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Raven sitting
Biographical Information



Half-Demon and Half-Azarthian

Birth place



Titans Tower, Jump City, California, USA



Physical Description


Hair color


Skin color

Pale white

Eye color


Professional Information

Rachel Roth
Lady Legasus




Levitation, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Power granting


Trigon (father)


Starfire (best friend), Beast Boy (love interest), Robin, Cyborg, Silkie, Jinx (briefly), Doctor Light (briefly), H.I.V.E. Five (briefly)


Trigon, H.I.V.E. Five, Terra, Mother Mae-Eye, Tentacled Monster, Plasmus, Parry, Doctor Light, Robot Overlords, Brother Blood, Robin the Super Bird, The Mockingbirds

Behind the Scenes
First appearance

Legendary Sandwich

Voiced by

Tara Strong

Raven is the half demon-half Azarathian member of the Teen Titans.

Raven was born in another dimension, fathered by Trigon and an unnamed mother. Disapproving of her father's conquest for dimensions, she left her home and journeyed to Jump City where she joined the Teen Titans. Usually stoic and preferring to be secluded from the others, Raven is often caught in the antics of her teammates and is commonly seen as the levelheaded and voice of reason within the Titans.


Raven playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus toys
Raven playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls

Raven watched Pretty Pretty Pegasus on her computer before being interrupted by Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg, who were messily eating sandwiches over her. After hearing that the three would leave the tower to find a good sandwich, Raven tells the other Titans the Legend of the Legendary Sandwich and successfully disembarks them on a quest. During the quest, she watched Pretty Pretty Pegasus and played with her dolls. Once the Titans returned, Raven recited a spell to unite the legendary sandwich only for Silkie to consume it. When Robin suggested if anyone would want to watch Pretty Pretty Pegasus, Raven happily smiled in agreement.[1]

Raven asked Beast Boy what he was drawing and questioned whether Cyborg would like Beast Boy's thoughtful gift. She joined the others to eat at Mother Mae-Eye's Pie Shop where she threw away her pie after Beast Boy stick his finger in it. After Starfire claimed that Mother Mae-Eye made the best pies in Jump City, Raven revealed a rumor that people were baked into her pies which the Titans immediately laughed at, oblivious that Mother Mae-Eye was hypnotizing an old man in the background. When the group returned, Raven complimented Starfire on her choice to hold Cyborg's birthday party at the pie shop and agreed with Starfire's party games which included live animals. At Cyborg's birthday party, Raven informed Starfire that she played duck duck goose with live ducks and banished her duck to another dimension. When Beast Boy and Cyborg began fighting, Raven was against them stopping stating that she was actually enjoying a birthday party for once but Mother Mae-Eye attempted to bake her, Starfire, and Robin into pies. However, she escaped and glared at Beast Boy and Cyborg after they ate pies made from their clothes.[2]

Teen-Titans-Go Ravens-Daddy-Dearest
Raven combating the Foul Demon
ChintzyAdded by Chintzy

While combating the Foul Demon, Robin interrupted her by taking her to an emergency which was an excuse to head to the beach, angering her. Raven questioned whether Robin's driving instructor was legal, noting it sounded sketchy. At Justice Java, Raven spotted Ed committing a crime and embarked to warn Robin, chasing after him through Jump City and space. Following the T-Car's explosion, she sarcastically complimented Cyborg on his driving skills.[3]

Raven was about to brush her teeth until Cyborg intervened by asking to duplicate him in order to escape playing Caveman and Dinosaurs with Beast Boy. She initially refused until Cyborg tricked her into casting the spell, duplicating him and later, Beast Boy. The spell was then abused by the magical doubles into creating more of them, consequently kicking her and her teammates out of the Tower. She later accompanied them to investigate an apartment which housed the real Beast Boy and Cyborg. The two replaced the Tower with another after launching the clone-infested one into space allowing them to move back in.[4]


Raven is a goth-like person with a dark and emotionless personality. She generally dislikes things that are considered girly but still considers Pretty Pretty Pegasus as her favorite show. At first, she didn't seem to want the other Titans to know about her being a fan of the show as it contradicts with her goth-like persona, but as of Super Robin she has since openly expressed her love as she is seen watching it in front of them. Unlike the other Titans, she doesn't display any extreme emotion when saddened, shocked, or happy preferring to either give a small smile, frown, or bulging eyes. However, she is shown to be short-tempered and quick to anger, revealing her inner demon whenever she is frustrated as seen in Double Trouble and Meatball Party. During this, she attacks numerous people as seen in Dog Hand when she levitated Silkie out the window, disintegrated Beast Boy and attacked the other Titans.

