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"A pirate is a swash-buckling, eye-patch-wearing, peg-leg-having, nasty-beard, parrot-on-the-shoulder, walk the plank, sand-treasure-hunting, fancy-talkin' buccaneer! And you just saw one steal Beastie's girl!"
Cyborg to Starfire after Aqualad asks Raven out.

Beast Boy clings to Raven's hood




Original air date

26 June 2014

Running Time

10:44 (minutes)


2.175 (millions)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Adam Tierney

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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"Money Grandma"

Teen Titans Go - Pirates (Preview)01:12

Teen Titans Go - Pirates (Preview)

"Pirates" is the third episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go!, and the fifty-fifth episode overall. It first aired on 26 June 2014 on Cartoon Network.


Aqualad asks Raven out on a date, which makes Beast Boy jealous. Cyborg tries to prove that Aqualad is really a pirate.[1]


Aqualad and shrimp army

Aqualad and his army of shrimp.

Under the sea, Aqualad is watching a show on his monitor while lounging with sea creatures (who also serve as his servants). Suddenly, Robin interrupts the program with a transmission for Aqualad to come to the shore as soon as possible with lots of shrimp. Aqualad resolves to bring sharks as well, but Robin stresses for shrimp instead. Believing it to be a huge threat, Aqualad summons an army of shrimp to come to his aid. Aqualad arrives on the shore with his army and demands to know where the threat is, confusing Robin who clarifies that he simply told him to bring shrimp. Cyborg presses a button and a net rounds up the shrimp causing Aqualad to realize what he's done.

Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg proceed to feast relentlessly on Aqualad's former friends. Cyborg invites Aqualad to taste some, but Aqualad reveals that the shrimp was his partner, a loose cannon who always got the job done nonetheless, whom Starfire proceeds to eat. Aqualad turns to Beast Boy (who is consuming carrots) and asks him if the Titans always eat people's buddies. Beast Boy answers that only when they're hungry, adding that they're cool most of the time, especially Raven. He lovingly glances at Raven as she has shrimp fly into her mouth one by one through her powers. Aqualad mistakes Raven for a dude in a hoodie, but Beast Boy corrects him by forcefully removing her hood. Angered, Raven conjures up a fist and pounds Beast Boy into the ground yet Aqualad is stunned as he watches Raven flip her hair and put up her hood.

Beast Boy informs Aqualad that while Raven is pretty dark, she also has a light inside of her, but she plays hard to get most of the time. Aqualad resolves to talk to her which Beast Boy assumes to be for him as a wingman until he compliments Raven's cloak, shocking Raven and Beast Boy. Aqualad continues to flatter Raven as she tells him to stop. She then adds on that Aqualad wouldn't be able to handle her true demonic form and demonstrates as a result. However, Aqualad simply teases at a date between him, her, and the sea before retreating into the water. Beast Boy despairs at the fact his crush may have been stolen.

Cyborg describes a pirate

Cyborg believes Aqualad is really a pirate.

Robin recaps the incident, but Cyborg deems it Beast Boy's fault for trusting a pirate, confusing Robin. The Boy Wonder asks Cyborg why he believes that, and the half-robot simply answers that Aqualad is from the ocean and restates that he's a pirate and urges Starfire to correct Robin. However, Starfire believes a pirate is actually a pie-rat, causing Cyborg to explain what a pirate really is before adding on that one just stole Beast Boy's girl. Beast Boy runs away screaming, as he realizes a pirate stole his girl. Raven ignores him and continues eating the shrimp.

Back in Titans Tower, the Titans are relaxing in the living room after the shrimp feast when Aqualad enters through the elevator, which releases a rush of water. Aqualad is transported to the front of the couch by standing on an exhausted sea turtle and he asks the Titans where Raven is. Robin begins to tell him, but Cyborg stops him and claims that one must speak like a pirate to a fellow pirate for understanding. He activates an eye patch over his organic eye, a left hook hand, and a right peg leg before encircling Aqualad, and explaining the location of Raven's room using a thick accent and language. Aqualad is able to interpret Cyborg's message, and heads toward Raven's room. Starfire marvels at Cyborg's knowledge while Robin simply moans at the display of ignorance. Meanwhile, Aqualad slips a note under Raven's room door as she is reading. She takes notice of the note which reads, "You, Me, and The Sea".

That night, Raven floats down the island to find Aqualad once again standing on the sea turtle. She demands to know what he wants, and Aqualad reminds her of their date. Raven reminds him that she never said yes, but Aqualad takes notice of the fact that she decided to show up. Raven nervously changes the subject to questioning Aqualad's misuse of sea animals. Aqualad shushes Raven and tells her not to be nervous. Raven protests and responds that he simply doesn't understand what he's getting into with her as she has a dark side. Aqualad mentions hearing the fact, but offers to show her something anyway. He leans in which Raven mistakes for a kiss, but he simply blows a bubble around them, allowing the two to travel to the bottom of the sea.

Raven kisses Aqualad

Finally feeling like she's understood, Raven rewards Aqualad with a kiss.

