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Puppet Wizard
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Sock puppet

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Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Puppets, Whaaaaat?" (only appearance)

Voiced by

Greg Cipes

The Puppet Wizard is a sock puppet that tricks Robin into turning his teammates in to his puppets.


The Puppet Wizard is a sock puppet that turned the titans into live-action wooden puppets in the episode Puppets, Whaaaaat? When Robin is having control issues with his team, The Puppet Wizard appears and turns the titans into puppets by collecting Robin's soul. After Robin signs the contract, not only did his friends turn into puppets, he also turned into a puppet. Raven tells the titans a legend about the Puppet Wizard and it was said that the reason the Teen Titans turned into puppets is because their souls were sold to the Puppet Wizard.



  • Turning people into puppets.


Teen Titans Go!

Season 1

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