While not as mischevious as Beast Boy and Cyborg, Raven has been shown to enjoy a little mishief as seen when she tricked Robin into doing the laundry for a year in Laundry Day, proposed to get even with Beast Boy in Ghostboy after his pranks were deemed to have gone too far, and used Starfire's naviety, alongside Beast Boy and Cyborg, to continue the holiday celebrations in Second Christmas. Alongside Beast Boy and Cyborg, Raven is one of the laziest Titans relying mainly on her telekenisis, teleporting, and ability to fly to move around the Tower as is shown to be unable to walk regularly as seen in No Power. She does not like to be interrupted when it comes to reading books or meditating and typically prefers to stay secluded from the others but is willing to frequently spend time with the rest of the Titans.


Raven wears a dark blue/purple cloak with a hood covering most of her face, leaving only her eyes and mouth showing. The cloak is held together by a gold and red broch which is placed underneath her head.

To fit with the format of Teen Titans Go!, her head was slightly enlarged. She often wears purple and black high heels with purple and black leggings And a black and purple witch dress

Powers and Abilities

Raven is imbued with dark magic from birth, which allows her to telekinetically move things and make shields and barriers in combat along with numerous martial abilities.

  • Telekinesis: Raven can use her soul-self to pick up objects and transport them elsewhere as constantly seen throughout the series.
  • Levitation: Raven has the power to navigate by floating in the air
  • Power Granting: Raven has the ability to grant powers or wishes to others as revealed by Trigon and shown in Super Robin.


Raven & BB
Raven and Beast Boy
JesusLuverAdded by JesusLuver

Beast Boy

In the episode, "Terra-ized", Cyborg and Starfire were thinking that Raven is jealous of Beast Boy and Terra's relationship, even those she kept on telling them I'm Not Jealous! At the end of the episode, Raven quoted Just the thought of me and Beast Boy. Then, before the whole screen faded into black, she looked at Beast Boy and smiled with romantic music playing, hinting she may have romantic feelings towards him. In Colors of Raven, Purple Raven kisses Beast Boy, Rage did not attack him, Pink played around with him and Orange liked to sit around with him. Grey was the only one who did not have a relationship with him. They have not become an item although both knows how each other feel. And in the episode, Matched, Beast Boy was trying to get Raven to like him, but she woudn't budge. At the end, Beast Boy proposed to her and they were almost married. As of now, their relationship is a friendship with one-sided flirtation from Beast Boy. However, although this is extemely rare, Raven is seen flirting back. In Be Mine, Raven tries to proove that Terra was planning to kill the Titans, when Beast Boy found out, Raven said that there is one girl who she bet liked him and looked at him with lovingish eyes. When Beast Boy quoted If she's out there why hasn't she tell me anything! and Raven looked at him with sad eyes. Before Terra came back, she wanted to tell Beast Boy how she felt. When Beast Boy jumped into the other dimention with Terra, Raven quoted that she didn't get to tell him how she felt.


Raven is easily annoyed by Cyborg's loudness as she prefers to be in a calming setting which proves impossible when he's around. Cyborg enticed her into joining a meatball party due to wanting to spread his love of the food with or without the others' consent. He accidentally released an Octopus Demon inside her mouth which forced her to reveal her annoyance toward him when he acts loud and rude. After Cyborg saves the others, he promises to never force her into doing anything again, but quickly repents the statement and smothers with meatballs.[5]


Starfire is usually annoying Raven with her cheerful personality and Tamaranean things but as Starfire says in Dog Hand she is her "best female friend within the titans" (which is probably because she is the only other female in the Titans)


Robin and Raven had a respectful relationship in the original show, in Teen Titans GO! They aren't as close as they are with others, Robin usually ends annoying her like everyone else in the team.they have a Friend romantic relationship He often kissed her.he was heartbroken when mammoth. Called. Her hot


Raven often dresses up the maggot as Princess Silkiesoft when playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls. However, she usually ends up frustrated as Silkie will either eat one of them or consistently vomit causing her to chastise him.[1][6]


Jinx and Raven are frenemies. In Girl's Night Out, Raven doesnt trust her at first but has fun with her and Starfire

Media Focusing on Raven


Title Sequence 5
The image gallery for Raven may be viewed here.


  • Raven hates the smell of celery.[7]
  • It is seen that Beast Boy and Raven are attracted to each other sometimes[8][9][10]
  • If observed closely, her cloak changes from blue to purple and vice-versa multiple times in the series.
  • Raven only has nine toes.
  • Her love for Pretty Pretty Pegasus references her voice actor's role in the series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


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