This page is comprised of Ravager 's relationships with other characters in the Teen Titans Go! series.



Raven and Ravager became quick friends easily. In the episode Cool School, Robin said his usual catchphrase, "Teen titans go!" Ravager said it was more like "Teen titans go away." Raven actually thought that was funny while the other Titans were hurt. Then, Ravager threw mean words to the other Titans, and while Ravager called Raven "Gandolph," Raven teased her and said she was a pirate. But Ravager said that Raven was pretty cool and Raven said that Ravager was cool, too. Robin saw that they were going out, and immediately suspected they were going to hang out.  Raven simply lied, "We're going the long way." When Robin found out Rose wasn't in jail, Ravager used wordplay to trick and confuse Robin, and Raven even joined in. 


Ann saw Ravager as a great person and really started to hang out. She expresses sadness when Ravager gets in jail again, but when they recruit Ravager, Ann begins to cheer and fly in circles around the girls.

Ravager and Raven hanging out

Ravager and Raven on a motorcycle

Raven and Ravager broke into a music shop and started creating music. Later, they destroyed all of the music equipment and started riding on a motorcycle. Ravager went on DCUbook and posted pictures of them together. But when Ravager started throwing knives at Sticky Joe , Raven told Ravager to stop it. Ravager said, "Are you telling me what to do?" They became quick enemies and started fighting. Ravager says that Raven was a big disappointment, but Raven simply replies, "I guess I'm not cool." Then, when Ravager uses wordplay again, that Robin is the real one behind bars, Ravager says, "Raven, tell him." To Ravager's surprise, Raven says, "Yep. She's in jail."


Robin is shown to absolutely hate Ravager. When Ravager said, "More like Teen Titans go away," Robin was so angry. He said that anybody who said anything after "Teen Titans go!" was a dummy. When Robin saw Ravager hanging out in Raven's room, Robin tried to tell Ravager that she was not in jail, but Ravager used wordplay, Raven, too, driving Robin crazy. The second time he attempted to prove Ravager wasn't in jail,

Robin yelling at Rose

Robin yelling at Ravager that she was clearly not in jail

he popped out of a trash can. Again, when Ravager was really in jail, Ravager said that Robin was the real one behind bars, and Robin was pleased when Raven said she was in jail.

However, in the episode Operation Dude Rescue, Raven and Ravager both admit that they missed each other.

Beast Boy , Cyborg , and Starfire

TTG ep94 CoolSchool Still03

Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire attempting to be cool

When Raven says that Ravager is cool and Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire aren't cool, they make an effort to be cool so Raven would say they were cool. They failed, but when the Titans wanted to take out Ravager with emotion, Raven admitted that they were the real friends who always stuck up for her.

Sticky Joe

Knife and Sticky Joe

Raven using her telekinesis to stop Sticky Joe from being hit by Ravager's knife

Ravager doesn't care about Sticky Joe too much and she didn't care if Sticky Joe died because of Ravager's knife.

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