An orchestra of sea creatures quickly forms and performs for the two of them. Initially confused, Raven mocks Aqualad's plan of luring her to see the orchestra so she can fall in love with him, but Aqualad tells her to wait. Three sharks suddenly come into view and tear apart the band. The sea turtle screams in terror as the sharks attack him, causing Raven to marvel in delight. They soon return to the Tower in the bubble, and Raven explains to Aqualad that she felt understood for the first time. Aqualad takes a fish skeleton and places it in her hair like a flower, telling Raven to leave her hood down more often. Raven thanks Aqualad with a kiss to the cheek and exits the bubble before taking a portal into the Tower. Aqualad watches her leave when his bubble is popped by Beast Boy as a hummingbird. He crashes into the bushes and asks what Beast Boy wants with him. Beast Boy yells at him to lay off his girl, but Aqualad reveals to him that Raven wants someone who can match her intensity. Beast Boy claims that he too can match Raven's intensity and tries to make an intense face, but passes out as a result. Aqualad leaves him there to rest.

In the morning, Raven is lovingly staring at her gift, when Starfire comes across her, remarking that she's never seen Raven happier before asking if she has a date. Raven modestly answers that it's just a hangout, as she begins to float in the opposite direction. She is stopped by Cyborg, who inquires if she has seen Aqualad's pirate booty. She blushes, but soon recovers and answers no which Robin takes as a sign that Aqualad isn't a pirate, but Cyborg strongly disagrees. Beast Boy drops in and reattempts his intense stare, but Raven simply wonders what is he doing. Beast Boy responds that he's trying to match her intensity, but Raven concludes that Beast Boy is the exact opposite of intense as he passes out once more.

Aqualad enters through the elevator on his now horribly injured sea turtle to escort Raven to their next date, when Cyborg steps up to place a parrot on his shoulder. Starfire compliments how the parrot looks naturally in place on his shoulders, when Cyborg brings out his pirate detector goggles which claims Aqualad is 300% pirate. Aqualad shoves the parrot off, and prepares to take Raven to the piranha pond to look at some underwater skeletons for their second date. Raven agrees, but Beast Boy yanks Raven's cloak, begging her not to go. Aqualad tells Beast Boy to step aside and calls him a goblin as Raven frees herself from his grip. Beast Boy angrily calls Aqualad a fish, but the underwater hero responds that he's the complete opposite of who Raven wants to be with. Beast Boy rhetorically wonders why any girl would ever look at Aqualad, but he responds back with another question, asking him if he's ever seen him closely. The shapeshifting Titan remarks that he can turn into a dinosaur, a trait Aqualad sarcasticly mocks. Raven intervenes and tells them not to argue over her, unless it's a fight to the death.

Beast Boy defeats Aqualad

In the a fight to the death, Beast Boy triumphs over Aqualad.

With two snaps of her fingers, the team is transported to a demonic arena in the audience as the two lovers are armed and ready to fight. Raven declares the start of the death match, and claims that whoever wins will go on the date with her. Aqualad refuses to fight, but Beast Boy attacks him. Raven watches as Aqualad struggles to defend himself, and realizes that he isn't going to fight back. Before Beast Boy can finish him off, Raven decides to stop the fight and transports everyone back to the Tower. Aqualad, very much injured, declares that Raven is dark before fainting due to his injuries. Raven agrees and floats away as Beast Boy follows her while the rest of the team surround Aqualad's unconscious body. Starfire and Cyborg wonder why he didn't defend himself with a pirate sword, causing Cyborg to reactivate his pirate detector, but the results come back as 0% pirate.  He announces that he was wrong, and Robin is happy that they see his side of the argument, before poking Aqualad with his staff and suggesting to take him to Jump City Hospital.

Raven kisses Beast Boy

"Still... That was pretty intense, you little goblin." - Raven.

As the ambulance arrives, Raven hovers down the hallway when Beast Boy catches up to her and asks if she wants to check out the skeletons. Raven reminds him that nobody died in the death match, which meant nobody can take her. Beast Boy angrily regrets his actions and dons his intense face one more time before passing out again. While he is unconscious, Raven approaches him and says that the way he fought in the demonic arena was pretty intense, before planting a kiss on his forehead. 

Pirate Aqualad

Aqualad reveals himself to be a pirate.

At the hospital, Aqualad's bed can be seen around the corner of the curtain. Behind the curtain, he yells "Arg!" while wearing a headband, beads, and a parrot on his shoulder. He sails away on his hospital bed, as Robin and Starfire stare in awe. Cyborg gives a smile of excitement as his beliefs about Aqualad being a pirate were confirmed.


For a full transcript of "Pirates", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Will Wheaton Aqualad
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut





  • Aquaman appears as a skeleton after Aqualad summons his army of shrimp.
  • The Howie scream was heard when Starfire thinks about a "pie rat".
  • The sea dance that Aqualad shows Raven is a reference to the Hot Crustacean Band accompanying "Under The Sea" from Disney's The Little Mermaid.
  • Aqualad's pirate appearance closely resembles that of the character, Captain Jack Sparrow, from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.


  • When Cyborg scans Aqualad to see if he is a pirate, Cyborg is facing Aqualad's front (he can see his face). When you see the scanning screen, you see Aqualad's back.


TTG Pirates 202a title card
The Image Gallery for Pirates may be viewed here.


  1. Teen Titans Go! - "Pirates" (clip). DC (2014-06-24). Retrieved on June 27, 2014.


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