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Punk Rocket is an English guitar-playing teenage villain and an adversary of the Teen Titans.


Confronting the Teen Titans

While in Jump City, Punk Rocket was met in battle by the Teen Titans with Robin ordering him to leave. The villain, however, played his guitar, amplifying the sound waves to epic proportions that forced the Titans back and collapsed and/or ruined several nearby buildings. Robin resolved to fight Punk Rocket's terrible music with his own terrible music and began singing about the villain's defeat in a terrible tone. Confused, Punk Rocket simply strummed his guitar once more, forcing Robin backwards and causing his mask to fall off. Punk Rocket witnessed Robin's extreme reaction to the loss of his mask alongside the Titans. Raven, reminded of the Titans' battle with the villain, punched Punk Rocket with a demonic fist, knocking him out.[1]


Punk Rocket's main source of power is his yellow electric guitar. By strumming the chords, he is able use the resulting sound waves as weapons. The force is able to launch his enemies away from him and level city buildings.


Teen Titans Go!

Season 2


  • Punk Rocket was the twenty-second and fourteenth nonspeaking villain from the 2003 TV series Teen Titans to appear on Teen Titans Go!.
  • It is a unknown if he will have a speaking role in this series.

Background in Teen Titans

Punk Rocket appeared in "The Lost Episode" where he interrupted a concert to bring forth the "Sounds of Chaos". Due to the powerful sound waves, the Titans were unable to approach him until Beast Boy tricked him into overpowering the guitar which resulted in its destruction and his defeat. He later joined the Brotherhood of Evil, but was transported into an alternate dimension by Mas and Herald.


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