"You tellin' me what to do?"
— Ravager's catchphrase.[1]

Biographical information
Real name

Rose Wilson




Jump City, California, United States

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Relationship information

Raven (briefly), Starfire (briefly), Jinx (briefly), Terra (briefly)


Teen Titans, Brain

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Katanas, Kunai knives

Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Cool School"

Voiced by

Pamela Adlon

Ravager (real name Rose Wilson) is a juvenile criminal in Jump City and an enemy of the Teen Titans.


Befriending Raven

Ravager tries to escape

Ravager is confronted by the Teen Titans during her escape attempt.

For unknown reasons, Ravager was detained at the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility. After retrieving her weapons and defeating the guards in an attempt to escape, she was confronted by the Teen Titans with Robin vowing to return her to her cell. However, she used sarcastic insults to defeat the Titans, except Raven, who threw insults back at her. Ravager deemed their "cool" and the two agreed to hang out.

While in Raven's room, Ravager admired Raven's prisoners and complimented the darkness of her room. She also related to Raven's issues with her father, calling her own father lame. After Robin interrupted, Ravager confused him by twisting his words around and countering his statements with her own, causing him to run off in frustration. Afterwards, Ravager and Raven roamed the streets of Jump City where she persuaded Raven to break into a music store. Throughout the night, Ravager and Raven played instruments, rode on a motorcycle, played games at a booth (where they tormented a young boy), carved a tree that mocked Robin, danced, and posted pictures on DCUbook. As they relaxed on a bench, Ravager once again confused Robin with statements when he demanded that she go back to jail.

Ravager vs Raven

Ravager and Raven prepare to fight.

Some time later, Ravager and Raven ate tacos by a food truck when she asked Raven if she wanted to see something cool. She threw a knife at Sticky Joe, upsetting Raven who told her to stop, fearing he'd get hurt. Ravager retorted that she didn't care if he got hurt and threw the knife. After Raven caught the knife with her soul-self, she told Ravager that she wasn't going to let her hurt Sticky Joe, angering Ravager as she was telling her what to do. The two engaged in a fight throughout the rooftops of Jump City which culminated in Ravager overpowering Raven. She expressed regret that Raven wasn't as cool as she thought and prepared to kill her. However, the Teen Titans confronted her yet she easily overpowered them as well. Ravager asked the Titans if they had any uncool last words, and was hurt when Starfire told Raven that they were true friends due to the sentiment. Robin realized that Ravager's weakness was earnest emotions and had the Titans take turns complimenting Raven, weakening Ravager and causing her to throw up.

Afterwards, Raven and Robin returned Ravager to the Juvenile Corrections Facility where she attempted to confuse Robin by telling him that he was the one in jail. Raven sided with him, however, and said that Ravager was the one in jail.[1]

Black Friday sale

Ravager, alongside Brother Blood, Control Freak, Doctor Light, Kitten, Mad Mod, Mammoth and Mumbo Jumbo fought with the Titans during a Black Friday sale at Jump City Electronics but was knocked aside by Starfire.[2]

Operation Dude Rescue

Ravager recruited

Ravager is recruited by Raven and Starfire.

While lounging underneath a bridge, Ravager was approached by Raven, Starfire and Jinx to help them save Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg from the Brain. Raven traded sarcastic remarks with her and Ravager confessed that she missed her. She initially refused to help, but agreed nonetheless though she denied participating in a group hug along with Raven. She traveled with them to the trash hole to recruit Terra to their cause and charged towards the Brain's lair but later agreed to pause for dramatic effect as per Starfire's suggestion.[3]

Ravager defeats Brain's soldiers

Ravager after defeating the Brain's soldiers.

