She bets that if she can make a hole in one, then all bets are off and Beast Boy and Robin must go back to being friends. Cyborg agrees and Starfire tees off, but misses the hole in one. Enraged, Starfire destroys the mini-golf course and proclaims herself victorious. Distraught at the destruction of his course and angered at Raven's cheating in the claw game, the Riddler bans the Titans from Crisis in 18 Holes for life. Outside the establishment, Robin and Beast Boy attempt to persuade Raven into using her powers to repair the course, but she declines.


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Beast Boy
Character debut
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  • Robin's intense rivalry with Speedy is referenced by Beast Boy when stating that he'll use Robin's cape like confetti the next time Speedy does something better than Robin. ("The Date")
  • Raven's love for Pretty Pretty Pegasus is shown again.


  • The golf courses are filled with a plethora of references, including:
    • a hole based on Titans Tower.
    • shooting the ball into Scarface's mouth.
    • shooting the ball into the mouth of a Joker card.
    • a giant Green Lantern power battery.
    • a hole based on the Fortress of Solitude.
    • a hole entitled Bottle Hole of Kandor which references wehn Brainiac bottles the capital city of Kandor.
    • two Dr. Fate-themed holes. One with the Helmet of Fate and the other with the Tower of Fate.
    • a hole etched to resemble the Flash's logo.
    • a hole based off the likeness of Plastic Man.
    • a hole based on Gorilla Grodd.
    • a hole based on the Guardians of the Galaxy.
    • a hole based on the Super Friends Hall of Justice.
    • a Starro hole.
    • a The Dark Knight Rises Bane hole.
    • an Aquaman's trident hole.
    • a Red Tornado hole.
    • a hole based off the swamp headquarters of the Legion of Doom.
  • Superman and Wonder Woman are mentioned by Robin as two of the coolest cape-wearing superheros.
  • Starfire destroys a Darkseid statue.
  • A ripped Superman cape can be seen after Starfire blows up the last hole, referencing the cover to The Death of Superman.
  • The mini golf's course is called Crisis in 18 Holes, referencing the DC Comics event, Crisis on Infinite Earth.
  • Batman is mentioned by Robin as one of the coolest superheroes who wears capes.
  • Arcade games combined with DC Entertainment are referenced in Eddie's Arcade. These include:
    • Final Time Crisis (Time Crisis and the third Final Crisis)
    • Mystery In Space Invaders (Space Invaders and Mystery in Space)
    • Need For Speed-Force (Need For Speed and the Speed Force)
    • Richard Double Dragon (Double Dragon and Richard Dragon)
    • Whack A Mon-El (Whack a Mole and Mon-El)
    • Wild Cat's Punch-Out (Mike Tyson's Punch Out and Wildcat)
    • Green lantern rings can also be seen in an arcade machine



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