This article covers the concept of a power move. For the episode, see Power Moves.
Power Moves demo

Batman and Superman create their power move.

A power move is the formation of two superheroes combining their powers to create a more dynamic attack.


Known power moves

  • Power Ball Shuffle:  Used to combat See-More. Beast Boy goes into squid mode, and squirts ink at See-more. Cyborg then throws Beast Boy onto See-More.
  • Thunder Ally KO:  Used to combat Billy Numerous. Beast Boy goes into Gorilla mode and throws Cyborg's head like a bowling ball.
  • Centaur Kick: Used to combat Jinx. In the power move, Cyborg retracts the lower half of his body while covering Beast Boy's while in Horse mode. Beast Boy will then turn around and execute a powerful kick that causes Jinx to crash into a wall.
  • Power Rang: Used to combat Mammoth. Robin throws a birdarang, and at the same time, Cyborg fires his Sonic Cannon. The blast from Cyborg's cannon give's Robbin's birdarang increased momentum. When the birdarang hit Mammoth, it caused a small explosion strong enough to blast Raven hoodless.
  • Flaming Spiked Ball of Death: Used in training. Beast Boy goes Hedgehog and gets thrown. Starfire then gives him a boost via her starbolts. This Power Move failed, as Starfire accidentally set Beast Boy on fire.
  • Birdarang Barrage: Used to combat Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy. Cyborg's legs retract, then his arms will turn into gattling guns, while Robin controls from a Dome ontop of Cyborg. Robin uses Cyborg to fire a Barrage of Birdarangs at the Other Titans,
  • Ultimate Titans Power Move:  Beast Boy goes Triceratops with Starfire riding his back. Raven then gives Beast Boy armor, and Starfire a sword, via magic. Starfire enhances her sword with starbolts. Beast Boy then stampedes towards the target. Starfire then slashes the enemy with her sword.
  • Unnamed Titans power move: Beast Boy Turns into a Tyrannosaurus Rex while Cyborg turns into huge armor covered in lazer guns. Cyborg then clings to Beast Boy, while the other titans control the guns of Beast Boys back ontop of cyborgs platform. (From "Lets Get Serious") They all fire at the H.I.V.E's missle.


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