Outside the Brain's lair, Ravager scoffed when Raven reminded them of the plan as she had told them two seconds ago. She provided a way into the lair by providing a device that cut a hole into the entrance. After Starfire distracted the guards, Ravager entered a portal made by Raven and easily defeated them. When Terra couldn't get through a door, Ravager remarked if they could return her to the trash hole, motivating her to become Terrarizer and knock it down. She and the others arrived at the cell which they found to be empty. The Brain trapped them in a cell that negated their abilities, including Ravager's katanas. Raven realized that Terra had double-crossed them and Ravager noted that they had essentially broken into their own prison cell. She was annoyed by Starfire's happiness and argued with Raven about the way she spoke to her. After she and the other girls started to argue, Raven revealed that she wanted to hang out with cool girls and didn't care about rescuing the guys. Ravager noted that while sweet, they were still stuck. She was reluctant to combine their abilities, but provided her kunai knives which Raven merged with the others' powers to break the cell. The Brain, in a robotic suit, proceeded to attack.

Ravager defeats Brain

Ravager deals the final blow.

During the fight, Terra provided Ravager with step stones for her to attack, but the Brain knocked her out of the way. Raven created a blade out of her soul-self for Ravager which she used to cut the Brain's suit in half, defeating him. The girls succeeded in locating the guys, but they refused their aid and Ravager remarked that they were weird and agreed to leave them behind. She joined the rest of the girls for milkshakes at Yum Yum Kitty Diner where she laughed alongside them.[4]


Ravager is defined as a "cool" person and uses this appellation to her own advantage. She holds no regard to sensitivity and her sarcastic insults are aimed to hurt someone physically and emotionally. She also has a tendency to twist other people's (especially Robin's) words into statements that contradict theirs. She tends to stray away from the "uncool" crowd and insults those who she believes aren't as cool as her or try to be cool such as Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg. Those she deems cool earn her respect, admiration and friendship, yet she is quick to retract them once they do something she think is uncool. Because of her "cool" attitude, Ravager is weakened by earnest emotions to the point where she turns nauseous and is unable to fight.[1]

She despises authority and frequently remarks with "you tellin' me what to do?" when someone orders her to do something such as when the guard told her to stand down and Raven demanded that she stopped trying to hurt Sticky Joe. She holds no regards to rules or other people's safety as she broke into a music store when it was closed and continued to throw kunai knives even when she admitted to knowing that she could hurt someone.[1] Ravager also openly admits that she isn't into helping other people.[3][4]

Physical appearance

Rose Wilson has jagged white hair, orange eyes, and an eye patch covering her scarred left eye. She wears dark pale blue, red, and black clothing, with gray metal attachments on the shoulders and neck. She wears pants of the same coloring.


Like Robin, Ravager does not possess any superpowers of her own, but she is able to defeat her opponents with skilled martial arts and weapon mastery.

  • Conditioning: Ravager has proven to be at peak physical condition. During her battle with Raven, she demonstrated her strength, endurance, agility and speed as she was able to break the pavement with her katana, scale Jump City's buildings, twist in mid-air and keep up with Raven while attacking her and showed no sign of being tired afterwords. She was also able to dodge all of the Titans' attacks with ease.[1]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Ravager is skilled in close combat, being able to defeat multiple opponents with ease, including three security guards and the Titans. She is able to hold her own against opponents with superpowers such as Raven.[1]
  • Expert swordswoman: Ravager is a master with her katana, being able to defeat the Titans and break the pavement with it. She is also able to wield two at the same time.[1]
  • Marksmanship: Ravager was able to hit Sticky Joe's hat and almost hit him in the face with her kunai knives while her eye was covered.[1]


  • Katanas: Ravager owns two katanas that she expertly wields, although she mostly relies on one. They are retractable.
  • Kunai knives: Ravager owns multiple kunai knives which she expertly throws. She was able to hit Sticky Joe (and possibly kill him if she wasn't stopped by Raven) with her eye covered by her eye patch[1] and hit several lanterns while underneath a bridge.[3]
  • Motorcycle: Ravager owns a motorcycle which she rode with Raven[1] and had parked underneath a bridge in Jump City.[3]


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Teen Titans Go!


Ravager cautious
The Image Gallery for Ravager may be viewed here.


  • Ravager mentions that her katanas were given to her by her father. While he is unnamed on the show, Ravager's father in the DC Comics is Slade Wilson, the Titans' arch-enemy.


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