"The sandwich is the supreme form of life and all others must be destroyed. Good-bye!"
— The Perfect Sandwich about to destroy the Titans.[1]

Perfect Sandwich
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Evolved sandwich Sandwichian


Titans Tower, Jump City, California, United States


Sandwich Temple

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Teen Titans

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"Sandwich Thief" (only appearance)

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Tara Strong

The Perfect Sandwich was a sandwich created by Robin in order to exceed his legendary sandwich making skills. It was stolen by Nightwing, but its perfection caused it to evolve into an intelligent being who resolved to establish the sandwich as the superior species.


After training for years in the art of sandwich making, Robin created legendary sandwiches for him and his teammates, but always attempted to create a perfect sandwich. He succeeded in doing so and placed the sandwich in a room at Titans Tower in order for it to ripen into perfection. When the day came to eat the sandwich, Robin discovered that the sandwich had been stolen and questioned his teammates, but they all denied and were ultimately proven to be telling the truth. Robin ultimately deduced that the only person capable of stealing the sandwich and bypassing the security was himself and he traveled to the future to confront Nightwing, but he denied having any role in the sandwich's disappearance.

Despite his team and Nightwing telling him to let it go, Robin theorized that the sandwich evolved and used a teleporter to travel to the sandwich's location in an alien planet where it created a temple as its residence. The sandwich greeted the Titans and told them that it discovered the secret of the universe, concluding that the sandwich was the superior race. In order to establish its goal, the sandwich attacked the Teen Titans and succeeded in delaying them until Robin goaded them into admitting that he was right. After Starfire complied, Robin consumed the sandwich in one bite and praised himself for creating a perfect sandwich.[1]


The Perfect Sandwich's evolution caused it to develop telepathic powers which it used during a battle against the Teen Titans. Its powers are derived from the fact that it is a sandwich.

  • Ketchup and Mustard Bottles: Massive ketchup and mustard bottles were stationed on either side of the temple and the sandwich was capable of using telekinesis to levitate them and squirt the condiments onto Cyborg in heavy doses.
  • Sandwich Sphere: The sandwich was able to surround itself with a protective sphere that protected it from being consumed by Beast Boy and forced him out of his tyrannosaurus rex transformation.
  • Power absorption: When Starfire shot energy blasts at the sandwich, it manipulated the energy blasts into a sandwich which it then launched at Starfire.
  • Speared Olives: Near the temple was a garden of speared olives, as tall as trees, which the sandwich used to launch with telekinesis and pinned Raven to a wall.
  • Sliced Pickles: The sandwich used telekinesis to summon pickles which it then tossed at Robin, but the attack proved ineffective as he simply consumed them.


According to Robin, the Perfect Sandwich's only weakness was the mouth of its consumer, meaning that the sandwich had to be eaten by whoever made it. This was proven correct when Beast Boy was unable to consume the sandwich while Robin effortlessly ate it in one bite.


Teen Titans Go!


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