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Beast Boy and Cyborg singing about their love of pies again
"Pie Song"

Beast Boy and Cyborg





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"I'm a Genius"

Teen Titans GO! - Pie Song HD00:23

Teen Titans GO! - Pie Song HD

The "Pie Song" is a song originally performed by Beast Boy and Cyborg to celebrate their mutual love for pie. It was sung again by the two to renew their status as pie bros.


Cyborg: When I say, "I want", you say "pie!" I want -
Beast Boy: Pie!
Cyborg: I want -
Beast Boy: Pie!
When I say, "yummy", you say, "pie." Yummy -
Cyborg: Pie!
Beast Boy: Yummy -
Cyborg: Pie!
Both: Apple, rhubarb, peach or pear.
Any kind, we don't care!
Beast Boy: I love pie!
Cyborg: Yeah, I love pie!
Both: Oh, we l-l-l-l-l-l-love love pie!


  • First song to be sung by Beast Boy, Cyborg, and the first song that the two perform together.
  • This is the first song to be sung twice in one episode.
  • Background music in the song is from the game Tower Lockdown.
  • The song is sometimes heard instrumental.
  • This is the most recurring song on the series, having been sung in three different episodes so far.

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