"Why not just throw a party?"
"What kind of party?"
"You know, just a regular old party party.
Raven and Cyborg discussing Raven's idea.

Party, Party digital cover
"Party, Party"
Written by

Amy Wolfram

Art by

Jorge Corona

Color by

Jeremy Lawson

Letters by

Wes Abbott

Cover by

Dan Hipp

Edited by

Alex Antone




DC Comics

Date of publication
  • 12 March 2014 (digital)
  • 23 April 2014 (print)
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"Party, Party" is the fifth issue of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series. It was released digitally on 12 March 2014 and in print on 23 April 2014 by DC Comics.


We all know how the Teen Titans are great at throwing "hat parties" and "meatball parties" ... but can they throw a regular old "party party?" Don't miss who's on the guess list![1]


Beast Boy and Cyborg are gathered around the kitchen trying to decide what type of party to hold, ruling out a waffle party, syrup party, butter party, and plate party. Raven suggests that they throw a regular "party party" which Starfire wants to attend. Robin storms up to the Teen Titans, but agrees to the party upon seeing Starfire. Cyborg thinks that the "party party" sounds lame, but Beast Boy says that no one is better at throwing lame parties than they are and the Titans, except Raven, cheer for the "party party". Robin tasks Beast Boy and Cyborg with providing entertainment and delegates Raven to prepare the food after Starfire volunteers to serve Tamaranean cuisine. He tells Starfire to prepare the guest list while he handles decorations.

It's the day of the "party party", and, after putting the finishing touches, the Titans are excited when their first guest arrives: Gizmo. He is followed by Killer Moth, who claims to have only attended to visit Silkie, Jinx, and Terra, who wants to know the location of the Titans' sensitive files. Raven says that they shouldn't have put Starfire in charge of the guest list and she explains that she invited everyone on the Most Wanted list. As more villains arrive, Beast Boy and Cyborg are confident that they can throw the "party party" into a fun party, but things between the heroes and villains are awkward. The villains prepare to leave, along with Beast Boy and Cyborg, as they find the party boring. Starfire protests against their exit, despite Robin reminding her that they're villains, but she says that they are their guests. She says that, on Tamaran, they begin festivities with cannon fire but recalls that the Earth custom is to ask for a dance and Robin, flustered, begins to ask her until she grabs Gizmo. The other Titans follow suit with Beast Boy asking Terra (while she pockets CDs) and Cyborg approaching Jinx.

The "party party" is in full swing with the villains and Titans, save Robin and Raven, dancing. The guests then participate in a limbo contest which Gizmo wins easily and in a food-eating contest. As the Titans and villains tire out, Raven asks if they can kick them out of the tower. Robin orders the villains to go home, but Captain Cold, Killer Moth, and Gizmo refuse. Using their powers, Raven succeeds in throwing Killer Moth out. While battling Gizmo, Starfire refuses his offer to leave the Titans for him. Terra defeats Beast Boy, who implores her to call him, and she leaves the tower with blueprints behind her. As Cyborg and Jinx battle, Jinx says that the party was better than a night in jail and Cyborg agrees with her.

After the villains are thrown out, Starfire comments on the result of the "party party", calling it successful. Cyborg says that it wasn't as fun as a meatball party and Beast Boy agrees with him. Robin glances at the leftovers and asks what they plan on doing with it. The Titans decide to throw a Leftover Party and begin eating the food.


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Beast Boy
Captain Cold
Killer Moth  
Non-speaking roles
Billy Numerous
Mad Mod  
Mother Mae-Eye
Character debut
Speaking debut




  • Jinx refers to the events of "Girl's Night Out".
  • Killer Moth visits the Tower simply to visit Silkie. His ownership by the Titans was revealed in "Missing".
  • Cyborg and Jinx's infatuation blossoms which would be explored in "Opposites".



  • Terra appears at the party but she should have been trapped in the trash portal.


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  1. Teen Titans Go! (2013-) #5. Read DC Entertainment (2014-03-12). Retrieved on April 9, 2014.

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